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This category contains 10 sites:

  • Braunarts commission and produce new collaborations in the Digital Arts and Media - Creative producers of interactive digital media exploring the arts and culture as well as creative consultants to a select set of clients in the performing & visual arts, museums and galleries.
  • Digital Pictures Ltd - Offering canvas, large format posters, passport photos, personalised calendars, banners and postcards all using your own favourite photographs.
  • FACT - Electronic arts agency specialising in community arts, video, multimedia, installations and publications.
  • GSG GraphicSolutions - Illustration & graphic design for individuals, charities, small businesses and organisations.
  • Images and Media Online Gallery - Digital art by G. C. Hargreaves.
  • lo9ic experimental studies in flash - Collection of experimental studies in Flash, created to explore its capabilities and limitations.
  • Pure Funk productions - Original 2+3D computer graphics for the web, multimedia, video and print.
  • Sidestream - Alternative uses for modern technology. Sidestream hosts the creative flair of digital interactive media. Home of various arts/researched based projects.
  • Simply Canvas - UK based company offering canvas prints. Free delivery to UK customers. Large selection of abstract, landscape and still life painting at very affordable prices.
  • Virtual Unrealities - Examples of real-time 3D interactive installations: Biotica, an immersive experience of A-Life. Neural Net Starfish, gesturally responsive work in the Mind Zone of the Millennium Dome.


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Information About Digital Art
Digital art is art created on a computer in digital form. Digital art can be purely computer-generated, such as fractals, or taken from another source, such as a scanned photograph, or an image.

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> UK > Arts and Entertainment > Art > Digital Art

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