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This category contains 11 sites:

  • A Festival of Ephemeral Arts - UK festival celebrating transitory arts from all cultures with an emphasis on encouaraging community involvement.
  • Arts Desire - A company specialising in public and community art, based in London UK, specialising in large scale and participative public artwork.
  • Black Labrador Community Arts - Group based in Manchester who organise an annual community arts week.
  • Community Development Foundation - Features foundation which aims to promote effective participation of people in the decision making processes which affect their lives.
  • FACT - Electronic arts agency specialising in community arts, video, multimedia, installations and publications.
  • Millennium Book Project - A women's art project funded by the Arts Council of England. Gallery, exhibitions.
  • Mount Pleasant Media Workshop - Community media project working with photography & digital imagery based in Southampton.
  • Postcard From Pilton - A web project by young Scottish people from Greater Pilton, Edinburgh, expressing a positive sense of themselves and their community.
  • University of Nottingham Arts Centre - Public workshops led by local artists with focus on education.
  • Weekend Arts College - Based in Camden, London, Weekend Arts offers training for young people in the performing and digital arts. Site includes a wonderful gallery of students work.
  • Yorkshire Art Circus - Community publisher, arts organisation and education provider.


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> UK > Arts and Entertainment > Community Arts

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