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> UK > Arts and Entertainment > Games > Puzzles and Quizzes

This category contains 51 sites:

  • All Mixed Up - Online games including clunk, hangman, tic tac toe, connect 4, and others.
  • Anagramania - Text and interactive anagrams, quizzes, hangman, crosswords, connect3 and other games.
  • BBC - Games - Quizzes - Directory of online quizzes available across the BBC.
  • Beerleaders.net - Games, stories and information to enhance those vital trips to the pub.
  • BestCrosswords.com - Free online crossword puzzles daily.
  • Bible Quizzes - Online Bible quizzes and puzzles offering competitions and prizes.
  • Brain-Teasers - Interactive word puzzles solved by logic and elimination.
  • BrainJuice - An assortment of puzzles that can be solved using logic.
  • Business a.m. Daily News Quiz - Daily news quiz with the option to enter for a weekly prize draw.
  • Click mazes - Interactive puzzles and mazes to play online.
  • ClueMaster - Crosswords, wordsearches and logic puzzles to print out and solve.
  • Coded Crossword - Crossword puzzles, solitaire, wordsearches and other interactive games.
  • Crossword Puzzles - Offers cryptic crossword puzzles, puzzlemaker software, crossword solvers and dictionaries.
  • Edleston County Primary School - Quizzes and games produced by the pupils.
  • Enigmatist Crosswords - Crosswords and quizzes for the enthusiast.
  • Free Quiz Questions - Submit your set of questions to the archive to gain access to those of other members.
  • FreePuzzles.co.uk - A wide selection of crosswords in a variety of styles and sizes.
  • Freequizzes - Quiz questions for free download plus pub quiz questions for sale along with multiple choice quiz databases for use on websites, WAP, skill with prizes etc.
  • Geography Quizzes - Interactive quizzes on flags, capitals, maps, and world currency.
  • Interactive Information Technology - Interactive quizzes for students aged 8 to 18 on various IT subjects.
  • Kwizz - Weekly live WAP quiz contest with cash prizes.
  • Mensa - British Mensa puzzles and Mensa IQ tests online.
  • Music Trivia Quiz - Fifty question quiz on the Christmas songs of yesteryear.
  • Numerical Puzzles - Number puzzles to print out and solve off-line.
  • Peter's Cryptic Crossword Corner - Cryptic crosswords which include puzzles for printing, booklist, and a guide for beginners.
  • Pop quiz - Pop quizzes for sale on CD, minidisk and cassette.
  • Pub Quiz and Bulk Quiz Questions - Pub quizzes, quizzes made to order, bulk questions with single or multiple choice answers for sale.
  • Pub Quizzes - Ready to use quizzes for subscribers by email.
  • Puzzle Challenge - Puzzle Challenge Cup with progressively more difficult puzzles to solve.
  • Puzzle Paradise - Free interactive crossword puzzles, including cryptic, quick, codebreaker and giant types.
  • Puzzlenut.com - Educational puzzles, crosswords and brainteasers.
  • Puzzles Master Page - Science puzzles to help with school topics.
  • quiz questions - Pay for quizzes to be emailed to you.
  • Quiz Supplies Swaps - Swap your own original quiz questions for other quizmasters' submissions. Also a variety of ready made quizzes for sale.
  • Quiz-Direct - A wide variety of quizzes for sale to pubs and clubs. Order by 'phone, email or fax.
  • Quiz-Master - Quiz provider for pub quizzes.
  • Quiz-Zone - Categorized database of quiz questions and answers suitable to use for pub quizzes or quiz nights.
  • Quizmail - Selling quizzes to newspapers, magazines, periodicals, TV, radio, and pubs.
  • Recreational Mathematics - Mathematical puzzles for integer programming.
  • Rubik's Online - The official Rubik's site. Provides forum, online games, contests, and ordering information.
  • School History - Provides interactive quizzes, worksheets, resources and internet links for secondary school history pupils and teachers in the UK.
  • Stuart's Quiz Pages - General knowledge, themed, cryptic and picture quizzes, both text and interactive.
  • The Crossword Centre - Resources provided for crossword puzzles, links, books and software.
  • The Old Owls - Creator and supplier of quiz questions for pubs, clubs, breweries, schools and radio running weekly quizzes.
  • The Puzzle People - A selection of brainteasers, deductive logic problems, numerical and cryptic crosswords.
  • Thinks.com - Many puzzles to choose from: crosswords, anagrams, doublets, trivia, math and word searches.
  • Tilt Puzzles - Labyrinth maze game. Tilt the board to place the squares on their targets.
  • Village Quiz - Selling themed quizzes for adults. As used in an English village hall for quiz evenings.
  • Virtual Pub Quiz - General knowledge questions to print out and answer.
  • Walnut Smoothie Career Personality Tests - This test has been put together (in collaboration with Walnut Smoothie - the lighter smoother, non-insect related snack) in order to give you an insight in what kind of career would suit you best.
  • Ye Gods - Internet trivia quiz directory, listing internet quiz pages arranged by category.


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> UK > Arts and Entertainment > Games > Puzzles and Quizzes

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