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  • Abbeydale Training Ltd - Training and management consultancy based in Sheffield. Profile, services, courses, news and a client list.
  • Academy - Specialises in customer relationships. Describes the company and its capabilities and people. Includes case studies.
  • Academy Networks - Computer consultants and support services, specialising in Microsoft Windows 2000 and NT4 based networks for SMEs in London, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Buckinghamshire.
  • ADA Communications - Specialty firm focusing on created value and related continuous improvements.
  • AET Associates - Personal and professional development. Profile, capabilities, services, FAQ and downloadable course portfolio.
  • Affinityworks - Customer relationship specialist based in Peebles. Describes its objectives, services and staff.
  • Alan Saunders Acoustics - Acoustic consultancy services including noise impact assessment, sound insulation testing and vibration control.
  • Alf Oldman AMO Consulting - Specialist interim executive and consultant.
  • Allman Horrocks Consulting Ltd - UK management and IT consultants. Warwick based. Specialise in strategic planning, performance assessment, change management, internet services, teamworking and business improvement and system selection.
  • Alverton and Co Management Consultants - Specialises in people, marketing and communications. Describes the company and its people and services with a list of previous projects.
  • Amicia Ltd - Management consultants specialising in sales and marketing solutions, interim management, short-term project management and business development services in the B2B sector
  • An Ju Ltd - Consultancy offering a range of services, from and lobbying in relation to major developments including tourism and leisure.
  • Anne Murray and Associates (Sussex) Ltd - Consultancy specialist offering information and advice, business plans, business rescue, turnaround, solvency issues, banking and commercial matters.
  • APT Acoustics - Consultants in acoustics, noise and vibrations control and sound insulation.
  • Article 13 - Works through participation and business process to create sustainable business and brands.
  • AS Biss and Co - Corporate and public affairs specialist. Describes the company and its services. Includes its code of parctice and employment information.
  • ASK Business Development - Describes the organisation and its services, training programmes and products.
  • Astar Management Consultants - Specialises in development and change, HR strategies and personal development. Company and consultant profiles, information about the use of role playing and an enquiry form.
  • ATMS - Works with manufacturing and distribution companies to help improve control and tracking of stock. Providing systems, for warehouse management and shop floor data collection, tracking and traceability. Bar code printers, radio data terminals and bar scann
  • Austin Hall Management Consultants - Carefully considered solutions to business-related problems that are considered insoluble. Areas include: change management, quality/ISO 9000, project management, etc., and a wide range of training courses are also available.
  • Automotive Design Solutions - Directory of automotive design consultancies.
  • Axis Food Management Consultants - Offers business improvement for food manufacturers supplying major multiples. Describes its skills and includes a client list.
  • Beyond Philosophy - Revolutionize your customer experience with Beyond Philosophy. Experts in customer experience management offering strategic advisory services, training and education and conference services.
  • BidPartners - BidPartners assists clients aiming to win complex public sector partnership deals.
  • Bouncez Consulting - Consulting in e-commerce, HR development, entreprenuership and start ups, sales and marketing, IT and telecommunications.
  • BSC Consulting - Corporate risk consultants specialising in critical asset and project risk management.
  • Buchanans plc - Business recovery, wealth management and corporate finance. Describes the company and its services and staff. [Requires Flash]
  • Building Your Business Ltd - Business advice, coaching and training courses for the owners of small businesses who are looking to take more control over their companies.
  • Business Development Service Ltd. - Offers a wide range of business services including business advice, consultants, consultancy, marketing, finance, and IT consultants
  • BW Consulting - Marketing and business development consulting for the market research industry.
  • C.T.S. Marine Consultants Ltd. - Engineering and support services to the international oil, gas and marine industries. Profile, expertise, projects, publications, clients and news.
  • Cambrensis Associates - Accessible support for small and medium-sized businesses and for startups.
  • Cambridge Corporate Management - Offering market research, business planning, marketing strategy advice, management development and training.
  • Campbell & Co - Design Consultants - Providing a full design, development and implementation service for the Tourism and Heritage market, including exhibitions, visitor attractions, museums and interpretive centres.
  • Campbell McColl and Associates - Glasgow based IT, Research and web design consultants for business organisations and economic development agencies.
  • Carib Data Limited - Oracle database consulting, service and support. Consulting services offered include installation, migration, design, tuning and optimisation.
  • Carroll Consultants - Project Management, Training, Consultancy and e-Business systems development.
  • Cavendish Consultants - Business and technology consultants for the United Kingdom.
  • CdM Hospitality and Catering Consultants - Provide concept design, training, development and strategic planning services for the Hospitality and leisure industries
  • Celebrity Speakers International - Represents prominent businessmen, politicians, management specialists and other experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • Centre for Organisation Effectiveness Ltd - Provides consultancy on the Business Excellence Model and EFQM.
  • Chris H Williams Associates - A professional consultancy offering technical and marketing support to the printing and printing ink industries in the UK.
  • Clarity Consulting - Manufacturing, quality and sales specialists in Huddersfield. Profile, services and a portfolio of case studies. [Uses Flash]
  • CMI Partnership - Value based Management consultants.
  • Colour Design Research Centre - Colour selection advice in product development. Profile, history and portfolio. [Requires Flash]
  • COMAC Engineering Ltd - Consultant and provider of managerial and technical services to the power generation industry worldwide.
  • Common Sense Consultancy - Providing program management, project management, and business analysis services.
  • Communications In Action - Specialises in finding and encouraging talents with existing staff. Profile, services, client list and partner list.
  • Compass360 - 360 degree feedback, competancy frameworks and appraisals
  • Computrad - Provide network consultancy and other IT services throughout the UK and Europe.
  • Consult-US Solutions Limited - HR specialists in Newbury. Profile and client projects. [Requires Flash]
  • Consulting Services - Free job and resume site for consultants, employers and agents.
  • Consulting.co.uk - Consulting marketplace with over 1,000 management and IT consultants. Membership required.
  • Contact to ContRact - Commercial consultancy and training to help IT software and services companies improve their commercial performance.
  • Copraxis - HR specialist in Lichfield. Describes the company and its capabilities and services.
  • Cordah Limited - Provides environmental consultancy, training, and research and development. Describes the company and its capabilities and services. Includes downloadable brochures.
  • Cordis Bright Social Care and Housing Consultancy - Helps organisations develop and maintain the standards of performance, and assist in delivering quality, cost-effective services to social care, supported housing and, community health services.
  • Coverdale - Management training. Includes profile, history, services, staff and case studies.
  • Cranfield Business Development Ltd - Business finance, restructuring and rescuing specialists aimed at corporate and commercial businesses. Profile and services.
  • Creare - Specialises in coaching women. Describes the organisation and its services. Includes working papers on self awareness and attitude to money.
  • Creating Insight - Offer coaching, profiling, N L P, mentoring and personal development.
  • Creative Concepts - Food development and training based in Yeovil. Describes its services and skills with a mission statement and a list of recommended suppliers.
  • CRM (UK) Ltd - Customer relationship specialist. Profile, services, clients, forum and downloadable information sheets.
  • Crucial Consulting - Services for uk based small business, including consulting, planning, start-ups and strategic reviews. Full bookkeeping service, IT consultancy and web site design and publishing.
  • Customer Service Network - Independent organisation and forum for customer services professionals.
  • David Thurlow Associates Limited - Business performance improvement based in Chichester. Describes its approach and its services.
  • Davtech Business Services - Consulting and project management for the printing industry, workflow and procedural analysis.
  • Delphi Marketing - Delphi has a wide range of experience in analysing current and historical business positions and developing clear, workable plans for the future
  • DNA Global Ltd - Organisation and individual coaching. Describes the company and its history and services with information about its coaching methods.
  • Eastburn Partnership - Offers management training and development, HR consulting, presentation skills training and substance abuse control. Profile, services and news. Based in Aberdeenshire.
  • EFE International - Providing marketing, consulting, business information, company formation and training services for companies planning on entering the British market.
  • Ekos Ltd - Economic development consultants. Profile, services, staff, client list and employment opportunities.
  • Emtec - Offers advice on energy management. Includes profile, services, case studies and an enquiry form. Based in Weston-Super-Mare.
  • Ennerdale Consulting Ltd - Management consultancy practice for the social housing sector. Services include policy and strategy development, and operations management.
  • Euromanagement - Provides help, support and non-executive directors to small businesses. Includes brief CV of its director.
  • ExecKIT - ExecKIT provides action-oriented material for IT software and services companies.
  • Executive Assistance - Offers management advice, training and development, executive coaching and personal development. Describes its services and consultants.
  • Executive Coaching Network - The Executive Coaching Network specialises in executive coaching, team building and unlocking potential.
  • FAIR35 - Fight Against IR35 - FAIR35, an additional independent source of action, information and views to help the contracting cause and their justified fight against IR35.
  • Fastrack Communications - Training consultancy offering a range of seminars in interpersonal and inter-organisational communication skills.
  • First Procurement Associates - Independent business management consultancy specialising in procurement and contracting for goods, equipment and services. Highly experienced in the transport sector, particularly the UK Railways.
  • Flying Monk Group - Independent purchasing and supply chain consultants.
  • Flyte Consulting - Specialising in the selection of business, human resource and financial systems. Profile, services, staff and client list.
  • Food Label Consultancy - Offers preparation of ingredient lists and nutritional information for food labels according to UK food labelling regulations.
  • Forgetrack Ltd - Offers Primavera project management software and support. Profile, information about training and the user group with user stories and news.
  • Fred Moor - Internet aware e-business focusing on technology, tourism, leisure and heritage.
  • Fresh Tracks Innovative Management Development - Team Building, management development, leadership coaching and motivation programmes.
  • Fusion Partnership - UK management consultants specialising in managing change and diversity and enabling collaborative working through personal and organisational development.
  • Gateway to Business in China - ISIS provides direct access to skills, resources and finance for organisations wishing to do business in China.
  • GCA Consulting UK - Practitioners in the field of constraint based planning and supply chain management technology and philosophies for customer-centric (manufacturing and retail) supply chains.
  • Goldthorn Management - Online information on performance measurement and management. Consulting company providing practical help in measuring, and improving, employee and team performance.
  • Graham Pyatt and Associates Ltd - Consulting electrical engineers operating in the industrial, marine and offshore industries. Includes profile, philosophy, experience, current project and client list.
  • Grant Leisure Group - Serves the visitor attractions industry, providing studies, analysis, planning and management consulting services. Based in London.
  • Greater London Enterprise - Providing economic development services including finance, industrial, small business, and regeneration.
  • Haas-Tek Services - Machinery dismantling, removal and transportation services to industry. Also offers installation and commissioning services, project management, and site demolition.
  • Hamish Turner Management Consultants - Specialises in management and IT in medium sized companies. Based in Wimbledon.
  • Harvest-time consulting - Help for food companies ranging from adding value to ingredients to growing brands. Profile, services and advice on working with retailers, export and e-commerce.
  • Haynes Consulting - Management and business coaching. Profile and information about thei business and people development services. Includes tip of the month.
  • HBB Associates - Specialises in small and medium sized businesses, and importing. Describes the company and its services. Based in Luton.
  • Helen Bouchami Consulting - Human resources development, consulting services, articles and links. Coaching, competencies, strategy, team building, psychometrics and customised learning design.
  • Henley Business Partnership - Offers advice on business, finance and technology. Includes newsletter, articles, client lists and an agony column.
  • History in the Making - Heritage management consultancy. Historical research and copywriting, exhibition and video scripts, archive management, guided tours, transcription and translation of historical documents, training in communication skills.
  • Holmes Environmental - Helps organisations to improve environmental performance. Includes prolfile, services and news.
  • Horwath Consultants - Offers assistance with corporate strategy, information systems and technology, training and organisational change.
  • Howden Richards and Co - Offers strategic planning and change management. Profile, services, fee scales, client list and information about mentoring.
  • Huntswood plc - Outsourcing provider offering risk assessment, resource management, internal audit services plus consultancy for compliance, business training and professional development.
  • I.C.E. Management Consultants - Project managers specialising in relocation, engineering and building projects in brewery, food and packaging applications. Desccibes its services and capabilities.
  • Ibis Associates - Business planning using the Ibis system. Describes its services and includes a collection of papers on business planning.
  • INCA Foodservice Consultancy - Catering specialists in Huddersfield. Offers advice on contracting and auditing catering providers.
  • Inconet - An independent consultants network. Offers to match clients with consultants. Includes information for both clients and consultants.
  • Indefine - Specialises in advising utilities. Describes the company and its services and includes a project portfolio.
  • InfoQuest Customer Relationship Management Ltd. - Business process review communication tool that measures and utilises customer satisfaction to build customer relationships and sales.
  • Innovys - Focuses upon mobile applications and sustainability. Describes the company, its ethos and its services.
  • InPsych - Business psychologists and career specialists based in West Lothian. Describes the company and its services and people.
  • Inspiring Change - Working with organizational leaders who want to catalyse, facilitate, direct and monitor significant change.
  • InterCom - Internal communication consultancy specialising in improving business performance through more effective employee communication. Information on services.
  • International Food Management - Consultancy specialised in supporting the needs of food manufacturers and caterers. Includes service details and case studies.
  • ISGC, UK - Advice to clients on how to target investment in their buildings and spaces over time to meet the changing needs of their business.
  • J.G. OFFSHORE LIMITED - Development of complete and integrated engineering, project management and control solutions to facilitate completion of projects “on time-in budget,” to a high quality” and “fit for purpose”.
  • J.Osborne - Personnel Management Services - A comprehensive range of personnel management services that are designed to ensure that companies meet best practice in employee relations and comply fully with current legislation.
  • Jens Moeller - As a call centre consultant Jens Moeller is an outsourcing specialist supporting those who want to outsource call center processes to achieve their business goals.
  • John Haiste - Consulting water engineer and expert witness in water and drainage engineering, and related disciplines. Shows CV.
  • JR SeaChanges - Team Building, training, and business consultancy services.
  • JSA Consultancy Services - Office furniture consultancy.
  • KBA - A management consultancy specialising in annualised hours and business optimisation in the UK.
  • Kiku Associates - UK based call centre consultants.
  • KPK Consulting Ltd - Web based management advice for fee paying members. Includes information about the organisation, its terms and conditions and membership.
  • Lark Asset Consultants Ltd - A personal service for the acquisition, care and disposal of assets. Our consultants can provide you with a wide choice and a swift, efficient and cost-effective response.
  • Learning Navigators - Learning and personal development specialists. Profile, services, clients, the team and news.
  • Lewis Conquer Consultancy Services - Installation and maintenence of ISO 9000 compliant quality systems
  • Locum Destination Consulting - Leading edge consulting to identify and exploit destinations and provide competitive advantage in a changing world.
  • Logistics Solutions - Specialising in warehousing, warehouse layouts and materials handling and total project management.
  • Lyrus - Quality systems advice and ISO9000 certification from Chelmsford company. Profile, services and quotation request form.
  • m.f.Q - Consultancy in Quality Management and Training
  • MacGregor Associates - Management Consultants - UK based firm of management consultants, providing solutions to finding and retaining staff, the management of change and the integration of environmental, quality, health and safety management systems.
  • Magnetic North Software Ltd - Providers of services to Call and Contact Centres worldwide
  • Mantra Training and Development - Interpersonal and management skills. Describes the organisation and its training courses.
  • Matheno Business Solutions - Huddersfield based, specialising in business finance and turnaround management. Profile, services and publications.
  • Mayer Environmental Consultants - Offers advice on environmental management, contaminated land , soil and landscape science, waste management and recycling.
  • Michael Beaman Limited Regeneration Management - Consultant specialising in managing economic regeneration programmes for inner city areas. London UK based. Site includes useful summaries of recent research papers for specialist in the field.
  • Midland Administration Service - Specialises in payroll services, preparing CVs, claims management, insurance and general investigation, scenes of crimes and fingerprint examinations, process serving and tracing.
  • MNGP Limited - Offers technical support and supplier auditing to the food industry. Profile, services and news.
  • MODAS - Offers communication skills programmes for senior executives. Describes the company and its services.
  • Monarch Business Services - Provide change management and team building consultancy as well as interm management.
  • Mondial Assistance Group - A worldwide assistance organization that specialises in uninsured loss recovery, outsourcing solutions, customer services management and corporate brand support services.
  • MSR International Limited - A no nonsense approach to contractual matters. Services provided in respect of most engineering, construction, power, rail, petrochemical, oil and other projects.
  • Nicholson Consultancy - Specialises in change management, business strategy, process improvement, supply chain management and lean manufacturing. Includes profile, case studies and FAQs.[Requires Flash]
  • Nita Nicola - Offers advice on compliance aditing, training courses and document reviews to property letting agencies.
  • NuFocus UK Ltd - A small company based in Surrey, UK committed to offering quality services both in the UK and internationally. The company operates in two sectors, Management Consultancy and Computer Software Systems.
  • O-Compli - An antitrust and competition risk management, compliance, regulatory and training consultancy for businesses in the EU, UK and South Africa. Conducting business in the EU and South Africa.
  • Ocean Consulting - Strategic consultancy to the media industry. Free research into media brands and developments in the TV market.
  • Ontrack Associates - Specialist call and contact centre consultancy.
  • Opsol Associates Ltd - Offers help with the management of change, project management, management training and interim management. Based in Colchester.
  • Optimeet - Meeting optimisers. Describes the concept, the company and its methods and services.
  • Optium Limited - Consultancy delivering practical, measurable advice on call centre activities. Cover all the elements from technology to people management.
  • OWL Limited - Training and personal development. Profile, capabilities, and information about training courses.
  • Paragon Simulation - Build and use animated simulation models to solve dynamic and complex business process issues, in the service and manufacturing sectors.
  • Park Consultancy - Provide an executive research/headhunting service to recruitment consultants and direct to Corporations.
  • Patrick Roper Associates - Specialising in management consultancy, business planning, design, authoring, internet consultancy, marketing and public relations.
  • Pauline Alden Consultancy Services - Offers services to the voluntary and not for profit sector including feasibility studies, conference organisation, business planning, appraisal and community buildings. Profile and services.
  • PAWA Consulting Ltd. - Training and Consultancy in buying, purchasing, supply chain management and e-business.
  • PB Coaching UK - Specialists in executive coaching, team coaching and facilitation, advanced coach training, coaching psychology and supervision. Plus short courses in Gestalt, team coaching and coaching psychology.
  • PD Consulting - Supporting the Food and Drinks Industry in Scotland and Northern England. Providers of cost reduction skills, training , teamwork, leadership development, and practical quality & HACCP systems.
  • PDD Ltd - Product design and innovation in London offers industrial design , design engineering and rapid prototyping. Includes a portfolio of case studies. [Requires Flash]
  • Peak Activities Ltd. - IPD registered consultancy offering tailored training and corporate hospitality programmes for team building and management development. Wide choice of accommodation and activities all year round.
  • Performance Plus Partnership - Provides support to companies seeking ISO 9001 quality approval. Describes its services and defines its goals.
  • Perspective - Computerised maintenance management and facilities management consultancy specialising in maintenance audit, FMS selection, CMMS selection, implementation and training.
  • Peter Finlayson Associates Plc - Consulting engineering consultancy acting for major housebuilders and developers.
  • Pi Ally Ltd - Offers a downloadable business improvement model and an on line tutorial.
  • Plain English Campaign - Dedicated to the destruction of gobbledygook, legalese, small print and bureaucratic language. Crystal Mark Award for good use of plain English.
  • Planning Appeals - Appeals carried out for people who have been refused planning permission or issued with an enforcement notice.
  • PPI Business NLP - Provides neuro linguistic programming (NLP), executive coaching, team building and communication skills.
  • Premier Cru - UK hotel, restaurant and hospitality industry management consulting company. Specialists in profitability and business improvement.
  • Procter Consultancy - Call centre solutions.
  • Professional Contractors Group - Provides information and support to UK contractors who may be affected by the IR35 proposals.
  • Progress Consulting Group - Specialises in training and advice on the management of strategic change and business excellence. Includes downloadable motivational posters.
  • Psychological Consultancy Services Ltd - Business psychology consultancy, specialising in executive coaching, staff selection, leadership development and performance management.
  • Qmi Scotland Limited - ISO 9001 approved organization with a growing reputation for delivering quality cost effective management consultancy, training and audit services throughout the UK and internationally.
  • QSS Ltd Products and Services - Products and services offered include: Year 2000, Crisis Management and Training, Integrated Logistics Support, single and multi-user Asset Tracking Systems.
  • Qualitech Consulting Ltd - Product safety and quality assurance specialists. Profile, services, capabilities and an FAQ.
  • Raineach - Offers team building by mental and physical challenge. Describes the organisation and its philosophy and includes information about its training venues.
  • Raymond Morris Group - Consultancy offering a range of services to UK companies.
  • Redarch Associates Limited - Offers advice on management, e-business, finance and strategic development. Profile and services. Based in Essex.
  • Retail Concession Management Ltd - Concession management company advising on site selection, display stands and exhibitions.
  • RNL Management Ltd - Human resources specialist. Profile, information about training and a client list.
  • Robert Milner Associates - Techno-commercial consultancy offering marketing research, business, training, competitor analysis for the chemicals, coatings, resins, plastics and other manufacturing industries. Includes downloadable brochure.
  • Rogers Structural Investigations Ltd - Specialise in bridge inspection, testing and repair providing engineers with an accurate and meaningfull assessment of their stock.
  • Roland Stringer Consulting - Performance measurement and knowledge management based in Ely. Describes the organisation, its staff and their capabilities. Includes a portfolio of case studies.
  • RoundSystem - Management and communication consultants specialising in strategic reviews, profitability analyses and the application of IT to customer relationship management. Visit the site, meet the team and check the clients.
  • Russell Parry Quality Management - Assistance in development of HACCP, EFSIS accreditation, food safety training and supplier auditing.
  • Secure Consulting International - We are a military aviation consultancy offering training services in synthetic environments, using flight simulators for planes and helicopters.
  • Self Renewal Group - Tips on self management, human resources, leadership and organizational issues.
  • SEM Associates Ltd - Specialists in strategic maintenance management based in Whitehaven. Profile, services, strategy and enquiry form.
  • Service Excellence Experience UK - Offers study tours of North American companies with outstanding reputations for quality, providing insight into customer service training, skills and leadership.
  • SevenThree - Helps organisations use technology to improve sales, marketing and customer relationships.
  • Shayegan Innovation - Knowledge management specialist. Includes information about the company, the tools it uses, clients. Also includes a price guide.
  • Sidewalk Solutions - Provides business advice, and sales, marketing and adninistration services. Profile, services and a questionnaire.
  • Sigma FM Ltd - Facilities management consultancy and assistance including asset registers, specifications, audits and contract supervision.
  • SM Consulting - Change management consultants in the Guildford area. Offers personal and organisational development and advice on IT best practice.
  • Solutec.Net - A leading, UK based, solution provider of helpdesk, software distribution and software deployment solutions.
  • Spa Consultants Ltd - Services, including change management coaching, teambuilds, management skills courses, facilitation, and web design.
  • Specdoc Partnership - Computer Validation, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Specification and Documentation Consultancy and Supplier Audit and auditing, contributors to GAMP.
  • Stonehouse Management Consultants - Based in Kidderminster. Profile, FAQs, services, consultant CVs and a client list.
  • Strategic Action - Corporate consultancy and support. We enable businesses to develop liquidity, profitabilty and stability. We can offer company formations, business support schemes, banking liaison and many other important business services.
  • Strategic Business Services Ltd, - Development engineering consultants in the oil and gas subsea and facilities sectors. Profile, capabilities, services and employment opportunities.
  • Structured Training Ltd - Provider of sales, management and customer service training based in Stratford-on-Avon. Describes the company and its services.
  • Stuart Brown Consulting - Specialises in environmental policy, strategy and management, and related institutional issues. Includes news and downloadable CV.
  • Success Through People Ltd - Offers advice and management training in all aspects of employee management. Based in Fife.
  • SUCHsolutions - Consultancy specialising in supply chain solutions that include strategic and tactical planning, forecasting and advanced planning and scheduling.
  • Sun Circle Japan Limited - Offers Strategic Management Consultancy, General Management Audits and a variety of other services.
  • Surety Limited - Marketing consulting services helping businesses to identify their unique combination of strengths and opportunities, develop a strategic marketing plan to utilise those strengths and help them to achieve their goals.
  • Systems 4 - Specialising in social care, health, housing and regeneration. Describes its capabilities and services.
  • Tailor Made Solutions - Offering organisational development, executive coaching, training and internal communication consultancy. [Requires Flash]
  • TAS Engineering for Industry - TAS provide specialist engineering and consulting services to the process industries.
  • TBM consulting group - Offers to transform a business through the power of kaizen breakthrough methodology and leansigma.
  • Team Resources - Strategic consultants in organisation and team development
  • Tellus Ltd - Management consultants in Bristol and Plymouth offering business support services. Profile, services, seminars and vacancies.
  • TFT Consultants - Offers performance enhancement solutions for business, sport and the performing arts using the Callahan techniques.
  • The Bathwick Group - Providers of research and consulting services, from commentary on business plans to issuing pre-investment due diligence reports. Details of services and employment opportunities.
  • The Briars Partnership - A UK organization offering practical business and taxation advice for entrepreneurs and companies.
  • The Coaching Partnership - Executive coaching. Includes profile, approach, process and people.
  • The Debt Counsellors - Licensed debt adjusters, and experts in debt management and debt consolidation.
  • The Gray Partnership - Offers management solutions for business including personnel and expansion issues. Includes profile, newsletter and information about the consultants.
  • The Healing Business - Leadership training. Describes its vision and approach, and includes information about psychometric testing.
  • The MD's Guide to Increasing Profitability - Free Library Downloads on The Business Excellence Model, Knowledge Mgt and Workflow, and ISO Standards Made Easy
  • The Navigator Consultancy - Range of consultancy services, specialising in Quality Assurance products such as Barmark, LEXCEL and LAFQAS and ISO9000.
  • The Oliver Consultancy - Learning and development specialist. Describes the organisation and its services with a CV and a client list.
  • The QSS Group - Engineering consultancy specialising in safety, quality, engineering and environmental management systems. Profile, capabilities and contact details.
  • The Risk Advisory Group - Services include mergers and acquisitions support, market and competitor intelligence, employee screening, risk reviews, fraud investigation and prevention, and forensic accounting.
  • The Support Group - Business management consultancy and training provider.
  • The Usability Company - Specialist consultants in strategic usability for website, wireless and digital TV.
  • Thinkfirst Associates - Offers advice on business improvement, business process re-engineering and organisational development. Describes its approach, services and partners and includes news and articles.
  • TMS Consultancy - Engineering consultancy and vocational training in all aspects of road safety, traffic management, and integrated transport issues, such as sustainable transport. Public and private sectors world-wide.
  • Tourism Consultancy from fred moor - Tourism consultancy services, plus links and resources of interest to tourism related businesses and organisations.
  • Trafalgar - Personal development specialists. Describes the company and its training services with news and case studies.
  • Transformations UK Ltd - Specialises in implementing corporate change and creating performance-driven business cultures. Profile, news, services and new developments.
  • Trends Business Research - A strategic economic consultancy. Diagnostic tools, developed in-house, for benchmarking, have been used in a variety of public and private sector projects.
  • Triangle Management Services - Provides independent strategy consulting services dedicated to the global express, freight, postal and logistics sectors.
  • Tricura Technologies Limited - IT infrastructure Outsourcing and Smartsourcing.
  • TSO Communication - Specialises in internal communication and culture change. Includes profile, services, case studies and clients.
  • Turner Barratt - Specialists in corporate finance transactions; raising finance, structuring management buy-outs, acquisition search and company sales.
  • Unity Business Solutions - Customer value management and customer profitability consultants. Information on their company, services and products. Based in Oxon, UK.
  • Usecolor - Financial and business advice as well as offers and discounts for small businesses, requires registration. Backed by ROyal and Sun Alliance.
  • Value Consultants Limited - Provides training and consultancy to the financial services industry.
  • Value Solutions - Consultancy services to a wide range of clients across the UK. Expertise examined on site includes value, risk and change management, benchmarking, decision and process analysis.
  • Vector Consulting Group - Supplies both management consultants and interim management support. Details of services and list of clients.
  • Vega - Strategic risk management consultants.
  • Vitamin Blue - Helps companies to plan for the unexpected.
  • Wallace Associates - Management and employee development based in Chesham. Profile, services and client list.
  • Waterslade - Software and consultancy services for property developers, architects, planning consultants and surveyors
  • We Research It - offers social research and consultancy to statutory and voluntary sector organisations. Describes the organisation and its capabilities with a list of recent projects. Based in Uttoxeter.
  • Web Consultancy - Personal effectiveness and business development training.
  • Word Centre - Editing, training and consultancy services aimed at making organisations more efficient by transforming the way it communicates with its customers.
  • Working Time Analysts Ltd - Creates shift work rotas, provides an advisory service and publishes books. Includes profile, publication list and a glossary.
  • Working Time Solutions - Providers of consultancy and software for working time change, annual hours and workforce management including shift patterns, rostering and rotas. Details of services and clients.
  • WSP Group Plc - Provides a full range of management and engineering consultancy services to clients throughout the World. Details of company, services and projects.


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