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This category contains 31 sites:

  • Ancient Order of Foresters (Leeds District) - One of nine Districts (branches) of the Ancient Order of Foresters offering a wide range of services including PHI, sickness, life and savings products. The site also includes historical information and details of other AOF districts.
  • Ancient Order of Foresters (London United District) - London district of this branch-based society. Information about the branch, a history of the society and links to other branches. Full details of its range life & pensions, sickness and accident products.
  • Anglo Saxons Friendly Society - Provides help for sickness, financial support, help for old age, death, free-tax investment
  • Civil Service Healthcare - CS Healthcare specialises in providing health insurance exclusively for civil servants, employees in the public sector and privatised industries, and their families who are living in the UK. Former employees can also benefit.
  • Communications Workers Friendly Society - A Friendly Society open to members of the Communications Workers Union and their families. Includes an on-line enquiry form for its Life & Savings Policy. Also details of car, household and holiday insurance.
  • Compass Friendly Society - Single product guide, including company and contact details.
  • Dentists & General - Products, services, company and contact details. Includes a members area and the Citadel product description.
  • Dentists' Provident Society Limited - Providing sickness and accident protection and a cash lump sum in the future. The society was founded in 1908 by dentists for dentists and today is still limited to dentists. The Society's Committee of Management is also made up entirely of dentists.
  • Druids Sheffield Friendly Society - The Druids Sheffield Friendly Society offers practical and affordable savings schemes and insurance plans to meet the needs of people from all walks of life. Site includes an on-line equiry form.
  • Exeter Friendly Society - Offers healthcare plans and private health insurance. Site works better with Shockwave.
  • Family Assurance - UK's largest tax-exempt Friendly Society. Family Assurance Provides Savings Bonds, Children's Savings Bonds and Investment Products.
  • Friendly Societies - Directory of friendly societies with historical features and other background information.
  • Hearts of Oak Friendly Society - Leicester based. Includes savings and investment products, company and contact details.
  • Holloway Friendly Society - Provide permanent health insurance PHI and tax exempt savings bonds. Mutual society based in Gloucester.
  • Homeowners Friendly Society - A leading friendly society in the UK. Offers straight-forward, value-for-money products for you and your children, many tax-free.
  • Liverpool Victoria - Mutual friendly society located in Bournemouth. Services include savings and investment products, credit cards and loans, insurance and financial advice.
  • National Deposit Friendly Society - Provides tax exempt savings. Also available are children's tax exempt savings, pensions, life cover, and medical cover.
  • Nottingham Friendly Society - Products, services, company and contact details.
  • Pension Annuity Friendly Society - The society specialises in providing Impaired Life Annuities(e.g. compulsory purchase annuities for retirement and purchased life annuities especially for the immediate needs of long term care). The site is intended for use mainly by professional financia
  • Pioneer Friendly Society - A specialist friendly society offering a short deferred income protection product which features a range of deferred periods, a lump sum at age 60 and waiver of premium.
  • Police Mutual Assurance - The police service's very own financial services organisation providing a range of products and services exclusively for the police family.
  • Royal Liver Assurance - Royal Liver operates throughout the UK and in Ireland. It offers a range of insurance products, some of which are available directly through this site.
  • Schoolteachers Friendly Society - A friendly society originally set up by teachers and for teachers. Now open to the anyone working in the education sector. Benefits include Sickness Income Plan (for those in the education sector) and Tax-exempt Investment Policy (for everybody).
  • Scottish Friendly Assurance Society - A Glasgow based friendly society providing Investments, Pensions, Life Assurance, Tax Free Savings Plans. Full details of ISAs, lump sum investments, pensions, life assurance products and printable application forms.
  • Scottish Legal Life - Offers tax-free savings plans and financial advice. Company and contact details.
  • Shepherds Friendly Society - The Shepherds Friendly Society is a mutual organisation, a society run and managed by its members for its members. Site describes the life products available to members and includes a rather jolly animated sheep menu!
  • Sons of Temperance Friendly Society - The friendly society for non-drinkers.
  • Teachers Provident Society - Membership of the society is open to all. It offers a range of products: tax-free savings for adults and children, ISAs and stakeholder pensions. Applications may be made on-line.
  • Tunbridge Wells Equitable Friendly Society - Friendly Society which offers a range of specific savings bonds such as saving for university, protection products insurance and investment plans. See the linked BabyBond site.
  • UK Civil Service Benefit Society - Savings and investment products for the Civil and Public service. Membership is only open to those groups of people.
  • Wiltshire Friendly Society - A local friendly society based in Wiltshire offering an income replacement sickness plan which allows you to elect for immediate or deferred payment of claims. In addition you can expect to receive a cash lump sum at retirement.


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Friendly Societies
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Friendly Societies
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