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This category contains 218 sites:

  • AAA Loans - Help with personal and tenant loans, both secured and unsecured.
  • 1 Stop Credit UK - Apply online now for mortgages, secured loans, unsecured loans and debt management services even if you are self employed, in arrears or have unlimited CCJs.
  • 1Click Loans Ltd - Provides rates, application forms and guide to different types of credit.
  • 1st Home Loans - Mortgage and remortgage brokers for people with good and bad credit. Tenant loans and right to buy also catered for.
  • 1st-4loans - Can arrange credit to suit your requirements and a decision can be made within 24 hours.
  • 21st Direct Ltd - Offers secured and unsecured loans for uk homeowners. Site provides instant quotes with a loan calculator
  • 5 Star Loans - Loans website directory covering online comparison sites, secured, unsecured, car, bridging, bad credit, pay day, student and business loans.
  • A & T Finance - Provide unsecured or secured loans for any purpose. Online application available.
  • A Personal Loans Website - Unsecured personal loan quotes, with access to over 400 loans from UK lenders.
  • A Secured Loans Website - Secured homeowner loan quotes, also knows as second charge mortgages, with access to over 60 loans from UK lenders.
  • A1 Loans Direct - Debt consolidation and personal loans with company and contact details including application forms.
  • A1 Loans Now - Personal and commercial services. Company and contact details.
  • A2z 4 Loans - Offering consumers secured and unsecured loans specialising in ccj's, defaults and mortgage arrears.
  • Able Finance - Provides loans for any purpose with application form and rates guide.
  • About Loans - Comparson service for debt consolidation and personal loans. Also provides a loan calculator and directory.
  • Accepted - Compare over 100 secured loan plans to find the best deal.
  • Acorn Financial Services - Secured and unsecured personal loans for homeowners and tennants. UK based.
  • Acorn Services - Offers secured and unsecured loans, debt consolidation service, mortgages and will writing.
  • ADM Online - UK brokers for secured and unsecured personal loans, with secure online application form.
  • Adverse Credit Business Loans - Provides secured and unsecured business loans, adverse credit business loans, small business loans and bad credit small business loans for UK residents.
  • Adverse Credit Car Loans - Provides adverse credit car loans, cheap and best car loans at low rates of interest in the UK.
  • Adverse Credit Debt Consolidation - Apply online for unsecured and cheap debt consolidation loan on Adverse-credit-debt-consolidation.
  • Adverse Credit Holiday Loans - Apply for adverse credit, unsecured personal holiday loan and low interest rate holiday loans.
  • Adverse Credit Loans - Offers secured or unsecured loan for people with adverse history, poor credit rating, arrears or ccj.
  • All Directions Finance - Offering excellent rates on mortgages, remortgages, unsecured loans, secured loans, corporate and company loans.
  • All Purpose Loans - Any purpose loans, personal loans bad credit loans, secured or unsecured for UK homeowners, with or without past credit problems.
  • AllScot Finance - Personal loan brokers sourcing from a comprehensive panel of lenders.
  • Apply 4 Loans - Offers secured, unsecured and education loans etc at low rates of interest.
  • Apply 4 Personal Loans - Apply online for quick and easy personal loans, unsecured personal loans with apply-4-personal-loans.
  • Apply For A Loan - Access lenders in the UK for loands and mortgages, to help you find the best deal to fit your circumstances.
  • Arrange your Finance - Debt consolidation and personal loan service. Company details and application form.
  • Ask 4 Loan - Providers of personal loans, bad credit, business and car loans at low rates of interest.
  • Atlantic Home Loans - Personal UK secured loans and remortgages for debt consolidation, home improvements etc.
  • Bad Credit Auto Loan - Provides instant online auto loans, used car loans, new car loans at best rates and including bad credit loans.
  • Bad Credit Finance - Offers bad credit loans, mortgage loan and credit cards to homeowners and tenants in the UK. Plus management solutions.
  • Bad Credit Loan - Provides loans for adverse, ccjs, defaults, arrears, poor history, bankruptcy and other credit problems.
  • Bad Credit Loan UK - Offers UK homeowner and tenant loans for people with bad credit history,poor rating, ccjs or defaults.
  • Best 4 Loans - Dealing with all types of loans including secured and unsecured. Homeowners and tenants welcome, whatever your circumstance, even if you have poor credit or ccjs.
  • Blue Financial - having 30 years experience in serving the financial needs of UK Homeowners, and providing instant decision secured loans, debt consolidation loans and mortgages, regardless of circumstances.
  • Bluechip - Personal loans from £5,000 - £350,000, apply online for any purpose.
  • Bluesky Finance - UK Broker offering debt consolidation and secured loans for homeowners.
  • C F Loans - Information and advice on personal loans for homeowners with adverse credit history. Contains loan calculator and application form.
  • Caledonian Express - Loans and mortgages for UK residents regardless of credit history.
  • Calmead (uk) Ltd - Pay off all your loans and credit card balances with a consolidation loan or remortgage.
  • Capital Investors Ltd - Offer a range of homeowner loans with repayment tables and appliaction form.
  • Car Loans For All From C4F - Offers secured car loans, new car loans, bad credit and low rate car loans.
  • Cash 2U - Offering secured loans and mortgages at competitive rates to UK residents.
  • CDC Finance - Supplying new and used cars, and providing finance facilities for vehicle purchase.
  • Chance 4 Finance - Offering secured loans for UK homeowners.
  • Cheap Home Improvement Loan - Online cheap home improvement loans available at low interest rates and easy payoff terms in spite of bad credit history.
  • Cheval Property Finance - Provides short-term financing to individuals and companies registered in the UK or offshore.
  • Compass Finance - Personal loans and debt consolidation. Includes an interactive expenses calculator and quotation forms.
  • Complete Credit - Secured and unsecured credit. Includes related services.
  • Consolidation Loans Company - Provides consolidation and secured loans for UK homeowners to help consolidate debt, with online application.
  • Creditsolver - Consolidation of debt. Freephone, company and contact details.
  • Crompton Financial - Finance through your home geared to your individual requirements and circumstances.
  • Crystal Rose Groups - Offers debt reconciliation services in the UK.
  • Daniel Chandler Ltd - Financial management consultants for consolidation loans, debt management and bankruptcy.
  • Debt Consolidation for the Stressed - Provides online secured or unsecured debt consolidation loans, bad credit and personal debt consolidation loans, for UK residents.
  • Debt Consolidation Loans - Apply online for debt consolidation loans for home owners, non homeowners and tenants looking for a loan company to consolidate debts. Bad credit rating or history no problem.
  • Debt Doctor - Offering secured loans and more!
  • Debt Management Assoc. - Acts on behalf of borrowers by negotiating with creditors to reduce debt.
  • Debt Resolution Plc - Confidential service and counselling for individual and businesses. Company and contact details.
  • Debtsolver - Provides loans, mortgages or financial management tailored to suit individual circumstances.
  • Debtsorted - Options on debt control and repayment.
  • Dial4aLoan.com - Online personal loans.
  • Direct Finance Corporation - Specialise in personal loans for people with bad credit.
  • Direct Home Loans - Consolidation and all purpose loans arranged with major lenders and High Street Banks.
  • Direct Line UK - Offers unsecured personal loans. Home ownership not required: tenants may apply.
  • Direct Online Loans - Specialists in secured loans for UK home owners, including bad credit, home improvement, commercial and small business loans.
  • Donaldson Consulting Ltd - All loan types including mortgages, secured & unsecured and consolidation services.
  • Doshpoint - Offer personal loans for UK home owners and tenants with application forms and company details.
  • Dost.it - Secured, unsecured loans, mortgages and finance. Company and contact details.
  • Dot Zinc Ltd - Offer a personal loan for almost any purpose, including debt consolidation and car loans.
  • Double 00 Personal Loans - Personal loans from Double 00 Personal loans, helping make your life easier.
  • Dreams of Freedom Ltd - Database matches applicants to UK financial lenders' requirements.
  • e Business Loans - Provides a wide array of business loans to UK residents such as business startup loans, commercial, new and secured business loans.
  • E Secured Loans - E-secured-loans helps you to get secured loans at low rate of interest.
  • Easy Debt Consolidation Loan - Easy online unsecured personal debt consolidation loans at low interest rates to repair your credit history.
  • Easy Loans Shop - Apply online for secured and unsecured personal loans, car loans, tenant loans and personal debt loans regardless of bad credit history.
  • Elements 4 Loans - Offering personal credit and finance to all UK residents regardless of circumstances.
  • Eurodebt Financial Services - Debt adjusters offering free initial consultation for loan, repossession, mortgage, overdraft, and related financial problems.
  • Express Finance Ltd - Finance brokers provide personal financing and mortgages to UK homeowners.
  • Fast Secured Loans UK - Providers all the information you need to make the right choices to help you find the best loan in the UK.
  • Fast Unsecured Personal Loans - For cheap unsecured and secured loans. All credit and employment situations considered.
  • FCL Debt Management - Free debt advisory service. Includes general advice section, help forms and freephone number.
  • Finance Hub - Apply online for fast and cheap secured loans, secured homeowner and business loans etc.
  • Finance Locator - Helping homeowners find a secured loan quickly and easily.
  • Finance Point - Do you have bad credit or CCJs and need a low-cost secured personal loan? Get matched with up to 4 lenders who will contact you promptly via email or phone. Free service, free quotes, fast, with no obligation.
  • Finance That Ltd - Independent company offers personal loans to UK clients.
  • Financeworx Credit and Loans - Personal loans for any purpose. Company and contact details.
  • Financial Services Net Limited - Complete the application forms for a quick decision on both secured and non-secured loans.
  • Firstplus - Secured services. Company, contact details and application form.
  • Firststop Home Loans - Offer mortgages, home and personal loans for clients in all financial situations.
  • Flexi Loans - Offer a range of homeowner loans, with repayment tables and application forms.
  • FLM Loans - Providing information on FLM unsecured loan products. Specialising in loans for anyone who has been refused for a loan by their bank.
  • Fresh Finance - Fresh Finance debt management and consolidation program. Lower your monthly repayments online. Apply Online for your free quote
  • Go 4 Loans - Provides homeowners with low interest secured personal, commercial and debt consolidation loans. Get a fast quote with the online repayment calculator.
  • Go 4 UK Loans - Provides personal secured and unsecured loans at cheap interest rates and low monthly payments regardless of bad credit history in the UK.
  • Gregory Pennington - Financial and debt management company offering helpful and friendly advice on debt management, financial management, debt restructuring and other debt solutions.
  • Grosvenor Finance - Apply for your perfect finance package with no obligation.
  • Guardian Finance - Personal and commercial loans and mortgages for UK residents. Apply online and have acceptance, in principle, within 24 hours.
  • Home Improvement Loan - Helps you to obtain a low cost home improvement loan for a wide variety of reasons regardless of your credit history.
  • Home Loan UK - Secured and unsecured home loans for UK home owners with bad credit rating for home improvement, debt consolidation or car loan.
  • Home-Fi - Find the best possible loan regardless of credit history.
  • Homeloans Direct - Specialise in secured loans for home owners in the UK
  • Homeowner Loans - Secured loans for uk homeowners. Home owners can apply online even if they have a bad credit history.
  • Homeowner Loans Today - Specialise in finance, remortgages and secured loans for any purpose, regardless of previous credit history.
  • ICC - Licensed debt adjusters, counsellors and credit brokers. Application form and contact details.
  • IFS - Unsecured personal loans. Includes an application form.
  • Igroup - Regulated loans for those with adverse credit ratings.
  • Intelligent Loans - Personal loans connecting savings and current accounts to reduce the loan interest you pay.
  • Interactive Finance Services Ltd - UK finance broker arranges financing for home improvements, cars and bill consolidation.
  • Investment Property Reversions Limited - Equity release schemes for elderly homeowners over the age of 70. Release all or part of your home for a tax free cash sum. Enter now.
  • Jodrell Financial Services - Specialises in unsecured loans for both tenants and home owners who are experiencing difficulties in obtaining finance.
  • Julian Jowl Finance - Cheap secured personal loans from 7.9% APR. Easy application, fast and friendly response. Also bad credit and CCJs considered.
  • Legal Aid Finance Limited - Providing people with tailor made loan facilities to spread the cost of legal services. Contains a directory of participating solicitors across the UK.
  • Lerwick plc - Provide bridging loans for residential and commercial purposes.
  • Liquid Home Loans - Secured loans, mortgages and loans for those with bad credit histories having problems obtaining a loan through normal channels.
  • Lloyds TSB - Personal loans from the High Street bank.Company and contact details.
  • Loan Line Ltd - Offers secured home and personal loans for UK homeowners, with repayment charts and legal information
  • Loan One Plus - Secured homeowner loans for customers with bad credit problems. Reduce your existing credit bills by transferring to a secured homeowner loan.
  • Loan World Finance - Specialises in offering loans for clients with a bad credit history
  • Loan-Loans-Mortgages - Fast UK secured loan and remortgage - low APR - apply online - even with a poor credit rating.
  • Loanlinkuk.com - Licensed credit brokers. Includes application form and related products.
  • Loans 2 Go 4 - Secured and unsecured loans available online at low rates.
  • Loans Bazaar - Helping UK residents to get secured and unsecured loans at low interest rates.
  • Loans Express - Financial services intermediary providing people in the UK with various loans products from leading lenders, including cahoot and Firstplus.
  • Loans Fast - Specialists in all types of UK loans with online application.
  • Loans Park - Loans-Park UK helps you to find secured and unsecured loans for debt consolidation, home improvement, holiday loans etc.
  • Loans-Mortages-UK - Tenant unsecured loans. Mortgages and re-mortgages for poor credit history and debt consolidation.
  • Loans.co.uk - Offers consumer loans for any purpose in the United Kingdom.
  • Loans11 - Providing you with assistancein getting guaranteed secured personal loans, debt consolidation personal loans irrespective of bad credit history.
  • Loans4 Ltd - Apply online now for low rate homeowner loans even if you are self employed, in arrears or have CCJs.
  • Loansolver - Provides debt consolidation, refinancing and loans specializing in arrears, poor credit ratings and bankruptcy.
  • Logistic Financial Solutions - Offer to help people receive all types of loans and those who are experiencing finance problems.
  • Lombard Financial Services - Banking and loans to businesses and individuals; part of the Royal Bank of Scotland group.
  • Longdog Finance - Helping you find secured and unsecured loans for both UK homeowners and tenants irrespective of any bad credit history.
  • Mersey Mortgage - Provides mortgage and loan services.
  • Mobile Money - Short term loans for any purpose. Company and contact details.
  • Money Master - Secured loans,including loans for the self-employed, those with pension and DSS incomes.
  • Moneywiz Financial Services Ltd. - Independant advice on mortgages, personal loans and insurance with quotations, calculators and explanation of terms.
  • Mortgage4UDirect - Secured finance available. Home loans, credit and business finance.
  • MPF - Fast, online finance for homeowners.
  • National 4 - Credit brokers offering secured and unsecured personal loans at competitive rates.
  • National Personal Loans - Offering personal and debt consolidation loans, mortgages, re-mortgages secured and unsecured for UK homeowners and mortgage payers.
  • NetYourDebt.com - Provides any purpose loans to consumers in the United Kingdom.
  • New Leaf Finance - Debt consolidation loans and fixed rate secured loans for home owners and mortgage payers.
  • NI Finance - Loans for all purposes and mortgages available at competitive rates.
  • Non Homeowner Loans - Provides unsecured personal loans for UK non homeowners and tenants. Apply online even if you have a bad credit rating, ccjs or defaults.
  • Norton Finance - Loan and mortgage brokers. Applications can be submitted on-line.
  • Nottingham Financial Services - Offer secured and unsecured loans, mortgages and remortages. There is a rate guide and a downloadable application form.
  • Ocean Finance - Finance broker, offering loans that are arranged through lending institutions.
  • Omicron Loans - We specialise in brokering loans (sercured/un-secured), mortgages, re-mortgages, council right-to-buy and credit cards, esspecially for individuals with a bad credit history or CCJ's
  • One Stop Finance Shop - Online secured, homeowner, personal and tenant loans applications.
  • Online Car Loans - Assists you in getting a cost effective car loan deal that will suit your requirement. With online application.
  • Online Unsecured Loans - Providers of unsecured and debt consolidation loans for tenants etc.
  • Pacific Finance - Provides personal and commercial financing in the UK.
  • Pacific Home Loans - Broker for secured loan services.
  • Panic Loans - Specialists in providing loans to UK applicants with poor credit histories.
  • Payday Loan - Apply for a payday loan with My Payday Loan, offering a simple, straightforward personal loan to tide you over until payday.
  • Personal Finance loans and mortgages UK. - Personal finance,loans,mortgages,remortgages.
  • Personal Funding - A professional service for people with loan, mortgage or remortgage needs.
  • Personal Loans Online For Good and Bad Credit - UK and US personal loans for any purpose.
  • Peter Gilbert Associates - Personal unsecured loans, homeowner loans, mortgages and car finance.
  • Phone 4 Loans UK - Specialists in the unsecured and secured loan market, quotes available at all times, including home visits if required.
  • Phone A Loan - Provides commercial and personal finance solutions in the United Kingom.
  • Poor Credit Loans - Provides loans for poor credit rating, secured or unsecured loan, for uk homeowners and tenants.
  • Portfield Finance - Offers personal, secured and unsecured loans, mortgages and financial services.
  • Preferential Personal Finance - Offers homeowners and mortgage-payers loans secured on their property at preferential rates.
  • Preston Financial Services - Offer secured and unsecured loans for previous credit problems, self employed and low equity cases, with repayment tables and application form.
  • Priority Loans & Mortgage Company - Secured and unsecured personal loans for any purpose, car finance, mortgages and remortgages.
  • Red Box - Personal and debt consolidation loans.
  • Red Dragon Finance - Provides loans for any purpose in the United Kingdom.
  • Russett Finance Services - Offer secured and unsecured loans and mortgages.
  • S and G Finance - UK firm provides financial products and services for clients with adverse credit.
  • S T Financial Services - Provide personal, secured and unsecured loans for any purpose including business, commercial, car finance and home improvement.
  • Scotloans - Providers to UK homeowners with any purpose loans.
  • Seek UK - An online financial directory covering wide range of financial products and services including loans, mortgages,credit cards, insurance etc.
  • Seren Loans - Credit broker offering any purpose loans to UK residents.
  • Shakespeare Finance - Offering online application for secured, personal, debt consolidation and home improvement loans.
  • Solve Debt - Debt and credit card consolidation, loans mortgages and re-mortgaging facilities. Company and contact details.
  • SomeFinance - Provide homeowner loans from a number of specialist lenders.
  • Splash Finance - Splash was established in 1989 and provides an Internet and telephone based lending service
  • Sylvan Consultants - Debt help and advice, consolidation loans and other services.
  • Tamar Properties & Finance - Buy-to-let/Council right-to-buy, commercial lending.
  • Tenant Loan UK - Find an unsecured personal loan for tenants and non homeowners in the UK for any purpose, debt consolidation, car or holiday.
  • Tenant loans for UK tenants - Offers unsecured tenant loans for UK tenants whether employed, self employed, on DSS benefits or with bad credit.
  • The Debt Counsellors - Debt consolidation alternatives to bankruptcy, mortgage arrears and credit card debts. Company and contact details.
  • The Finance Network - Unsecured and secured loans. Preferential rates for teachers, NHS and civil service employees.
  • The Loan Shop - Offering home owner loans, including loans for those with a poor credit rating.
  • The Mortgage Broker - Specialised advice to people with credit problems.
  • The Paragon Group of Companies PLC - Specialist provider of finance for people; mortgages, cars, finance and vehicle contracts.
  • The Payday Loan Company - Provides short term financing to individuals in the United Kingdom.
  • The Personal Loan Express - Online secured and unsecured loans for home owners and mortgage payers in the UK.
  • The UK Loan Company - Loans for homeowners and mortgage payers with online applications.
  • The UK loans site - Specialises in helping British residents find UK loans or UK mortgages regardless of credit rating.
  • U-credit - Specialists in providing unsecured loans at competitive rates to UK residents.
  • UK Consolidation Loans - Reduced rate loans for consumers with good or bad credit. Home owners and tenants welcome!
  • Uk Consolidation Loans, Online Quotes - Debt cosolidation loans for UK homeowners. Apply online in 60 seconds and let a real human being find you a competitive rate form a panel of lenders.
  • UK Direct Loans - UK-Direct-Loans helps you to find secured loans and unsecured loans in uk at low interest rates.
  • UK Home Loan - Offers secured and unsecured home owner loans to UK home owners with clean or bad credit rating, adverse history or ccjs. Apply online for a low cost debt consolidation or home improvement loan.
  • UK Loan and Finance - Enquiry service inclusive of application forms.
  • UK Loan Companies - Find a UK homeowner or tenant loans company offering a secured or unsecured personal loans.
  • Uk Loan Market - Offers secured and unsecured loan, bad credit and secured consolidation loan to UK homeowners and tenants.
  • UK Loan Pages - Comprehensive directory of UK loan and finance companies.
  • UK Loans Guide - Independent loans advice on credit cards, personal loans, mortgages and debt management.
  • UK Loans Online - Offers secured and unsecured personal loan finance online for home owners and tenants with bad credit to consolidate debt.
  • UK Personal Loans - FISA registered debt consolidation specialists. Company and contact details.
  • Universal Finance - Personal loans, secured and unsecured.
  • Unsecured Home Improvement Loans - Offering help with getting online unsecured home improvement loans or no equity home improvement loans regardless of bad credit history.
  • Unsecured Loans for Tenants - Online application for tenant loans, good or bad credit.
  • Unsecured Loans UK - No obligation, fast, unsecured personal loan quotes, including bad credit loans.
  • Welcome Car Finance - Offering guaranteed car finance for those even with no or a bad credit history or ccjs.
  • West Country Loans - Offers secured and unsecured loans to tenants and homeowners in the UK.
  • WilliamsHooper Finance - Provides secured and unsecured loans for homeowners. Includes an application form.
  • Willow Finance - UK personal loans.
  • Yes - Personal, secured and unsecured loans including debt consolidation services.


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No-Nonsense Loans Guide from LoanTypes.co.uk
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