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> UK > Business and Economy > Financial Services > Merchant Services

This category contains 7 sites:

  • Association for Payment Clearing Services - Information and facts about UK money transmission, payments and clearings.
  • Black Horse Retail Finance - Specialists in point of sale retail credit, enabling retailers to offer interest-free or interest-bearing credit at the point of sale.
  • Card Watch - The UK banking industry's body that works with police, retailers and organisation including Crimestoppers to fight plastic card crime.
  • Credit Card Research Group - Information and statistics on credit cards for merchants and consumers.
  • Crest Clearing and Settlement System - Provides real-time settlement for a comprehensive range of UK and international shares, UK government bonds and other corporate securities.
  • Direct Credit - A service that enables payments by electronic transfer directly into bank or building society accounts.
  • Direct Debit - Offers a simple, safe and speedy way to pay regular bills and subscriptions automatically.


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> UK > Business and Economy > Financial Services > Merchant Services : Category ID: 12232
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> UK > Business and Economy > Financial Services > Merchant Services

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