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This category contains 281 sites:

  • 123 Mortgages - Offers a guide to mortgages and remortgages in the UK as well as advice on remortgaging and adverse credit mortgages.
  • 1st Buy To Let Mortgages free online quotes - Offers buy to let mortgage calculators, information and the latest rates. Get online buy to let mortgage quotes.
  • 1st Direct Mortgages - Offers independent mortgage and re-mortgage advice in the UK.
  • 1st Mortgage Line - Mortgage lender specialises in mortgages with adverse credit.
  • 1st Peoples Mortgage - Independent advice on how to save money on new or existing mortgages. Submit your details so they can find you the right loan.
  • 1st UK Leads - Supply sales leads to mortgage brokers, and buy surplus leads.
  • 20 Twenty Mortgages Ltd - Offers mortgage advice services in the UK.
  • 2000Mortgages - Offering rates and information on mortgages for first time buyers and remortgages with a costs and borrowing calculator.
  • 4 Mortgages - Mortgages for first time buyers, commercial, overseas, adverse credit, buy to let, re-mortgages, equity release and self certified mortgages.
  • 5 Star Mortages - Mortgages website directory covering online comparison sites, brokers, banks and lenders specialising in various types of mortgage.
  • A Mortgages Website - UK mortgage quotes, a mortgages guide, interactive calculators, website links, current rates and a glossary, with advisors available on the telphone.
  • A Remortgages Website - Uk remortgage quotes, a guide to remortgages, interactive calculators, links and a glossary, backed up by qualified advisors available on the phone.
  • A1 Mortgage Services Limited - Provides residential and commercial mortgages, based in Essex.
  • AA Mortgage Services - Provides residential mortgage financing for Scotland.
  • Abacus Financial and Mortgage Services Ltd - Provides residential and commercial mortgages throughout the UK.
  • Abbey Mortgage Services Ltd - Specialising in providing mortgages for those who have been refused, self employed, have CCJ'S or arrears.
  • Ability 2 Repay - Independent mortgage advice with access to over 100 lenders including specialists.
  • Ability Mortgages - Independent mortgage lender offers mortgage financing to the UK market.
  • Absolute Mortgages - Provides residential mortgage financing in the United Kingdom.
  • Acorn Property Services - Specialises mortgages and remortgages for self-employed and non-status.
  • ADM Mortgages - Good or bad credit mortgages, including buy to let mortgages and remortgages.
  • Advance Financial Management - Aiming to help people find the mortgage that suits them.
  • Adverse Credit Mortgages on the Web - Poor credit specialists for homeowners. Company and contact details.
  • Aegis Mortgage Consultants - Services include commercial and residential mortgages, secured loans, flexible mortgages, buy to let and problem mortgages.
  • Aipgroup - Provides mortgage financing and remortgages throughout England.
  • AJP Mortgage and Finance - Independent financial and mortgage adviser.
  • All Things Financial - Provides residential mortgages and re-mortgages for the UK.
  • Alliance Leicester plc - Find information about Alliance Leicester banking services including current and saving accounts, internet banking, personal loans mortgages.
  • Allied the Mortgage Company - Independent mortgage advisors who specialise in the remortgage market.
  • An Idiots guide To Mortgages - Free mortgage advice and special offers for first time and next time buyers.
  • Apex Mortgage Services - Broker offers a mortgage glossary and service information.
  • Ashtons Financial Services - Arranges mortgages for people with defaults, arrears, and other credit problems.
  • Ask 4 Mortgages - UK mortgage broker featuring: best buys, mortgage calculator and a comprehensive guide to mortgages.
  • Asset Financial Management - Friendly, impartial, independent advice and guidance on all your mortgage needs, especially to the first-time buyer.
  • Astute Mortgages - Provides product information including mortgage brokers and interest rates, calculators and glossary.
  • Bad Credit Mortgage UK - Offering a bad credit mortgage guide and online application for the best deals on bad credit home loans.
  • Bailey Financial Management - Broker gives straight forward advice for all your mortgage needs including protection insurance.
  • bambooavenue.com - Impartial information on mortgages and league of best UK mortgage deals.
  • Bank of Scotland Commercial Mortgages - Offers a wide range of commercial mortgages and specialist advice to help your business.
  • Barket Mortgage and Finance - Offer solutions to most requirements with mortgage information and search facility.
  • Barnes Independent Financial Advice - Assists UK householders with mortgage endowment policy shortfalls.
  • Beacon Private Trust - UK financial advisers regulated by the PIA, offers a free mortgage quotation service.
  • Beech Financial Management Ltd - Provides financing services to homeowners and businesses in the United Kingdom.
  • Berkley Vittoria IFS Ltd - Arrange mortgages for people with a bad credit history and for the self employed with or without accounts
  • Birmingham Midshires - UK based financial services institution offering specialist and standard mortgage products, investment products, insurance and personal and secured loans. Part of the Halifax Group.
  • Black and White Mortgage Co - Offer over 4000 sources of finance for your property purchase or re-mortgage. Contains a budget planner and guide.
  • Blue Moon Insurance - Filling out one simple form will get you the best quotes from the entire UK mortgage market and advice from a qualified advisor.
  • Boston Personal Finance - Offers loans to UK homeowners and mortgage payers.
  • Broadoakfinancial.com - Independant mortgage advice. Company and contact details.
  • Burns-Anderson - Independent mortgage broker, providing impartial advice to uk residents
  • Business Mortgage Solutions - Arrange finance to help with the purchase of freehold and leasehold pubs and hotels throughout the UK.
  • Buy to Let Mortgages - Guide to the Buy to Let scheme with mortgage information and Do's and Don'ts.
  • Calm Mortgage Consultancy - Independent mortgage advice for first time buyers, home movers, remortgages, buy to let investors and the self employed.
  • Cannon Associates - Independant broker provides service information.
  • Carlton Business Finance - Commercial finance brokers for residential and commercial investment properties.
  • Central Holdings - A mortgage provider offering a wide range of flexible mortgages.
  • Central Mortgage Processing Bureau - Specialising in mortgages and remortgages to the adverse credit sector.
  • Chadwicks Limited - Provides mortgages and remortgages to clients in England.
  • Charcol Online - Useful home-buying guide, mortgage selection wizard and rapid re-mortgage service from John Charcoal, an independent mortgage broking group.
  • Charthills Mortgage Centre - Independent mortgage broker specialising in remortgages.
  • Chase De Vere Financial - Mortgages for the UK and European markets.
  • Chase UK Corporation - Provides mortgages and remortgages for Hampshire and all of the United Kingdom.
  • Church Hill Finance - Assists with U.K. mortgages of any type.
  • Churston Financial Services - Provide mortgage services.
  • Clearview Financial Consultancy - Independent mortgage advisor based in Westerham, Kent.
  • Coastal Finance - Mortgages for clients with past or current status problems, including arrears, court orders, IVA's, discharged bankrupts, all with no proof of income.
  • Commercial Property Finance Consultancy Limited - Provides commercial property finance including Buy to Let. NACFB members.
  • Complete Mortgages - Mortgage brokerage offers mortgages for purchase or refinance in the UK.
  • Consumer Finance ltd - Non status mortgages for people with adverse credit.
  • Conti Financial Services - Specialists in arranging mortgages for the purchase of property overseas.
  • Contractor mortgages - Contractor mortgages from a specialist provider with no requirement for accounts history - bank statements and a signed contract are all that is needed.
  • Coulson Sowerby Mortgage - Mortgage brokers to the UK property market.
  • CPH Financial Advisory Services - Advice on TEPSMortgages combining traded endownments with your mortgage.
  • Creditnow.co.uk - Credit brokers with access to a variety of loan and mortgage facilities.
  • Creditweb - Mortgage comparisons.
  • Darlington Guyer Mortgages - Independent brokers registered with the Mortgage Code.
  • David and Co. - Financial advisers and licensed credit brokers.
  • Devon Mortgage Centre - UK mortgage broker with over 4000 mortgage products from 150 lenders. Cashback on completion - national service.
  • Direct Mortgage Solutions - UK-based broker offers mortgages and remortgages to the UK market.
  • Diy-Mortgages - Offers residential mortgages and remortgages in the UK.
  • E-Firstfinance - Provides residential and commercial financing in the UK.
  • E-mortgages-UK - Provides residential mortgage advice for your personal circumstances.
  • Easynet Loans - Offering mortgages, corporate mortages and adverse credit mortages, regardless of your circumstances.
  • Elite Mortgages Limited - Independent brokers offering a variety of enquiry forms, terms of business and other background information.
  • Equity Finance - Provides residential mortgage financing, based in Chester.
  • Essentially Home Loans - Mortgage sourcing for UK mortgages online. Search, select, and apply online.
  • EuroMortgage Consultants - Make use of the quick application form to see if you qualify for a mortgage before you commit to any fees.
  • Exclusive Connections Limited - Mortgage packaging to the introducer market. Includes a registered members' area.
  • Fancy A Mortgage - Provides information on current UK mortgages with comparison tables, online repayment calculators and online mortgage enquiry.
  • FastCom Mortgage Packaging Ltd - Specializes in placing non conforming mortgages with specialist lenders.
  • Finance Assured - UK non standard mortgage broker and packager for CCJs, defaults and bankrupts.
  • Finance for Property Ltd - Independent financial advice on mortgages, specialising in the self-employed or buy-to-let schemes.
  • Finance Tracker - Specializes in sourcing finance for UK residents.
  • Finance Tracker Ltd - Independent finance placement & adverse credit specialists sourcing from over 250 .
  • Financial Tactics Ltd - Independent advice on mortgages and re-mortgages from leading UK lenders with quotes online.
  • Financial-Online - Offers advice on mortgages and general insurance.
  • Find A Mortgage - Offering mortgages and remortgages, buy to let mortgages and a mortgage calculator all at the click of a mouse.
  • Find the Perfect Mortgage - Provides an independent and comprehensive view of the UK market, allowing you to compare deals from leading lenders and apply online.
  • First Mortgage Consultancy - If youre looking for free impartial advice on a mortgage or remortgage this is the place. No fees charged and access to every UK lender.
  • First Mortgage Direct - Independent broker offering information, quotes and access to over 150 lenders.
  • First Mortgage Options Limited - Provides residential mortgage financing throughout England.
  • First Property Finance - Pinciple lenders in bridging loans, non status bridging finance, buy to let, short term finance, commercial loans, residential property finance
  • First Stop Mortgages - Independent mortgage broker serving the United Kingdom.
  • Fiscus Mortgages - UK mortgage advice, reviews and calculators.
  • Fish4Loans.com - Loans, mortgages and remortgages, regardless of previous credit history.
  • Flagstone Finance - Specialise in arranging mortgages for clients with adverse credit history
  • FlexiMortgage - Allows access to the UK's top flexible mortgage deals.
  • FredFinds - Offers a mortgage finder service for homebuyers in the United Kingdom.
  • fredfindsmortgages.com - Online mortgage broker.
  • French Mortgage Connection - Mortgage advice for home buyers purchasing property in France.
  • FreshstartOnline Ltd - Offers advice and arrangement of mortgage financing in the UK.
  • Frest Start Loans - Provides residential mortgages and personal financing services.
  • Getfinancenow.com - Provides residential mortgage financing for the United Kingdom.
  • Getmortgaged - For people who dont meet the ordinary high street criteria to get a mortgage.
  • GFC - General Finance Centre - Specialists in business loans, finance and commercial mortgages for businesses. Immediate decision in principle, whatever your business, whatever your status, whatever your security our aim is always to say yes.
  • GuaranteedHomeLoans UK - Provides residential mortgage financing throughout the UK.
  • Hearnden Associates - Independent financial advisors offerin a wide range of plans.
  • Hertfordshire Mortgage Services - Provides residential mortgage services and advice for homebuyers in the UK.
  • Homebuyers Advice Centre - Offer mortgages to clients who may have been refused elsewhere.
  • Homeloan Management Limited - A UK provider of outsourced process and systems solutions to the mortgage market.
  • Homemakers Mortgage Point - Independent broker offer mortgages and re-mortgages to UK homebuyers.
  • Horizon Financial Services - Provides mortgage financing services in the United Kingdom.
  • Hutcheon Rattray & Co. - Provides property sales and mortgages in Aberdeen, Banchory, Inverurie and Aberdeenshire.
  • I & D Pollard - Independent financial advisors specialising in mortgage advice.
  • IFA-Online Limited - Offer independent mortgage advice from qualified advisers.
  • IFG Mortgage Services - Provides a professional and informative mortgage advisory service to the Irish market.
  • igroup UK - Provides residential mortgage financing to UK clients.
  • Incresco - Primarily a mortgage comparison service. Includes general financial advice.
  • Independant mortgage advisors - Independent mortgage and insurance brokers and consultants.
  • Independent Mortgage Advice - Independent mortgage and remortgage advice and information, getting you the best UK interest rates for a home loan.
  • Independent Mortgage Shop Ltd - Independent mortgage advice for residential and commercial mortgages, holiday homes and investment properties.
  • Info4 mortgages - Resource with detailed descriptions of the different products.
  • Intelligent Mortgages - Mortgages arm of Intelligent Finance connects current accounts with mortgages
  • International Mortgage Plans - Provides expat mortgages and asset financing for UK expatriates living abroad.
  • IT Mortgages - Specialises in mortgages and remortgages for the UK.
  • JK Financial Services - Provides secured loans and mortgages for all credit types in the United Kingdom.
  • Jonathan Smith and Partners - Specialises in mortgages for the self employed and people with credit difficulties.
  • Just Mortgages - No fee mortgage brokerage. Advice and information on current interest rates. Includes mortgage guide and calculator.
  • Kensington Mortgage Company - Provides mortgages and re-mortgages for non-conforming, and impaired credit cases.
  • Kirsun Financial Services - Mortgage brokerage provides financing to a wide range of clients in the UK.
  • Lancaster House Mortgages - Providing help, advice and solutions to any mortgage problems you may have.
  • Latchums - Offers independent financial advice and mortgage services in the UK.
  • Let Property Strategies - Specialist advice on property investment and buy to let mortgages.
  • LineOne Mortgage Club - Best buys, news, advice and links on mortgages.
  • LoanMakers - Provides residential mortgage, auto and personal financing for Scotland.
  • London and County Mortgages - Mortgage broker offers mortgage financing to the UK market.
  • London Mortgage Advice - Mortgage brokers based in North London, mortgage arm of IFA's Regent Cavendish.
  • London Mortgages - Mortgages and loans, plus mortgage advice and online repayment calculators.
  • Maiden Financial Services - Offering loans and mortgages with customer testimonials and application forms.
  • Maiden Financial Services Plc - Provides loans, mortgages and remortgages for the UK.
  • Mayday Associates - Brokers for people who have difficulty sourcing finance.
  • Midland Mortgages - An independent mortgage broker. Offering best advice by comparing products from the whole financial marketplace.
  • Millbank Consultancy - Independent mortgage advisers arranging mortgages across all status sectors.
  • Mobile Finance Online - Brokers that offer loans and finance, including for new UK residents and expatriates wishing to settle in the UK.
  • Model Mortgages - Independent brokers provide a calculator, help guide and jargon explanations together with application forms for even adverse or bad credit applications.
  • Monarch Financial Management - Independent broker offers mortgages and remortgages to UK homebuyers.
  • Money Matters - Mortgage brokers and UK financial advisers serving businesses and individual clients.
  • Money-wiz.co.uk - Independant advice with quotations, calculators and explanation of terms.
  • Mortgage & Investment Centre - Advice on non-conforming credit, specialist lending and choosing a mortgage
  • Mortgage 4 U - Offering mortgages, remortgages and independent financial information.
  • Mortgage Advice Service - Independent mortgage advice for the United Kingdom.
  • Mortgage and Loan Business - Bad credit specialists offer loans for any purpose.
  • Mortgage Arrangers - Provides residential mortgages and remortgages in the UK.
  • Mortgage Assured - Provides mortgage funding in the U.K., based in the west country.
  • Mortgage Brokers UK - Offers residential mortgages and remortgaging for the United Kingdom.
  • Mortgage Code Compliance Board - Showcasing the Mortgage Code and outlining the responsibilities and activities of the Board
  • Mortgage Directives - Independent brokerage offering a range of products.
  • Mortgage Haus - Independent broker provides service information.
  • Mortgage Hunters - Poor credit specialists for UK homeowners who have adverse credit ratings and IVA's.
  • Mortgage Intelligence - Group of 350 brokers covering most towns across the UK and providing a choice of mortgages for self-employed and employed.
  • Mortgage Intelligence - UK group of independent brokers offering unbiased advice across the full range of mortgage products.
  • Mortgage Maestro - Advisory mortgage brokerage for all types of mortgages in the United Kingdom.
  • Mortgage Market (Yorkshire) Ltd - Independent specialists in non-conforming loans as well as status and commercial lending needs.
  • Mortgage Matters Direct - Provides mortgage financing and advisory services in the UK.
  • Mortgage Network - Brokers helping those with CCJs, arrears and non status problems.
  • Mortgage On Line - Offers independent advice on choosing a UK mortgage.
  • Mortgage People - Specialise in financial services and mortgages giving independent advice.
  • Mortgage Quote - UK mortgages, second mortgage and re-mortgage, plus loan quotes. People with bad credit history, CCJs and mortgage arrears are welcome.
  • Mortgage Quoteonline - Search from virtually all UK mortgage schemes to select the one that best meets your needs.
  • Mortgage Route - Independent Mortgage Advice - Help and advice from qualified independent mortgage advisers. Also provides mortgage sourcing tools and mortgage calculators.
  • Mortgage Sense - Provide mortgage advice and deals especially for the self-employed.
  • Mortgage Solutions Direct - Provides residential mortgage financing to the whole UK mortgage market.
  • Mortgage Sorter - Independent information on mortgages and house buying in the UK.
  • Mortgage Specialists - Catering for all your mortgage requirements.
  • Mortgage Store - Provides residential mortgage financing in Cheshire, England.
  • Mortgage Test - Provides residential mortgage financing for Bury and the United Kingdom.
  • Mortgage UK - A complete online mortgage resource. Everything you need to know about UK mortgages.
  • Mortgage UK Today - Offering a free UK mortgage guide.
  • Mortgage Works - Specialist brokers committed to providing independent advice.
  • Mortgage-advisor.net -
  • Mortgagecentre.net - Allows consumers to shop the best rates for UK mortgage lenders.
  • MortgageComply.com - Provides mortgage code compliance advice for brokers, intermediaries and lenders.
  • Mortgageforce ltd - Offers financial advice on residential mortgage financing products.
  • MortgageLenders - Quick links to the leading U.K. Building Societies, brokers and lenders
  • MortgageLine Services - Provides advice as well as arranging mortgages.
  • MortgageLink - Independent mortgage brokers.
  • MortgageNet - Provides mortgage financing services to the Northern Ireland client.
  • Mortgages Direct uk - For mortgage comparison, mortgage quotes, self certification and buy to let mortgages.
  • Mortgages Find UK - Mortgage lender and broker directory with comparisons and listings.
  • Mortgages for Business - UK commercial mortgage brokerage. Daily mortgage rate updates for commercial, residential investors and owner-occupiers.
  • Mortgages Inc - Providing high quality, efficient advice on mortgages. Offering no mortgage fees.
  • Mortgages Made Easy - Informative site offering independent financial advice and highly competitive mortgage deals. Based in the North East of Scotland.
  • Mortgages on the Web - Provides mortgages and financing to UK residents.
  • Mortgages Online UK - Obtain free professional mortgage advice.
  • Mortgages UK - A wealth of information about mortgages, credit and associated topics.
  • Mortgages4U - Service offering specialist and independent mortgage advice.
  • MortgageSearch Independent Ltd. - Midlands-based mortgage broker and financial adviser catering to the UK.
  • MortgageSeekers - Provides a free mortgage service to the general UK public.
  • MortgageWish - Provides a comprehensive search wizard and applications for UK mortgages.
  • My Mortgage Adviser - Advice for first time property buyers, those moving house or those re-mortgaging
  • Nationwide Businesses - Provides business financing and mortgages in the UK.
  • No Fuss Finance - Mortgages and secured loans plus expert independent advice for all your secured loan and mortgage needs.
  • Non-status Mortgage Company - Specialise in loans for people with poor credit history.
  • Omega Commercial Finance - Provides residential and commercial financing in the UK.
  • On-Line Mortgages Ltd - Obtains mortgages for commercial and residential properties in the UK.
  • PIB Ltd - Mortgages for people with a poor credit history.
  • PoorCredit.co.uk - Loans, mortgages and remortgages for people with a poor credit history. Home owners only.
  • Premier Mortgage Management - Product and services details. Include a enquiry form.
  • Premier Mortgage Services - Offers residential mortgage financing through lenders throughout the UK.
  • Price Anderson - Advises on all aspects of financial planning in conjunction with a mortgage.
  • Prior Knowledge - For mortgages, home insurance, commercial insurance and life assurance.
  • Private Label - Mortgage services specialists providing mortgage processing and design services, fixed rate, capped and tailored mortgage solutions amongst other services.
  • Professional Financial Services - Provides mortgage and remortgage services, based in Bournemouth, UK.
  • Property Finance 4 Less - Overseas mortgage provision. Includes payment plans, currency charts and a quotation request form.
  • Proviser Online Mortgages - Mortgage broker with 250 UK lenders with 4000 mortgages.
  • Prudential (UK) - Offers mortgage financing in the United Kingdom and a wide range of financial services.
  • PurpleQuote - Lender arranges loans and mortgages throughout the United Kingdom.
  • Quote 4 Mortgages - Offers mortgage calculators, free quotes, home insurance, and international residential lending information.
  • RavenMann Property Finance - UK property finance and mortgage services specialising in residential and commercial mortgages, property development, leasing and bridging finance.
  • Really Flexible Mortgages - Provides creative and alternative mortgages.
  • Riversdale Mortgage Services - UK mortgage company specializing in mortgage loans for people with poor credit or CCJs. Also offer commercial finance options, life insurance, and other financial services.
  • RNJ Associates - Independent Mortgage Brokers, with access to every UK lender. Updated daily with a decision in principle within 4 hours.
  • RTB Mortgage Bureau - Specialist mortgage information service offers the opportunity to discover some of the best mortgage products available to meet a site user's financial needs regardless of status or credit history.
  • Rufford Credit - Provides mortgage and commercial financing for the United Kingdom.
  • S and J Finance - Provides residential mortgage financing for Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex.
  • Santi Financial - Mortgage broker offers advice on mortgage borrowing in the United Kingdom.
  • Sceptre Mortgage Services - Provides residential and commercial mortgages for the United Kingdom.
  • Select Mortgages - Family run mortgage broker offers mortgages in the United Kingdom.
  • Shire Direct Mortgages - Specialists in remortgages for people with credit problems, CCJs, arrears or defaults. Schemes for self-cert, self employed, council right to buy and first time buyers.
  • SoMove.com - Independent brokers offer a wide selection of mortgage products.
  • Sound Advice Mortgage Services - Provides mortgages and remortgages in the UK.
  • Southern Group Ltd - Services the finance requirements of UK property investors and developers.
  • Stead Finance - Provides residential mortgage financing in the United Kingdom.
  • Sterling Direct - Loans and mortgages in the UK. No income proof plans available. Apply on-line.
  • Stirling Asset Management - Independent advice on mortgages and financial planning.
  • Stonehouse Financial - Provides residential mortgage financing in the United Kingdom
  • talk-mortgage - An independent provider of mortgages for people with credit problems or unable to prove their income.
  • The Finance Centre - Brokers covering schemes available if you have a poor credit history or no proof of income.
  • The Independent Mortgage Consultancy Ltd - Independent mortgage advice for UK borrowers with free, on-line mortgage search engine,protection quotation engine and mortgage calculator.
  • The Loan Arranger - Specializing in obtaining loans, credit and finance for UK residents.
  • The Money Centre - The UKs leading buy to let mortgage broker. Get free advice and compare buy to let mortgages online.
  • The Mortgage Consulting Group - Provides independent advice on mortgages and re mortgages in the UK.
  • The Mortgage Exchange - Provides mortgages and remortgages for London and throughout the UK.
  • The Mortgage Helpline - Independent advice on all types of mortgages for buying homes in the UK.
  • The Mortgage Page - Finding and application service.
  • The Mortgage Shop - We will access all major High Street lenders before recommending a mortgage.
  • The Mortgage Shop - Provides mortgages, re-mortgages, insurance and conveyancing.
  • The Mortgage Shop - Independent mortgage advisor based in the United Kingdom.
  • The Mortgage Shop - Quotations from UK lenders covering every mortgage product available.
  • The Mortgage Specialists - Provides mortgages and remortgages for people with all types of credit history.
  • The Mortgage Warehouse - Over 4000 mortgages available using mortgage selection service.
  • The Mortgage Warehouse - Providing help with commercial mortgages, bankruptcy, mortgage and rent arrears, debt consolidation and first time buyers.
  • The One Account - A One account saves you money by keeping your mortgage, savings and current account all in one place. Apply today and see how much you could save.
  • The White House - Mortgage brokers, financial services and general insurance.
  • Thedata - Provides financial data on mortgage lenders in the United Kingdom.
  • Tricon Mortgages - Secures mortgages for people with impaired credit or already refused elsewhere.
  • UK Commercial Finance Ltd - Arranges commercial mortgages for clients buying property throughout the UK.
  • UK Mortgage Central - Offers a mortgage of the week recommendation and books for mortgage and house hunters.
  • UK Mortgage Moves - Pavillion Securities are a sub prime mortgage packager offering a variety of sub prime mortgages from many well established lenders.
  • UK Mortgages - Mortgages and remortgages offered at the lowest rates online.
  • UK Mortgages Guide - Advice on mortgages and lists of UK mortgage lenders, brokers and calculators
  • UK Mortgages Online - Provides mortgage information from over 2500 schemes with online applications.
  • Virgin Net Mortgage Finder - Search for standard mortgages from over 1001 lenders, avail yourself of a mortgage jargon buster or try the mortgage repayment calculator.
  • Westerby Group - Based in Leicester. Independent financial, investment, insurance, mortgage, trustee and pension advice.
  • Westpoint Mortgage Management - Free information and ebooks from an independent mortgage broker in Hampshire. Including consolidation remortgages, self employed and first time buyers.
  • WhatMortgage.net - UK mortgage rates and information, updated daily and free to all users.
  • William Charles Associates - Independent brokers. Includes a Decision in Principle form.
  • William Lowden - Offers independent mortgage advice in the United Kingdom.
  • Willow Financial Services - Provides residential mortgage financing to consumers of the UK.
  • Wizard Mortgages - Provides residential financing and a guide to mortgages for UK residents.
  • Woolwich plc - Financial service organisations provides mortgage services.
  • Your Mortgage Magazine - Provides advice, information and house price predictors to help you find the right mortgage.


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