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> UK > Business and Economy > Financial Services > Offshore Services

This category contains 11 sites:

  • Charles Stirling International Corporation - For international investment, offshore structuring, tax expertise, offshore pension planning and portfolio management to medical cover, overseas life insurance, trusts and company formation.
  • Highnett.com - International independent offshore brokerage offering advice to both experienced and new investors, small or large.
  • Madison Consultants Ltd - Consultants to companies wishing to register outside of the UK for financial reasons, including reducing tax burdens.
  • MIL - Offering offshore companies, trusts, and second passport services in all major jurisdictions.
  • Mossack Fonseca & Co. - Company management services in various offshore jurisdictions. Includes services and contact details.
  • Offshore Companies House - Provide inexpensive and very fast online offshore company formation and offshore bank accounts in different tax havens, including BVI, Belize, Dominica, Gibraltar, Seychelles, Panama and Delaware.
  • Offshore Tools - Offshore Tools: Tax Exempt Companies, Non-resident Bank Accounts, Corporate Services, etc...
  • Overseas Corporation Services - Offering offshore company formation, private foundations, asset protection, estate planning, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, virtual offices and more.
  • Red Sea Management Ltd - Company administration, incorporation and investment services.
  • RJS Global Services - Professional intermediaries to UK and international banks and financial institutions.
  • Royal Oak Investment - UK financial consultants provide offshore investment services for expatriates.


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> UK > Business and Economy > Financial Services > Offshore Services : Category ID: 12246
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> UK > Business and Economy > Financial Services > Offshore Services

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