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This category contains 107 sites:

  • 1st Stop Ticketing - Provide maintenance, purchases and installations of ticketing machines and coin dispensers to bus companies.
  • 3J (Lining Systems) Ltd, Doncaster, South Yorkshire - Company offering a total design, installation lining service to the bulk materials handling and mineral processing industries.
  • Aceline Supplies Ltd - Providers of a range of bearings for industrial use, including pop metrics, imperial BandR and lock nuts.
  • ACRS Ltd - Providers of CAD/CAM software, digitisers, plotters and a range of automated cutting room services.
  • Anca Industrial Supplies - Distributor of repair and operational products as well as tapes, packaging and other miscellaneous industrial supplies.
  • Austin McLean UK - Providers of lifting equipment and industrial door engineering.
  • B.E.C Group - Providers of tools, moulds and filters for industrial purposes.
  • Barry and Son Ltd. - Engineering suppliers of air, hand, machine and cutting tools and abrasives.
  • BladeFinder UK - Offers a search utility to assist finding the appropriate bandsaw or hand hacksaw.
  • Bradford Armature Winding Company Ltd - Supply and repair of electric motors, transformers, coils, clutches and brakes.
  • Brady Industrial Identification - Offers industrial identification solutions including wire marking, cable identification and markers.
  • Bryco - Maintaining, repairing and replacing of diesel engines in all kinds of industrial applications.
  • BWT Fluid Engineering Limited - Stockists and importers of stainless steel valves and fittings to the pipeline industry.
  • Cablejog - Designers and manufacturers of portable and intelligent cable and cable Harness test equipment.
  • Calder Trade Supplies Ltd - Suppliers of a wide range of hand and power tools, fixings, adhesives and abrasives.
  • Capper Plastics - Distributors of pipe fittings and pipework systems.
  • Cenor Industrial Supplies - Suppliers of industrial goods, powertools, handtools, safety equipment, workwear and safety boots.
  • Chiltern Adhesive Products Ltd. - Converters and distributors of self adhesive tapes, foams, sealants and velcro fastening systems.
  • CTA Limited - Suppliers of a range of thermal sprays and plasma guns for metal coating.
  • Damar Securings - Manufacturers of lifting equipment, webbing, slings, ratchets, and straps.
  • Dashfixer UK - Providers of automotive diagnostic servicess and digital odometer and tachometer repair equipment.
  • Design Selector Global - Provides product and component information from numerous UK suppliers.
  • Digital Dashboards UK - Providers of repairs and recalibration of many types of dashboards.
  • Dobie Wyatt Ltd - Suppliers to hauliers for tarpaulins, ropes, nets,canvases, covers, curtains, load straps.
  • Eastern Hydraulic Systems Ltd. - Suppliers of a range of industrial equipment including valves, pumps, oil filters and accumulators.
  • Equiprite - Offer a range of new and used garage equipment including compressors, lifts and tyres.
  • Fastenright Ltd - Providers of bolts, nuts, washers, screws and fixings.
  • Filter Specialists International - Manufacturers of a broad range of industrial filters and absorbant media.
  • Filter Systems Ltd - Providers of air filters and filter bags.
  • Freemans Industrial Supplies - Distributors of hygiene and industrial products for industrial, commercial and healthcare companies.
  • Frostechnic - Manufacturers of electronic control panels and refridgeration systems for all industries.
  • GGB - Comprehensive guide to source and specify bearing solutions. Providing local contact details , product literature and application data.
  • Gilbert Curry Industrial Plastics - GCIP are a leading distributor and stockholder of all types of engineering plastics, and supplier of material handling solutions for all industrial applications.
  • Glen Farrow UK - Providers of irrigation, heating, ventillation and plumbing services.
  • Global Plastics - Distributors of cable ties, plastic fasteners and wiring accessories to industry and manufacturers.
  • GNW UK - Offer scientific instrumentation, pressure vaccum gauges, dial thermometers and temperature equipment
  • Gotec UK piston pumps - Distributor of Gotec SA piston pumps and provides pump types, applications, technical and contact information.
  • Hancox Ltd - Supplier and service of Kohler and Ruggerini engines to the garden and construction industry.
  • Harrier Filters UK - Suppliers of hydraulic filter elements and hydraulic replacement programmes.
  • Harrison Silverdale Ltd - Offer steel and plastic industrial fasteners, threaded inserts, special screws and clinch nuts.
  • Heskin's UK - Experts in industrial anti slip tape.
  • Hi-Lo UK - Providers of pallet racking, shelving and individual storage solutions.
  • Hilatex Company Limited - UK based supplier of industrial materials
  • Holbourne Industrial Plastics Ltd - Stockist and fabricator of a wide range of engineering plastics and electrical insulation materials.
  • Hot Shoe Thermal Carpet - Carpet for garages, workshops and industrial manufacturing sites.
  • Hydrasun Ltd - Suppliers of range of hose and fittings, tubing, couplers and unions with manufacturing capabilities.
  • Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets Limited - Industrial distributor of hydraulic equipment and for the UK.
  • Hydraulics Direct - Providers of hydraulic spares for grass and construction machinery.
  • InControl Scotland Ltd - Suppliers of instrument valves, instruments and level controls to the oil, gas and fine chemical industries.
  • Industrial Ancillaries Ltd - Suppliers of copper tube for general engineering applications.
  • Inertial Aerosystems - Provide sensors, communication and test equipment for aerospace, offshore and industry.
  • Izumi Products - Offer a selection of cutting, compression and crimping tools.
  • Jet-Lube Ltd - Manufacturer of lubricants, greases, thread compounds and sealants.
  • K. Supplies Ltd - Industrial distributors of power, electronic, and air, tools and accessories.
  • Kay Welding Supplies Ltd - Offers consumable materials and equipment for sale or rent.
  • Lee Spring Ltd - Supply springs of all types and uses, including compression, extension and torsion.
  • MAN B&W Diesel Ltd - Manufacturers of UK diesel and dual fuel engines.
  • Marl LEDs - Manufacturers of sealed LED indicators and lighting, rail indication, based LED lamps, stainless steel photographic illumination and military lighting.
  • Maxxiom - Supplier of electrical installations, hoists, power, supplies, powered access and site accommodation.
  • MGC Metals Limited - Distributors of stainless and non ferrous industrial tubing.
  • Nobisco Limited - Supplier of commercial consumables including packaging, janitorial, catering, hygiene and health / safety supplies.
  • Oakmain Ltd - Installing and maintaining a premium quality garage equipment and support systems.
  • oilboilerwarehouse.co.uk - Domestic oil fired boilers. Merlin, Potterton and Wolcester boilers all offered with full manufacturers guarantee.
  • On-Site Computer Services - Specialist suppliers of LAN racking, frames, workbenches, firesafes, media storage and transit.
  • Optosource UV LEDs - Custom manufacturer of high brightness tri-colour and ultra-violet LEDs, surface mount lamps and tri-colour custom SMD LEDs.
  • Ortlinghaus - Independent firm, offering industrial plating and machinery.
  • Packexe Handywrap - Providers of hand held stretch film for all industries.
  • Polysacs UK Ltd - Suppliers of woven polypropylene bags, flat and tubular fabric.
  • PPK Services - Suppliers of hydraulic accumulators, coolers, filters and accessories.
  • Prosep Filter Systems Ltd - Suppliers of a range of industrial and domestic filtration systems. Details of the company, its services and product range.
  • Pumps and Equipment (Warwick) Ltd. - Suppliers of pumps and associated parts for industrial and machine tool applications.
  • Qualweld Ltd - Suppliers of industrial welding equipment and accessories.
  • R & B Associates - Specialist in the application and supply of anti-vibration mountings.
  • Resource Industries Limited - Specialists in the acquisition and marketing of UK and USA Government surplus equipment.
  • ROCOL Lubricants - Provide a wide range of maintenance, lubricant and service consumables.
  • Saab Tank Control UK Ltd - Providers of gauging systems for use in refineries, process industries and tankers.
  • SD Products - Distributors of industrial fasteners and electronic components.
  • Select Tooling Ltd. - Mail order suppliers of industrial quality router cutters and accessories.
  • Selvin Fluid Power - Distributors of hydraulic equipment from a broad range of leading manufacturers.
  • Senior Packaging - Specialists in strapping equipment and packaging materials.
  • Sherwood Blast Cleaning - Providers of industrial painting, corrosion control and specialist surface coatings.
  • Single Source Filtration - Suppliers of industrial quality filter systems.
  • South Wales Filters - Provide sales and support of filters and related products.
  • Sprint Electric - Manufacturer of DC drives with digital technology for electric motor control.
  • Storage Equipment Safety Service - Specialists in industrial racking and shelving.
  • T&C Services - Specialists in recovery equipment for local authorities.
  • Tapes For Industry UK - Suppliers of industrial scotch, double sided and palletwrap taping.
  • Techetape - Adhesive, kapton, teflon and double-sided tape supplier.
  • Telemeter Engineering - Provide design and draughting, pipework, steelwork and sheetmetal fabrication.
  • Testbourne Ltd - Suppliers of thin film sputtering targets, evaporation materials and ultra high vacuum components.
  • Teva Ltd - Providers of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance services.
  • TGS Maintenance Systems - Suppliers of mechanical seals, compression packings, gaskets and injectable packing compounds.
  • The Metallex Group Ltd - Suppliers of slot tech, concept tubes and profile systems for the shopfitting and steel fabrication industries.
  • The Sunlight Service Group Ltd - Supplier of textile rental and laundering services.
  • Total Filtration Limited. - Providers of marine and industrial filtration equipment.
  • Transfixt Limited - Retailers of industrial adhesive and self adhesive tapes.
  • Uneeda Ltd - Suppliers of air, power and hand tools and consumables.
  • Uni-Thread - Suppliers of helical taps, drills, slotdrills and drill chucks.
  • Valvestock - Distributors of manual valves, actuators and actuated valve packages.
  • Vecstar Electric Furnaces - Suppliers of high quality electric, muffle, ashing, tube, high temperature and rapid heat furnaces.
  • Ventura UK - Providers of brush seals, draught strips and door seals for industrial purposes.
  • Viking Industrial Products Ltd. - Supplier of industrial products, including packaging materials, tapes and adhesives.
  • W.P. Notcutt Ltd - Suppliers of silicone, polyurethane and polysulphide industrial products.
  • Wiseman Threading Tools Ltd - Providers of thread cutting, thread rolling and associated tooling.
  • Woodcraft Products UK - Supplier of woodturning machines suitable for barley twist, routing, reeding, fluting and more.
  • Wrapping and Converting Systems Limited - Suppliers of shrink wrapping machinery to all users of packaging and mapping machinery.
  • Yours2Rent - We hire industrial equipment, property, vehicles, vacation accommodation, wedding cars, catering equipment, service and people, apartments, movies, electrical goods. Virtually anything to hire or rent.


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