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This category contains 26 sites:

  • 2bmail - A free email service which offers ICQ and Pager technology as well as the usual web based email.
  • @funs.co.uk mail - Set yourself online, Offering yourname@funs.co.uk or your_name@hotmailed.net
  • Airmill - London and football related e-mail addresses.
  • AltaVista UK - Free @altavista.co.uk web-based e-mail address
  • Another.com - UK subscription based email provider, allows multiple addresses on one acount.
  • Authenticated SMTP - SMTP mail relay / outgoing email service. Includes virus scanning of mail sent, large file attachments, usage controls and detailed logging.
  • BiblioTech Ltd - Postmaster - Europes premier free e-mail service (Wired, May 1998). Users can register, choose an e-name (e-mail address) and set-up an account within minutes. Users can immediately send and receive e-mail ...for free.
  • British Mail - Free web based @british-mail.com address, along with other choices.
  • BTInternet: talk21 - Free web-based email service, accessible via the web, digital TV, WAP and via telephone in the UK.
  • Ciao.com: Free Email - Consumer reviews and ratings of free email providers.
  • Cyber Inbox: UK - Free e-mail, news, chat, weather, SMS, calendar, links, search, ecards and more.
  • Developermail - Offers free e-mail account complete with address book, auto-responders, signatures, multiple folders and file attachments.
  • Free Telephone Number Directory - A completely free and secure telephone number and email address directory service
  • Genie Email to Mobile - Join Genie and receive a free email address.
  • Medwaytowns - Free web based e-mail accounts @uk.medwaytowns.com.
  • Physiotherapy e-mail routing - Have an e-mail address that reflects your professional image. Site includes free e-mail address, and optional forwarding
  • Pocket.Com UK - Provides mobile email access and sends faxes from palmtops via a premium telephone number.
  • Spamming Bureau - Spam reporting for consumers and spam monitoring for businesses.
  • TruePR - Internet based direct email advertising system, allowing clients to create, publish and track readership of their company newsletter.
  • UK Personals Network FreeMail - Free web based email account for <you>@uk-personals.net with 6MB personal storage space.
  • UK-Mail - Free web based e-mail address - you@uk-mail.net
  • UKmail.com - Offers ukmail.com domain names powered by everyone.net, also lists domain names for sale.
  • UKSearchKing eMail Login - Free web based email from uksearchking offering pop3 capability nine languages and spam filter.
  • urbanzap - urbanzap allows you to send short messages and receive messages via wap,web,idtv or pocket pc.
  • V13 FreeMail - Free web based email.
  • vizzavi - From keeping in touch with email and managing your diary, to seeing what's on TV tonight, listening to live music and playing games.


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