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> UK > Business and Economy > Internet > Internet Service Providers > 0800 Access

This category contains 28 sites:

  • 0800 Dial - Offers business and consumer unmetered access packages and subscription-free internet access.
  • 08002go - Subscription unmetered ISP offering webspace and 4 email addresses.
  • 4TheNET Internet - BT Surftime based packages with webspace and email and the option of domain hosting.
  • AOL UK - Offers subscription-based internet access or the more expensive unmetered 24/7 "AOL Flat Rate" access. Internet software provided includes parental controls.
  • BT SurfTime - Details of BT's unmetered internet access package and a list of ISPs offering services based on it.
  • Calico UK - Offers unmetered internet access, subscription free internet access, domain registration, web and email hosting and e-commerce hosting.
  • Chalkface.net - A UK-based educational resource and BT package based unmetered ISP.
  • Connect Free - Unmetered access that uses BT SurfTime packages.
  • Fast24 - Offers off-peak or 24/7 unmetered access with a minimum 6 month contract.
  • Freechariot - Offers an unmetered service to BT users. Also offers a card payment platform for merchants.
  • Games-World.Net - Game-oriented network, offers packages using BT SurfTime.
  • Intensive Networks - Offers BT SurfTime access, domain registration, server hosting and co-location.
  • Jippii: Dial Jippii - Providers of subscription-free and unmetered internet access via BT packages. Part of Jippii UK, including domain registration and mobile phone services.
  • Jolt.co.uk - On-line gaming oriented ISP offering subscription-based and unmetered BT SurfTime packages.
  • KeConnect Internet - Offers BT SurfTime based unmetered access packages for BT users and a package just for NTL customers living near Ipswitch.
  • Madasafish - Offers BT based unmetered and subscription free internet access.
  • Majestique Communications - Offers a variety of unmetered access packages.
  • Mersinet - Offers unmetered access using BT Surftime based packages and subscription-free access. Also offers leased line access, web design, hosting and domain registration.
  • Sniff Out - Offers a number of BT SurfTime based unmetered packages or subscription-free internet access.
  • Sonnet Internet - Offers daytime and 24/7 unmetered internet packages and subscription-free access to ISDN and modem dial-up users.
  • SurfingRabbit.com - Unmetered ISP that is also a telecoms company and offers web hosting.
  • Telewest - Offer 24/7 unmetered access dependent upon Telewest phoneline and a fixed amount of phone calls per month.
  • TheFreeInternet.Net - Unmetered service for a yearly fixed fee.
  • UTV Internet - Irish ISP offering access throughout the UK and Ireland. Unmetered access package using BT SurfTime is available as an alternative to the subscription-free service.
  • V21 - Offers a BT based unmetered internet access and subscription free access, domain registration and web design.
  • Vispa - Offers FRIACO based unmetered access, reduced rate subscription-free access and virtual domain hosting.
  • YouSurf.net - Offers unmetered or subscription free internet access with webmail and newsgroup access.
  • Zetnet - Offers BT SurfTime or leased line internet access, web hosting and server co-location packages. Also offers bespoke web design.


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> UK > Business and Economy > Internet > Internet Service Providers > 0800 Access : Category ID: 12143
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> UK > Business and Economy > Internet > Internet Service Providers > 0800 Access

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