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This category contains 48 sites:

  • 100 Percent IT - Business oriented ISP offering leased lines, SDSL and web site hosting.
  • Abel Internet - Packages offered include ADSL access, off-peak and anytime unmetered access, as well as a metered dial-up service.
  • ADSL Internet Access - ADSL access from Alcom Internetix.
  • ADSL-Now - Offers ADSL connectivity with optional firewall.
  • ADSLguide - ADSL provider listing with prices, news, technical FAQs and busy message board. Part of the Maximum PC network.
  • Andrews and Arnold - Offer ADSL and subscription free internet access and also network security products, hosting and domain registration.
  • Atlas Internet - Offers unmetered access via BT SurfTime packages and ADSL for business users, including bundled web space. Server co-location is also available.
  • Aviators Network - Offers ADSL access, leased line, BT Surftime based unmetered or local call modem dial-up internet access, domain registration and server co-location.
  • BT Openworld - British Telecom's ISP offers ADSL, unmetered access packages (evenings only or unlimited) and subscription-free internet access. Broadband services are being rolled across the country.
  • Charity Days - Offers ADSL, fixed price limited access packages and subscription free dial-up internet access. Donates a portion of income to charity.
  • Clara.net - Offers a choice of ADSL or a specified number (12, 20, 35, 80, weekend, evening) of hours per month 0800 access for a fixed monthly fee.
  • Custom Access - Offers ADSL, dial-up modem and ISDN internet access and web hosting.
  • Demon Internet Ltd - Offers ADSL, leased line, ISDN and BT SurfTime-based unmetered dialup packages.
  • Easynet UK - ISP offering ADSL, leased line and ISDN connectivity and additionally, web hosting.
  • Eclipse Internet - Offer ADSL or BT SurfTime dial-up internet access, domain registration, web hosting, Actinic catalogue hosting and leased lines.
  • edNET - Provides ADSL, SDSL, ISDN and dial-up modem access, web hosting, server co-location and web design.
  • Entanet - ADSL and subscription based ISP that also offers leased line connectivity, web development, hosting and server co-location.
  • Freedom 2 Surf - Unmetered access offered through BT SurfTime package. They also provide ADSL connectivity.
  • Freeserve - Offers ADSL as well as BT SurfTime based unmetered evening access.
  • Griffin Internet - Offer ADSL, subscription-free dialup, leased lines, hosting and server co-location.
  • HomeChoice - ADSL access via a serial connection, free technical support and video on demand.
  • Internet For Business - Business ADSL, ISDN and leased line connectivity, server hosting and design.
  • intY - Offers company-wide email and internet access, based around modem, ISDN or ADSL connectivity.
  • Inweb Networks - ADSL and subscription based ISP that also offer hosting and colocation.
  • Iomart - Offers ADSL access, web hosting, server co-location, managed email and SMS packages and developers of internet monitoring software.
  • IP-ProLink - Offers ADSL and unmetered modem dial-up internet access.
  • Kingston Communications Limited - Offers ADSL, unmetered subscription and subscription free internet access under the 'Karoo' brand name to Hull and surrounding areas.
  • Lavron - ISP offering ADSL connectivity, web hosting, domain registration and colocation.
  • Mailbox Internet - ISP offers subscription dial-up access, ADSL, and SDSL leased-line connectivity. Co-location, virtual hosting and domain name registration are also offered.
  • Mistral - Offers ADSL, leased line and dial-up internet access. Also offers domain registration, web hosting, dedicated servers, server co-location and a number of network security products.
  • MultiThread: The UK ADSL FAQ - Feature broadband news, ADSL providers listing and broadband links.
  • Netkonect Communications - Provides ADSL and subscription-free internet access, leased lines and virtual ISP services. Also offers web hosting, server co-location and domain registration.
  • Nildram - Offers ADSL and BT SurfTime packages as well as web hosting, domain registration, leased lines.
  • One.Tel - Offers ADSL, reduced rate and unmetered dial-up internet access packages and is also a long distance telephone provider.
  • Onyx Internet - Offers leased line, ADSL, subscription ISDN and modem access. It also provides co-location services, web hosting and design.
  • Pipemedia - Offer ADSL, SDSL, subscription dialup access, server hosting and co-location and secure e-commerce services.
  • PlusNet - Offers ADSL internet access, BT SurfTime based packages (evening only and unlimited) 0800 packages as well as 0845 access.
  • Schoolzone Internet: ADSL - Content filtered ADSL access for schools.
  • SkyNet Internet Services - Offers ADSL, leased line and subscription based internet access, web hosting and server co-location.
  • Supanet - Offers a number of packages: unmetered access, subscription-free access, reduced rate access for a fixed fee and ADSL internet access.
  • SurfAnytime - Offers an ADSL packages for domestic use, unmetered access packages using BT's FRIACO product and a subscription-free access.
  • Thedogmagroup.com - Providers of ADSL, ISDN, unmetered and subscription-free internet access, domain registration, website hosting and design.
  • Timewarp Internet - ADSL, modem, ISDN and leased line access. Also provide web hosting, design and programming services.
  • Tiscali - Offers ADSL and unmetered dial-up or subscription free internet access packages. Also offers fixed amounts of 0800 internet access for a fixed fee.
  • Unofficial HomeChoice FAQ - Covers connection optimisation and connection sharing using HomeChoice and information for those having difficulty enabling services such as ICQ and Napster.
  • World of ADSL - ADSL discussion site featuring news, information, technical FAQs, provider listings, a weekly newsletter and message boards.
  • Xo UK - Offers DSL, leased line and subscription based dial-up and ISDN access, with roaming access in many countries.
  • Zen Internet - Offers ADSL, modem and ISDN internet access, domain registration, web design, web and e-commerce hosting using Actinic products.


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> UK > Business and Economy > Internet > Internet Service Providers > DSL

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