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> UK > Business and Economy > Internet > Internet Service Providers > Satellite

This category contains 10 sites:

  • Activator - Offers download only satellite internet access, also provides services offering on-demand movies and games downloading.
  • Aramiska - Offers two-way broadband internet access. Pricing is available for UK users. Charges include installation and a monthly fee for a given bandwidth allocation.
  • Beam Solutions - Offers two-way subscription broadband internet access to users in the UK and Ireland.
  • Bridge Broadband - Offers bi-directional Eutelsat based satellite access with information for a monthly rental fee.
  • BTopenworld Satellite Broadband Services - Provides two-way satellite based internet access to Scotland and Northern Ireland, charges include a setup fee and a monthly subscription charge.
  • I-Sat UK Ltd - Providers of satellite internet access. Costs include an initial setup fee, monthly subscription which includes a limited data allowance.
  • IPviasat - Offers download only satellite based internet access, business use includes quarterly access limits, home users are restricted to of-peak access.
  • Isonetric Broadband - Offers EUTELSAT based broadband internet access for a monthly rental fee.
  • SatWeb - Download only satellite based internet access. Costs include installation charge and monthly fee.
  • Wireless And Satellite Providers - Listing of upcoming and current satellite providers.


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> UK > Business and Economy > Internet > Internet Service Providers > Satellite : Category ID: 12152
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> UK > Business and Economy > Internet > Internet Service Providers > Satellite

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