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> UK > Business and Economy > Internet > Internet Service Providers > Subscription-Based Services

This category contains 34 sites:

  • Alcom Internetix Ltd. - Modem, ISDN and leased line access as well as web hosting.
  • Apanet - Subscription based ISP including webspace and domain registration.
  • BowieNet - Subscription service offering rare David Bowie tracks, clips and David's online journal.
  • Cheapnet Internet Services - Subscription based ISP offering modem and ISDN access in combination with web hosting.
  • Cocoon Internet Services Ltd - Offer subscription access, web design and internet training.
  • Compuserve UK - Business oriented AOL Europe subsidiary.
  • Dial Media Group - Business ISP offering web hosting and new media design.
  • Directional Solutions - Offers subscription access, webmail, virtual servers, hosted servers and e-business.
  • Ezeview - Offers filtered internet access, and access to educational resources, including 11+ practice exams.
  • GreenNet - Subscription based non-profit ISP and collective promoting work for the environment, peace, human rights and development.
  • Groupvision - Subscription based ISP offering hosting and design.
  • GTS Netcom Internet - Business biased subscription based modem and ISDN ISP offering domain hosting.
  • Intercontinental Media Services - Business ISP offering leased lines, ISDN, web hosting and e-commerce.
  • Internet-UK - Offers subscription service, domain names, virtual servers and site hosting.
  • Legend Internet - Subscription based ISP that also offers hosting and colocation.
  • Line9 - Offers business ISDN and dial-up accounts.
  • Metropolitan Internet - Offers subscription access, hosting, e-commerce and domain registration.
  • Moose Internet Services - Subscription based ISP, offering web hosting and design.
  • Mscable.com - ISP offering facilities to business clients. Includes free browser based email.
  • NetCiB - Ipswich based ISP offering domain registration, web hosting and design. Owners of Anglianet.co.uk.
  • Netway - Offers subscription modem and ISDN access. Domain registration and NT hosting.
  • Nextra UK - Business oriented ISP offering hosting, ISDN, leased line, XDSL and dial-up access. Part of Nextra.com (formerly CIX).
  • Paston Chase - Offers subscription access and web forwarding.
  • Pipex Dial - Pipex.net's subscription based ISP.
  • ProWeb [UK] Ltd - Subscription ISP offering webspace and newsgroup access. Also offers web design services to businesses.
  • PurpleNet - The company offers subscription based ISDN and dial-up access.
  • Quik Internet - A global network of ISPs with branches in the UK that offer subscription modem and ISDN access, web hosting and domain registration.
  • Star - Offers ISDN, leased line access, virtual and co-location hosting.
  • Swiftsoft.net - Fermanagh based subscription ISP.
  • Talk Internet - Offers subscription modem and ISDN access.
  • Thornet - Briston based subscription ISP. Limited coverage.
  • Web Haven Designs Ltd - Offers modem access, ADSL and domain hosting
  • West Dorset Internet - Subscription ISP, modem, leased line and ISDN access.
  • Which? Online - ISP from the Consumers' Association. Registered subscribers have access to articles from its various magazines.


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> UK > Business and Economy > Internet > Internet Service Providers > Subscription-Based Services : Category ID: 12151
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> UK > Business and Economy > Internet > Internet Service Providers > Subscription-Based Services

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