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This category contains 119 sites:

  • Ace Internet - Subscription-free ISP that also offers domain name registration and NT or UNIX hosting.
  • ACEproviders - Domain name and VISP reseller that also offers modem and ISDN internet access.
  • AFCi Connect - Arsenal Football Club's free ISP.
  • BarrysWorld - The popular games site also runs a free ISP.
  • Beebware - Modem and ISDN access, news server, unlimited email addresses and webspace.
  • Bigwig.net - Email addresss and webpage.
  • Boltblue - provider of internet access to ntl's non-cabled customers, including customers using cwcom.net.
  • Breathe - Free ISP and on line service provider. Offer text messaging and other communication services.
  • Callnet - Webspace and email address.
  • CambsNet - Not for profit ISP offering FrontPage web hosting.
  • Care4free - Offers modem dial-up access and on-line credit card donation to a variety of charities.
  • Church UK - Christian ISP with a Christian discussion forum and church directory.
  • City Access Internet - Offers dial-up access and webspace with variety of themed web and email addresses including cricket club and town names.
  • Clearsignals.net - ISP with free CGI web hosting.
  • Club 24 - Email addresses @club24-net.co.uk, PHP webspace support.
  • Connect-4-Free - Email address and webspace.
  • Connecting Business - Portal to business portals.
  • Contactbox.co.uk - Offers webspace, unlimited email addresses, newsgroups and fax and voice to e-mail solution.
  • Crispins - Offers email addresses and free webspace.
  • Dabsol - Access from Dabs, the computer seller.
  • Deefast.net - Provides a number of subscription-based internet access packages and no-frills subscription free internet access details on request.
  • Densitron's Free Connection - Simple web access, with no email addresses.
  • DialStart - Offers unlimited email addresses and free webspace. No online signup.
  • Drakken Ltd - Dial up and ISDN access.
  • E-comnet - Business ISP offering e-commerce and e-learning.
  • Earthlink.co.uk - Subscription free, no webspace.
  • Eidosnet - News, ISDN, free email addresses and web space.
  • Euphony.net - Telecoms company and ISP.
  • Eurobell - Subscription-free ISP and telecoms provider.
  • First Direct - The bank First Direct's ISP, with email from talk21.com.
  • Fish - An ISP which passes a portion of the call charges on to the charity Christian Aid. Offers a portal to their campaigns against poverty, Christian religious resources and guides to ethical finance.
  • Floom.net - Offering no-frills internet access.
  • Free 2 Connect - Simple email and web access.
  • Free Net Name - Provides free domain registration and hosting on local rate access. Closed to new subscribers.
  • Free Wire - News, webspace and unlimited email addresses.
  • Free-Internet - Free webspace and newsgroup access.
  • Freebeeb.net - Free internet access service from BBC Worldwide.
  • FreeGratis - Free access at off peak times only.
  • Freeisp - Modem or ISDN access, unlimited e-mail, web space, and full newsgroup access.
  • Freeneasy - ISP also offering domain registration, site hosting and design.
  • FreeNet - Newsgroup access, unlimited email addresses.
  • Freeola - Subscription free ISP, offers free web space and domain hosting.
  • FreeUK - 25Mb of webspace, unlimited e-mail addresses and newsgroup access.
  • G-Net Online - ISP offering hosting and domain registration.
  • Gateway.net UK - The computer manufacturer's ISP, due to cease operations in July.
  • GayOne Internet - Gay-run ISP.
  • Gayserve - Newsgroups, webspace and unlimited email addresses.
  • Genie - WAP portal offers free web space to ISP subscribers. Also offers free web to UK mobile text message service for registered users.
  • Geordieweb - UUNet powered ISP offering free webspace.
  • Get Free Internet - Provides subscription-free modem internet access. Also offers branded internet access for free to any site.
  • Globalinternet.co.uk - Offers ISDN and dial-up modem access, web space, web mail and newsgroup servers.
  • GlobalNomad - Education portal services.
  • Go-Free - ISP sponsored by Pulse and Scan Computers.
  • Go-internet - Offers a portal, business portal, webmail, web site creation and hosting.
  • GoGoInternet - Modem and ISDN access.
  • GoThere Internet - Unlimited email and web space, full newsgroup feed, and ISP content.
  • GreatXscape - Offers webmail and web space.
  • Halalserve - Islamic ISP offering filtering and modem and ISDN access.
  • Hemscott.NET - Offers modem access and an investment portal, including company directories, forecasts and a portfolio manager.
  • Hotlinks Internet Services - ISP also offering domain name registration, webspace, server co-location and leased lines.
  • I of M.Net - Unlimited e-mail addresses and web space.
  • Ic24 - Portal and subscription-free ISP, backed by The Mirror newspaper.
  • Idweb Ltd - ISP that also offers web design, hosting and domain registration.
  • IGClick - Have switched to subscription-free access only (from offering 0800 and ADSL packages).
  • In-2-Home - Free ISP backed by Thus.
  • INC - ISP and portal.
  • Islam Direct - Islamic ISP with links to Muslim sites.
  • ISP-Telco plc - Offers ISDN and modem dial-up access.
  • IXUK - Modem access.
  • Jivenet - Providers of free email, webspace and modem and ISDN access.
  • JTfreesurf - Subscription free Internet access for Jersey provided by Jersey Telecoms.
  • LarkNet - ISP that also offers domain registration and web hosting.
  • Lineisp - Free internet access via modem or ISDN, also offers web space and links to internet filtering software.
  • Logic Internet - ISP also offering website design, hosting, ecommerce and bespoke database programming.
  • Lycos Online - Lycos portal backed ISP offering subscription free access.
  • Macunlimited - Apple-macintosh based ISP offering subscription-free access, web and database hosting and domain registration.
  • Manchester United ISP - Official Manchester United subscription free ISP.
  • Micromundi.net - Email and webmail from computer firm Microlog.
  • Milestone Net - Access and hosting service also a christian resource site.
  • Millionserve - Webspace and news access.
  • MSN UK - Portal and ISP offering subscription-free and monthly pre-paid packages from Microsoft.
  • MTXnet - Subscription free ISP offering web hosting and domain registration.
  • NDO - Offers webmail, webspace and a free .co.uk or .org.uk domain name for each user (though fees are charged for transfer), part of ISION Internet.
  • Netscape Online - Webspace, unlimited E-mail, now part of AOL.
  • Onet - ISP and portal.
  • OrbitalNet - Modem and ISDN services available. The ISP also sells domain registration, website hosting and co-location.
  • Orchid Net - Offering 0845 access and a range of design and hosting services.
  • RamJam - ISP offering web hosting.
  • RevolutionISP - Free webspace and webmail. Promises payout on sale or floatation.
  • Sitesource - ISP with webspace, email and modem and ISDN access.
  • Sky - Internet access and the Sky portal.
  • Smartone - Offers modem dial-up internet access and web mail access.
  • SOS Internet - Yearly subscription ISP that also offers web site design, hosting and hardware sales.
  • Surf 43 on the UK net - Webspace, unlimited email addresses and 56K, V90 or ISDN dialup.
  • Surf and save - ISP offering money off your Powergen utility bills for usage.
  • Surf3.net - Providing 20 free ISPs, including bcfc.net. Unlimited email aliases, access to newsgroups and webspace.
  • Surfer and Save - ISP from Powergen, the energy supply company.
  • SynergyNet - ISP that also sells domains and webspace.
  • Sys3Internet - Offers internet access, webspace and email.
  • TechTeach - Free email and webspace, news groups.
  • Telco4u - A quality free internet service, offering up to 5 e-mail addresses and free webspace. Free weekend internet calls if you switch telephone provider and spend money on phone calls.
  • Tellnet Internet - Free Internet access and services to UK businesses.
  • Tesco Online - Tesco Clubcard members only, with free email addresses, webspace, portal and online shopping.
  • The Mail - Webspace and portal.
  • Thewaytogo.net - 5 free email addresses and webspace, associated with moose.co.uk.
  • Top Dialup - Offers home, business and mobile users free dialup internet access for Windows, Pocket PC, Apple Mac and Linux.
  • Top-Dialup - Offers UK Pay As You Go (PAYG) dialup. No contracts or subscriptions. Compatible with Windows, Pocket PC, Apple Mac and Linux.
  • Totalise plc - customers are given tradable shares to users for using the company's services.
  • Totalserve - Unlimited email addresses and web space.
  • UK Online - Part of the Easynet group. Offers ChildCheck filtering and webspace.
  • UK4Free - Offers webspace, POP and web based email, usenet access and Netmeeting ILS servers.
  • UKlinux.net - Linux oriented ISP offering Perl and PHP enabled webspace.
  • UKU - Email addresses in the form @uku.co.uk.
  • Up4Grabs - Web space and email address @up4grabs.co.uk.
  • Via net.works - ISP that also offers website hosting and e-commerce solutions.
  • Virgin - Comprehensive online content and portal. POP email.
  • Waitrose - Part of the John Lewis Partnership. Offers free 24 hour technical support and access to the Waitrose supermarket online services, donates profits to charity.
  • Webleicester Ltd - ISP also offering web hosting and domain registration.
  • Yahoo Online - Web access with no POP email address, free Yahoo email account is provided as a substitute.


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> UK > Business and Economy > Internet > Internet Service Providers > Subscription-Free Service

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