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This category contains 11 sites:

  • Arab Network in Britain - Get to know other Arabs in the UK and around the world.
  • Autoresponder - Provides automated email autoresponses to email enquiries, allows the creation of mailing lists with ad tracking and mail statistics.
  • B3ta - Features weblogs, wacky animations and a weekly newsletter with choice links from the net.
  • Domeus: UK - Provides free email discussion groups, categorised in a directory structure and with searchable archives. Allows the creation and maintenance of discussion lists and web forums.
  • Email Marketing Solutions UK - Offers mailing list management, email delivery and response tracking services.
  • Free Pint - Informational newsletter covering a different subject in depth each week, with links to web resources, a book review and a searchable archive of past issues.
  • Mailbase - Mailbase is a free service running electronic discussion lists for the UK higher education and research community. It includes a FAQ and user guides on the service.
  • Need To Know - A high-tech sarcastic for the UK, written by members of the UK internet cognoscenti. Available by email or via the web.
  • Popbitch - Sarcastic newsletter covering showbusiness, celebrities and the world of pop. Written by anonymous industry insiders.
  • The Friday Thing - Subscription-only weekly email roundup of events on the web, the site includes busy discussion forums.
  • UK Linux Mailing Lists - Several mailing lists dedicated to Linux and Linux users based in the UK.


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> UK > Business and Economy > Internet > Mailing Lists

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