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This category contains 16 sites:

  • Aliens for Sale - Sci-fi and alien themed glossy prints.
  • Chalice Well Online Shop - Books, Arthurian and Celtic Jewellery, healing remedies and greetings cards from this Glastonbury based store.
  • Crescent Moon - Suppliers of audio and video programmes from spiritual teachers such as Chopra, Myss, O'Donohue, and Walsch.
  • Crystal Bowls - Offering a range of crystal and metal bowls for meditation as well as a variety of other gem items and elixirs.
  • Crystal Reflection - Suppliers of quality crystals, crystal healing t, gemstone jewellery and natural alternative products.
  • Crystal Well-Being - Explore the healing energies of crystals, crystal meditation, crystal healing layouts and chakra balancing.
  • ElysianShop - New age, alternative and self-help gifts, kits, t-shirts, videos and music.
  • Erzulies Authentic Voodoo - Offering you the finest authentic Voodoo, magical spiritual items handcrafted by experienced caring practitioners.
  • Holistic Shop - Offering items including crystals, essential oils, Native American products, greetings cards and divinatory tools. Articles and features including 'beginners' guides'.
  • Magickrose - Suppliers of magical and mystical supplies including herbs, incense, beeswax candles, crystals and essential oils.
  • Magnetstore - Ecoflow and Bioflow magnet therapy products. Information on magnetic therapy pain relief for people and pets.
  • Meditation in Mind - Offers a step-by-step audio-cassette course on meditation. Includes guidance for health professionals and details of scientific research.
  • Miss Lilys Mystical Supplys - Selling crystals, altar tools, palmstones, books of shadows,body jewelry, tarot and much more. Plus free spells and info on wicca.
  • NewAgeWorld - New age health products, crystals, minerals, jewellery and divination items.
  • Sorcerer's Apprentice - Mail order company for occult supplies and ritual regalia.
  • Spiral - Range of mystical, magickal and medieval goods including incense, music, pens, crosses, celtic and new age playing cards, zodiac, rune and pentagram jewellery.


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> UK > Business and Economy > Shopping > Alternative : Category ID: 11999
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> UK > Business and Economy > Shopping > Alternative

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