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This category contains 22 sites:

  • Absolutely Ridiculous English Spelling - Uses charts, examples, word families, and rhymes to help visitors learn their way through the maze of English spelling.
  • Bloomsbury International - Offering a full range of English courses all year.
  • Calls for Papers - Announcement of calls for papers for conference presentations, scholarly journal articles and edited anthologies in the fields surrounding English departments.
  • Carol Huebner - Online English tutoring services for essays, research papers, college application essays, letters, pronuciation, grammar and vocabulary.
  • Electronic Text Collective (ETC) - Formed to research and explore emerging e-textualities such as e-mail, listservers, hypertext, MOOs, etc., change use of English, composition and other disciplines.
  • English Rules - Linguistic information for teachers and students.
  • Gladly Lerne and Gladly Teche - Essays on medieval studies and education in honor of Professor Thomas J. Garbaty
  • High School Hub: English - Provides vocabulary, grammar, writing, poetry, and literature resources for high school students.
  • KnowDowt.com - The DOWT (Development Of Western Thought) class of Proviso West High School. Insight on the class from students, with profiles of each.
  • Kunal's Year 12 Writing Techniques - An Australian high school graduate's tips on Year 12 persuasive writing and analysis techniques.
  • Literature, Cybercultural and Avant-Pop Links - Collection of literature and internet culture links useful for university level online research. Special page for Eng.110 University of British Columbia. This site uses ActiveX.
  • Mrs. Adams' Red Apple Site - Includes world, American, and British literature resources, as well as Advanced Placement materials for high school teachers and students.
  • Nice and Simple - IELTS and TOEFL exam testing and proof reading English as a second language for dissertations and reports.
  • Plain Words by Sir Ernest Gowers - An online guide to the use of English by Sir Ernest Gowers, first published in April, 1948 .
  • Promote Yourself With Better Grammar. - An online course which helps to improve grammar skills, also available by mail order.
  • Secondary English Resources - Language and literature resources for high school.
  • The English Zone - Resources for high school students and teachers of English.
  • The Story Tent - A resource for literacy and oracy through story in schools in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. Tellings use puppets, mask, mime and particpation. Support materials provided.
  • TutorPal - Provides references to the English language, resources for HEL (history of the English language) the IPA, grammar, and homeschool materials. Private tutoring and lessons are also available.
  • Vesalius College's Writing Center OnLine - Offers help with British English grammar and writing. Includes online tutors and tip sheets. Requires free registration.
  • Voice of America Pronunciation Guide - Sound files and pronunciation guide for more than 2,200 names of people, groups, places, and things in the news around the world.
  • Why Every English Classroom Should Have a Periodic Table - Thoreau and Emerson, both transcendentalists, stressed the interrelatedness of all things.


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