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This category contains 27 sites:

  • ABC Music Notes - GCSE, AS and A Level music revision notes, discussion forum, relevant links and contact information.
  • Active History - Tests, quizzes, and information for UK students of history.
  • BBC Online Revision - Comprehensive examination and preparation for students at Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, GCSE and AS level.
  • Biology Links - Resources and links for pupils and teachers, sorted into relevant teaching stages.
  • BYTE sites - List of educational web sites largely for Secondary level.
  • College Websites Sixth form colleges. London colleges, further education, careers, course informat - A comprehensive list of links to college websites from right across the UK
  • CourseWorkHelp - Offers free GCSE Coursework and A-Level Coursework
  • English Online - English Online is a subscription site for secondary English teachers up to Advanced Level. Sections include language, literature, literacy, writing, speaking and listening and media. Resources include lesson materials, forums, website links, reviews and w
  • Free English Resources - UK Secondary Level - Access free English Language and Literature Resources for Key Stages 3, 4 and A' Level.
  • Free Resources for English Teaching - Free resources and lesson plans for teachers of English Language and Literature at secondary level, including the Curriculum Cymreig
  • History on the Net - Lesson ideas, historical facts and information, quizzes and games, and relevant links.
  • Homework High - Offers an "ask a teacher service" for UK students at GCSE and A-Level. Large database of past questions.
  • Maths Online - A mathematics education resource for teachers and students, with interactive games and activities, interactive worksheets, simulations and innovative ICT training materials.
  • Oxford School of Learning - Offers a variety of economics and business studies resources
  • Revision Notes UK - GCSE Revision, A-Level Revision and University course notes.
  • Revisiontime - Free-to-use education portal for students, parents and teachers. We aim to complement, enrich and broaden the online learning experience by providing high quality links to other great sites.
  • School Locator - Directory of UK high schools with information about school location, feeder schools and exam results.l
  • Science Online - A science education resource for teachers and students, with experiments, interactive worksheets, presentations and simulations for teaching biology, physics and chemistry.
  • SciRep - Provides assistance for students on how best to tackle GCSE and A-level scientific coursework reports.
  • Sociology Arena - Essay plans, sample questions, project guides, information and links for A Level and GCSE Sociology.
  • Student Central - Offers 1,400 pieces of GCSE coursework and A-Level coursework, as well as free essays, projects, and resources.
  • Teachit's English Teaching Resources - a free online library of resources for English Teachers
  • Thurman Science Resources - Lesson plans, resources, games and assessments for use at KS 3 and 4 (ages 11-16). Differentiated.
  • Times Business Case Studies - Business studies revision resource with case studies.
  • Tutor 2u - Revision notes, study links, forums and other teaching and learning resources for Economics, Business Studies, Politics and Philosophy.
  • UK School Resources - Links to internet resources for most secondary school subjects
  • UK-Learning.Net - Resources for GCSE, A-Level and University Students in the UK


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> UK > Education > Secondary

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