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  • 21st Century Driving Skills - Offer driving tuition in the Thames Valley. Includes contact telephone number.
  • American Community School - Facilities for students from 3-18 years old. The flexible curriculum is designed to facilitate the easy transition back to schools in America and other countries. Campuses in Egham, Cobham, and Hillingdon.
  • Countywide Driving School - Has driving instructor training centres in Brighton, Gatwick, Tunbridge Wells, Leeds, London, Portsmouth, Southampton and Wakefield with driving schools for learners.
  • Music for Teachers - Free support materials for planning and teaching the music National Curriculum in England.
  • Pegasus Driving School - Located in Worcester and Hartlepool. Description of courses and costs.
  • The Learning Exchange - Set up and maintain databases of learning opportunities with local areas. Includes a description of services and prices.


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