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This category contains 11 sites:

  • English Nature - English Nature is the statutory service responsible for looking after England's variety of wild plants and animals, its biodiversity and natural features. Site includes details of the organisations work and publications.
  • English Tourism Council - Supporting the business of tourism in England, funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.
  • Further Education Funding Council (England) - Explains the role of the FEFC in securing further education facilities for people who want to continue learning after leaving school.
  • Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) - Site provides detailed information on the work of the council in promoting and funding teaching and research in universities and colleges in England
  • Highways Agency - Site includes an interactive clickable roadmap of England which provides information on roadworks and expected delays. There's also a schools section which includes educational material and games.
  • Highways Agency - A New Deal for Trunk Roads in England - The transport system: programmes and studies.
  • Housing Corporation - The Housing Corporation is a UK government agency providing social housing in England.
  • Regional Arts Boards - Describes the work of RAB including a breakdown by regions. Includes an excellent "dispatches" section which includes snippets of information on Government policy on the arts.
  • The Arts Council of England - Part of the UK arts funding system responsible for distributing money from central government to the arts, media and crafts in the UK.
  • The Countryside Agency - The statutory body working to conserve and enhance the English countryside and to promote social equity and economic opportunity for the people who live there.
  • The Standards Site - Government Internet site disseminating practical guidance and examples of good practice in schools in England to help raise standards, particularly in literacy and numeracy.


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