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This category contains 8 sites:

  • 4northeast.com - Portal: News, weather, business, free UK phone calls and email, classified ads, mobile messaging and short message service.
  • Campaign for a North East Assembly - Information about the campaign for a directly elected regional assembly for the North-East. Includes news, background, policy information and contact details.
  • Knowhere Guide to North of England - Town guides and chat boards.
  • Newsnorth - Regional travel news, northern arts and entertainment review, cinema and restaurant guides, accommodation, sports facilities, and attractions finder.
  • North East Defence Diversification Project - A non-profit making network providing a focal point for action and advice for defence dependent local authorities, TECs, companies, academics and trade unions in the North East of England.
  • NorthofEngland.com - Links to web sites of all major towns in the North East of England.
  • Teessiders.Net - For expats and teessiders to keep in touch with their families and community. Includes news, topics and forums.
  • TheNorthEast - Provides an organised gateway to the Internet and an enquiry service managed by the region's public libraries.


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> UK > England > Regions > North East

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