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> UK > England > Society and Culture > Personal Homepages

This category contains 22 sites:

  • Des and Mick Online - Stories, pictures, humour and an introduction to the bizarre world of Des and Mick.
  • Eric Scott Campbell - Service history serving in the Royal Navy and HM Coastgaurds at Newbiggib-By-The-Sea, Cockburnspath and Wick before his death in December 1959.
  • Janet and Gary's website - Information on how to get married in Canada, how to build and maintain a hot tub and a UFO sighting.
  • Journeys of Delight - Four initial trips with archive emphasis on rail, sea, and air.
  • Kev's site - Site on student life, clubbing, football and travel to Tenerife, Ibiza and Kavos.
  • Lee Andrews - Personal information, interests and photo gallery.
  • Lord Boom's Domain - Reviews on movies, games and music.
  • Mark James - Search for ex RAE Apprentices from the 1977 intake year, a trick and a game.
  • Neotech - Links to what the author considers useful places and information. Also contains his CV.
  • Poot - A personal collection of photographs by Howard Stone, which may be ordered through the site.
  • Psybernoid - Includes artwork and webcam.
  • Richard and Janice's Website - With CVs and links to other sites of interest.
  • River Thames and boaty things - A comprehensive directory about the River Thames from a boater's perspective. The geography and history of the River Thames are included as well as information about places to visit.
  • Shockwave - Animated cartoon site. Well written and interesting - if beautifully pointless.
  • Si Croall's Web Central - Badminton teams and leagues, photos and images of Worcestershire and York.
  • Small, Graham - Lives in Clouds - Links to and reviews of London-based bands and venues, personal information, and favorite esoteric and political links.
  • The Official Kieran Humphries Website - An insane recipe of Kieran Humphries, Stephen Steven Di Meo, movies, the Millennium Experience, Christmas, fools, music, pictures, marzipan and Scooby Doo.
  • The Singing Banana - To mis-quote Sigmund Freud: Zometimez a banana iz juzt a banana. Obviously he has never seen a singing banana. Find out about more here.
  • Thirzah's web site - A slightly silly website with daily fortunes and a Thirzah Zodiac System. Oh, and some links!
  • Toontown - The Toon's Website featuring 'everything you could ever want to know about certain people, cars, and funnies.'
  • ukan networking site - A site for friends and working professionals to keep in touch and organise events.
  • WesleyNet - Pictures of his family and friends as well as pictures from a Bee Gee and Spice Girls concert. Lottery ball picker and some jokes.


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> UK > England > Society and Culture > Personal Homepages : Category ID: 10556
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> UK > England > Society and Culture > Personal Homepages

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