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This category contains 7 sites:

  • Catholic Charismatic Renewal in England - Official site of the National Service Committee. Information on the renewal in England and beyond, coming events, news, testimonies, articles, prayer requests.
  • Church of England - Official site for the mother Church of the Anglican Communion. Includes liturgy, history, mission, social and ethical issues and latest news.
  • Church-Search - An interactive guide to Church of England churches and services.
  • Lichfield Diocese Online Directory - Searchable database of clergy and areas in the Diocese.
  • Pre-Norman Stone Crosses in England - Descriptions and photographs of many of the ancient crosses found in the churches of England. By Christopher J. Tolley.
  • Society of Our Lady of Lourdes - A charity that organises pilgrimages for the sick to Lourdes and Aylesford.
  • The Internet Church - A entire Church online. Services, bible studies, online prayer meetings and forums. Support, encouragement and prayer for fellow Christians all over the world.


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> UK > England > Society and Culture > Religion : Category ID: 10616
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> UK > England > Society and Culture > Religion

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