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  • British Educational Communications and Technology Agency - BECTA is a Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB) with a remit to ensure that technology supports the DfES's drive to raise educational standards. Site includes an on-line bookstore.
  • Central Government National Training Organisation - National Training Organisation for UK Central Government, established to develop and maintain a corporate training and development strategy for the UK Home Civil Service.
  • Department for Education and Skills - The UK government's Department for Education and Skills.
  • DfES Parents' Site - Government site giving information about education in the UK. Covers curriculum, admissions, bullying, homework, choosing a school (including a school website search), performance tables, and Ofsted reports.
  • DfES Special Education Needs Tribunal - Parents whose children have special educational needs can appeal to the tribunal against decisions made by LEAs in England and Wales about their children's education. Site provides information on the work of the tribunal.
  • DfES Statistics - The Department for Education and Skills' Analytical Services produce a wide range of statistics covering education, training and life-long learning.
  • Early Years NTO - The Early Years National Training Organisation is a strategic body that represents everyone, including paid staff and volunteers, who works in the UK with children between the ages of 0 - 8. Responsible for training strategy for the UK Early Years Sector
  • EASEA Project - This project is piloting a web-based delivery system for getting DfES documents to school or Local Education Authority staff.
  • General Teaching Council - Site providing details on the Register of Teachers. It includes a questionnaire which forms part of the current GTC consultation exercise.
  • Learn Direct - Information on a Government initiative which provides access to innovative and high quality courses.
  • Lifelong Learning Network - Government-supported website for the encouragement, promotion and development of lifelong learning, supported by the Individual Learning Division of the Department for Education and Skills.
  • NGFL - The National Grid for Learning site brings together a collection of resources to help raise standards in education and to support lifelong learning.
  • Science Year - 12-month programme designed to stimulate the imagination about science and technology. Provides science resources for primary and secondary school students and their teachers.
  • Student Loans Company Ltd - Provides details of the Student Loans system which is part of the Government's financial support package for students.
  • Teacher Training Agency - The TTA site provides details on becoming a teacher as well as advice for those who are newly qualified. It also has pages devoted to a number of teaching subjects including IT and Special Needs.
  • TeacherNet - The UK government gateway for educational professionals. Offers teaching and learning resources, management tools, career advice, research and an education overview.
  • The Enterprise Guide - A UK Government web-based resource for secondary school teachers promoting enterprise skills through the National Curriculum.
  • The Office for Standards in Education - OFSTED is the Office of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools in England. The site includes a searchable database of OFSTED reports which can then be downloaded.


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