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This category contains 34 sites:

  • Association for Public Sector Excellence - Informs member Local Authorities about developments in Best Value, best practice and innovations in direct service delivery. Site provides information on APSE, forthcoming events and details of services offered.
  • Association of Local Authority Business Consultants - Aims to keep members up to date with trends and developments which affect their work, to provide a forum for the exchange of expertise and experience, and to raise the profile of consultancy within the local government sector.
  • Central Buying Consortium - The largest local authority purchasing consortium in the United Kingdom, covering most of the local authorities in south-eastern and central England. (Access restricted to CBC members.)
  • CLASP - Consortium which owns a steel building system for use by Local Authorities to provide buildings for education, community, leisure and emergency services.
  • Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions - DTLR. Responsible for housing, transport, local government, regeneration and urban and regional issues. Formerly DETR.
  • Employer's Organisation - Describes the role of the EO in national negotiations on the pay and conditions of local government employees and in providing advice on employment law and related issues.
  • Exchanging Information with the Public - Offers information about the work of the EIP Group, a collaboration between UK local councils.
  • Foundation for IT in Local Government - Independent body which promotes innovation in local democracy and service delivery.
  • Improvement and Development Agency - Describes the work of the Agency in helping improvement in local authorities, developing the skills of people working in local government and helping local authorities tackle change.
  • Information for Local Government - Gateway to local government-related information published on the web sites of UK central government departments and agencies.
  • IPF e-Government Theme - Provides news, information and analysis to assist local councils in implementing electronic government. Also gives details of events relating to the CIPFA e-government forum.
  • Local Agenda 21 UK - Local Agenda 21 is the process of drawing up and implementing local sustainable development plans. This site provides information on how this is being tackled in the UK. Includes press releases and a discussion forum.
  • Local and Regional Government - Portal to a wide range of information on local governance, from the Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions (formerly DETR).
  • Local Authorities Research and Intelligence Association - Established to promote the role and practice of research within the field of local government and provide a supportive network for those conducting or commissioning research. Site provides news and background information on the LARIA plus publications, j
  • Local Government Association - The Local Government Association's Internet service 'LGAnet' provides information on the major issues affecting local government and details of current LGA activities.
  • Local Government Commission for England - An independent body set up by Parliament. Its task is to review and make recommendations to the Government on whether there should be changes to the structure of local government.
  • Local Government in the UK - Directory of UK Local Authority websites.
  • Local Government Information Unit (LGIU) - The LGIU is an independent research and information organisation supported by councils and the local government trade unions. The site provides general information on their role and activities, as well as providing updates on the latest legal, political a
  • Local Government International Bureau - Acts as the European arm of the Local Government Association for England and Wales, aiding local authorities to access European grants, promote local government concerns and influence policy.
  • Local Government Websites Local Council websites, districts, boroughs and counties - Extensive list of council, county council and borough council websites
  • Modern Local Government - In Touch with the People - UK Government White Paper which sets out a vision of councils listening to the people they serve, building up their communities, working in partnership with others and delivering efficient services to high standards.
  • New Local Government Network - The New Local Government Network promotes the modernisation of local government through vigorous debate and radical thinking.
  • nVision: for e-government application - Offers advice and solutions to achieving UK e-government initiative to get local authority services online by 2005.
  • Office for Public Management - Independent centre working to provide management practice and thinking in the delivery of public services.
  • Public Management Foundation - Public Management Foundation, publishers of The Stakeholder Journal
  • PublicNet - Forums and documents for UK public service organizations.
  • PublicSource Discussion Forums - Forum for sharing ideas, opinions, knowledge and information on matters related to the public sector.
  • Society of County Treasurers - Provides information about the financing of English local government.
  • Society of Local Authority Chief Executives - The representative body for senior strategic managers working in local government, promoting promotes effective local government and providing professional development for its members.
  • Society of Local Council Clerks - Exists to promote the professional standing and knowledge of its members throughout England and Wales.
  • SPD North West - The Single Programming Document will influence how European money is spent over the period 2000-2006.
  • Trading Standards Net - A consumer protection gateway to advice and information in the UK.
  • UK Local Government - Site explains the role of Local Government in the UK's democratic system. It describes the structure of LG, where the individual fits, the duties and roles of LG and the role of elected members and employees.
  • UKCouncil.net - Provider of net services for local council modernisation, including webcasting of council mettings, public consultation, and online voting.


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