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> UK > Government > Local Government > Procurement

This category contains 8 sites:

  • ESPO - Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation - ESPO supplies schools, colleges, County Councils, City and District Councils in Cambridge, Norfolk, Warwick, Leicester and Peterborough along with other statutory bodies such as charitable organisations which elect to make use of its specialised knowledge
  • European Tenders Direct - An information service providing details of european tenders, public contracts, public tenders, contracts and tenders issued by European organisations.
  • GCat - Government IT Catalogue - Electronic catalogue of IT products administered by EDS and Computacenter.
  • IPF Procurement and Commissioning Forum - News and updates on procurement activity across the public services.
  • ITNET - Creative Outsourcing Solutions - Supply outsourcing solutions to the commercial and public sectors, including the delivery of IT services and information dependent business processes.
  • Procurement Portfolio - Public Procurement home page from The Source Public Management Journal
  • Public Source Online - Online resource for UK public sector buyers
  • Society of Purchasing Officers - The Society of Purchasing Officers in Local Government (SOPO) engages in a range of activities aiming to promote its strategic purchasing, contracting and supplies functions.


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> UK > Government > Local Government > Procurement

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