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This category contains 8 sites:

  • Cavern Crystals - Research crystals, healing stones and birthstones and learn all about crystal healing.
  • Cherry Active - Information regarding the beneficial effects of cherry juice concentrate to suffers of pain of Gout, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. With online purchase facility.
  • Journey Therapy - Brighton-based therapist describes treatment and conditions it can assist.
  • Light Touch Therapy - Detailed explanation of light touch therapy and information about training and treatments.
  • Ozone Therapy - West London practice explains treatment and its benefits.
  • Sunflower Research Programme - Information page about a complementary therapy for children with learning difficulties.
  • UK Polarity Therapy Association - Outline of the therapy, practitioner lists and training details.
  • Voice Therapy - Information on a unique approach to personal development through the voice. Course dates.


Adult Dating
The top adult dating sites in the UK including alternative & bondage.
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Health Questions Answered
Find all the health advice and information you need at NHS Choices.
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Totally Free UK Alternative Dating
No fee whatsoever, not now not ever. Guaranteed. The UK's free online dating service, for teenagers, adults and seniors alike. Start a new relationship and get dating advice for free.
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Medicine : Alternative Drugs & Healing
Medical conditions & diseases don't necessarily stop you from getting health insurance. Deal with your medical issues now.
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Looking for Medicine Alternative?
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> UK > Health > Complementary and Alternative > Alternative : Category ID: 2205
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> UK > Health > Complementary and Alternative > Alternative

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