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> UK > Health > Complementary and Alternative > Aromatherapy > Aromatherapists

This category contains 10 sites:

  • Aromahealth 2000 - [Swansea]. Explanation of the benefits of massage and treatment methods. Online purchase of oil blends and video.
  • Catherine Crawford - [Edinburgh]. Details of practitioner's qualifications and approach. She also provides nutritional analysis.
  • Direct Aromatherapy - Directory of aromatherapists who offer a mobile service.
  • Lisa Payne - [London]. Background to aromatherapy and treatments plus safety info and complementary practitioner search.
  • Liza Moorehouse - [Glastonbury]. Therapist background and treatment details.
  • Marie - [Taunton]. Provides basic information about Aromatherapy & Reflexology with an email address to book treatments.
  • Marie Glover - [Weston super Mare]. Brief descriptions of treatments and email address to book appointments.
  • Optimum - [Biddulph]. Clinic outlining the basics of aromatherapy and its treatments which include Indian Head Massage.
  • Sue Howes - [London]. Details of aromatheray treatments including those to relieve glue ear in children, sports injuries, and heart problems. Also thermo-auricular therapy.
  • Susan Mumford - [London]. Extensive information about treatments, practitioner's background, articles and clinics.


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> UK > Health > Complementary and Alternative > Aromatherapy > Aromatherapists : Category ID: 2207
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> UK > Health > Complementary and Alternative > Aromatherapy > Aromatherapists

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