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> UK > Health > Complementary and Alternative > Shiatsu

This category contains 14 sites:

  • British School of Shiatsu-Do - A network of schools within the UK offering shiatsu training and treatments.
  • British School of Shiatsu-Do Farnham - Shiatsu school offering a wide range of treatments and courses.
  • European School of Shiatsu - Multinational Shiatsu training centre
  • Fairwood Therapies - Offering Indian Head Massage, Shiatsu, NLP, and more.
  • John A. Williamson MRSS - Shiatsu practitioner. Online resources to information on shiatsu. Treatments available at the Glasgow School of Shiatsu. Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Journal of Shiatsu and Oriental Body Therapy - UK-based journal homepage with sample articles and subscription/back issue order forms. Affiliated with the SEED School (School for Experiential Education).
  • Shiatsu - what is it. - Information on shiatsu and bodywork. What to expect in a treatment and links to other relevant sites.
  • Shiatsu in London, UK - Healing-Shiatsu in Battersea and Victoria, London with Nicola Endicott MRSS
  • Shiatsu Information Page - Information on Shiatsu: introduction, recommended reading, international directory of shiatsu practitioners, online shiatsu discussion group, pictures and descriptions of treatment.
  • Shiatsu Practice in London UK - Shiatsu practitioner site containing information on shiatsu, how it can help with many common complaints including stress related problems.
  • Shiatsu treatment in Sheffield - UK - Shiatsu. Oriental bodywork therapy for illness and stress, using pressure points and stretches. Relaxing. Chi gung is therapeutic and meditative exercise.
  • Suzanne Yates MRSS(T) - Healing shiatsu practitioner in Bristol. Also, a simple introduction to shiatsu.
  • The European Shiatsu School - Learn Shiatsu - promotes healing and relaxation.
  • The Shiatsu Space - Shiatsu Space is dedicated to educating people about the therapeutic benefits of Shiatsu, an ancient Chinese massage technique that can combat stress and other illnesses.


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> UK > Health > Complementary and Alternative > Shiatsu

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