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This category contains 24 sites:

  • AMC Mentoring Ltd. - Provides stress management services for employees. Tips and information on beating stress.
  • Cogntive Behavioural Psychotherapy and Mental Health - Site specialising in cognitive and behavioural psychotherapy. Includes resources for both clients and professionals.
  • Distress Awareness Training Agency - People with personal experience of mental and emotional distress. Provide training, research and consultancy services.
  • First Step Trust - Organisation which develops projects offering work to people with mental health problems and other disabilities.
  • Free to Live Ministries - Christian Healing and Deliverance Ministry.
  • Help is at Hand - Series of self help leaflets written by The Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK. Covers a range of psychological disorders.
  • HyperGUIDE to the Mental Health Act - Comprehensive guide to the 1983 Mental Health Act. Covers all sections of the act, current policy and Likely future developments
  • JCK Training - Designs and facilitates in-house courses for professionals involved in the care and support of mentally disordered people. Helps organizations in the United Kingdom meet their training needs.
  • Mad NOT Bad - Provides a space for those affected by mental ill health to share their experiences, opinions and creative talents with others. .
  • Mental Health In The UK - Personal experiences of mental health, poetry, stories, services, disorders, treatments, pen-pal scheme, links and a support forum/message board with chat make up this UK based site.
  • Mental Health Media - Organisation which offers media services, training and facilitation to allow the expression of mental health issues.
  • Mind The Mental Health Charity - Extensive collection of information about mental health and related topics. Mind is a national UK charity with many regional branches.
  • Priory Healthcare - UK provider of psychiatric and mental health services. Advice about addictions, eating and psychiatric disorders.
  • Reach Personal Injury - Home based brain injury rehabilitation for patients requiring behavioural, neuro-psychological and occupational therapy, counselling, care and rehabilitation.
  • Relax 4 Free - Information about reducing stress and anxiety. Take an online stress test.
  • Sandwell MIND Mental Health Charity - Advice and links for carers, sufferers and professionals.
  • SANE - Mental health charity, deals with all mental illnesses including depression, schizophrenia, anxiety and phobias. Also offers a telephone helpline offering support and information. Contains information and links to support groups.
  • Socialphobia - Free community for people living with or coping with others suffering and recovering from socialphobia.
  • The Institute of Mental Health Law - Specialises in all aspects of the Mental Health Act 1983 and allied legislation.
  • The Mental Health Foundation - UK charity improving the lives of those with mental health problems or learning disabilities. Research, service development and information to increase understanding.
  • The Restoration of Hope - Providing discussions of contemporary relational psychoanalysis and analytically-informed psychotherapy.
  • The U-Zone - Mental health for young people. Some common scenarios and possible solutions and an interesting Maze game to play.
  • UK Mental Health Links Page - A large collection of links relevant to professional carers, catergorised into sections, with short descriptions of the sites content.
  • United Kingdom Mental Health Resource Centre - Information and resources about mental illness, health and social care for users, staff, students, professionals and the community.


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