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  • Aberdeen Centre for Energy Regulation and Obesity - Latest news about obesity research from this department of Aberdeen University.
  • AstroNutrition - Buy ephedrine and ephedra weight loss pills and performance supplements.
  • British Dietetic Association - Professional association for dieticians in the UK.
  • British Egg Information Service - Information on egg production, recipes, egg sizes and nutrition.
  • British Nutrition Foundation - Promotes the nutritional wellbeing of society through the impartial interpretation and effective dissemination of scientifically based nutritional knowledge and advice
  • Canned Food UK - Information about nutrition in general.
  • Chocolate Information Centre - Nutritional information about chocolate. Site sponsored by Mars.
  • Fijikava - Kava herbs and handicrafts direct from Fiji Islands.
  • Human Nutrition Research - Contact details, news, mission statement, and a list of staff.
  • Mangoxan - Mangoxan, an antioxidant health drink is derived from the exotic Mangosteen fruit, which is rich in xanthones and natural antioxidants and has powerful anti inflammatory properties.
  • Nutrel Institute UK - Online nutrition resource promoting healthy eating. Features articles, book and magazine reviews, and a free Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator.
  • Nutri People - Find a nutritionist, dietitian or nutritional therapist in the UK. All practitioners are fully qualified in their respective fields of nutrition.
  • Nutrition Society - The Nutrition Society promotes the science of nutrition and its application to the improvement of human and animal health.
  • Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Group - Information for healthcare professionals with an interest in parenteral and enteral nutrition.
  • PINNT - Information and support for patients on intravenous and nasogastric nutrition therapy. Also provides information for professionals.
  • Protexin Healthcare - The Protexin Health Care family of probiotic supplements has been specially formulated for all your family. From infants to senior citizens there is a Protexin probiotic supplement specifically formulated for them.
  • Real Slimmers - Sensible information about slimming and healthy diets. Recipes and calculators available. You can track your own weight loss and share information via message boards.
  • Rowett Research Institute - Integrated research in basic biological sciences relating to nutrition.
  • Simply Supplements - Fast growing UK Company, selling over 350 products ranging from traditional vitamins and minerals to highly specialised products for specific ailments. Approved by the UK Department of Health.
  • The Vegan Society - Provides fact sheets on topics including nutrition and health.


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