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This category contains 10 sites:

  • Antibiotics: Don't wear me out - An information leaflet from the UK Department of Health on the effectiveness and correct use of antibiotics.
  • Community Hygiene Concern - A registered UK charity providing information on diseases caused by parasites or by poor hygiene, affecting people and pets. Good information about head lice and how to get rid of them.
  • Food Forum - Comprehensive site about food education, produced by a former specialist food teacher. Aimed at parents and teachers.
  • Food Hygeine Mission Control - Information about food hygeine for children and their teachers, provided by the Health Education Authority.
  • Foodlink - Provides food safety tips and advice, aimed at children.
  • Mind, Body and Soul: Homepage - Website providing health information based on the National Curriculum for Key Stage 4 pupils - 14 -16 year olds. Links to a variety of clear, relevant websites.
  • No Smoking Day - Held on the second Wednesday of March every year. This is the official Web site to support people who want to stop smoking on this day.
  • Preventing Heart Disease - Page from the British Heart Foundation's Web site. Useful information on heart disease and how to reduce your risk.
  • Smoking: Don't give up giving up - Official site produced by the NHS Health Education Authority. Useful advice on how to give up and you can ask for regular supportive e-mails.
  • Think About Drink - Information site by the Health Education Council aimed at young people. Count your units, read tales from the dark side and try the quiz.


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