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> UK > Health > Sexual and Reproductive

This category contains 19 sites:

  • Bure Clinic, Genitourinary Medicine Service - Information about male and female sexual health from the James Paget Healthcare NHS Trust, Norfolk. Also contains information about the clinic itself for future visitors.
  • CHILD The National Infertility Support Network - Support and information to people undergoing infertility investigations or treatment. Printable application form available to become a member.
  • Family Planning Service - Help and information about contraception and sexual health. Includes a facility to search for local clinics.
  • Health Education Board for Scotland - Publications and support group details concerning all aspects of sexual health. Contains charts and statistics specific to HIV infection rate in Scotland.
  • Issue - The National Fertility Association - National charity providing information, support, counselling and literature on infertility and reproductive health. Messageboard feature exists for contact, questions and help.
  • Life Fertility Programme - Assessment, treatment and support for reproductive health and fertility with body-friendly programmes, healthcare and counselling for women. Features an assessment form for feedback on recommended courses of action.
  • Like It Is - Information for teenagers about sex and other adolescent issues. Topics include puberty, peer pressure and contraception. Includes a glossary of sexual terms and expressions.
  • LoveLife - 'How To' guides to combat social sexual pressures and up to date information on sexual health. Includes a 'safe sex' game.
  • MoreTo Life - Charity providing support for infertile couples. Includes local support details for each UK county.
  • My Infertility Experience - A personal experience of infertility treatment in the UK involving IVF, IUI, DI and FET.
  • NetDoctor.co.uk - Articles and advice about relationships, sex and contraception. Includes 'Ask a question' feature.
  • NHS(Scotland) Sexual Health - Sexual and reproductive health issues, including genitourinary medicine (including HIV/AIDS), teenage pregnancy, stillbirth and infant death.
  • School of ICASA Enhanced Sexuality - Sexual surrogacy centre for men and women with psychogenic sexual difficulties, based in London. Includes descriptions of surrogate partner sessions and details of home sexual healing courses.
  • Sex eClinic - Covers topics including sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, abortion and cervical smears. Also contains a description of abortion law.
  • Sex MOT - Covers syphilis and sexual health services for gay men in the Sussex area.
  • Sexual Performance - The guide to a range of products that help to either deal with a problem or to generally increase your sex drive and to allow for a much improved experience with your partner.
  • Society of Health Advisers in Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Information about sexually transmitted infections and related conditions, and where to get help and advice. Online forums for both members and non-members.
  • Sperm donors Worldwide - An introduction service for private sperm donors, donating sperm to single women, couples, lesbian women without prejudice.
  • Welcome to Brook On-Line - Confidential sex advice to all young people. Includes advice for under-16s and a clinic locator option.


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> UK > Health > Sexual and Reproductive : Category ID: 2225
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> UK > Health > Sexual and Reproductive

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