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> UK > Northern Ireland > Recreation and Sports > Walking

This category contains 4 sites:

  • Hillwalking in Ireland - Simon Stewart's hillwalking in Ireland, routes, photographs, and descriptions of several long walks .
  • Magee Hillwalking Club - One of the oldest and most established clubs in the University of Ulster, Magee Campus in Derry. Organises weekly outings throughout most of the academic year. Includes contacts, news, photographs and related links .
  • Northern Ireland - Walking & Hiking - Lots of shorter walks based along the 560 miles Ulster Way. Official Site of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board
  • Your Guide to Walks in South-East Ulster - General information plus samples and online ordering information for 23 walk cards (free). From The Kingdoms of Down, Co Down.


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> UK > Northern Ireland > Recreation and Sports > Walking : Category ID: 264
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> UK > Northern Ireland > Recreation and Sports > Walking

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