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> UK > Recreation and Sports > Home and Garden > Gardening > Pest and Disease Control

This category contains 11 sites:

  • Arboriculture Articles - Slideshows of tree parasites with help and advice on ecological gardening.
  • Armillatox - Information on natural herbicide, fungicide and insecticide which can also protect against vine weevil.
  • Dazer International - Sell a wide range of ultrasonic devices for pest deterrence, ionisers, tap water cleaners and simulated security cameras.
  • Earth to Earth - Comprehensive information from Liverpool firm offering non-poisonous, organic pest control, waste disposal and tough cleaning products for home and garden; some site links are broken.
  • Pest Control Products UK - Safe pest control products for the eradication and deterrence of rats, mice, cockroaches, flies, wasps, pigeons and vermin.
  • Phostrogen - Manufacturers of Baby Bio, Provado, slug pellets and Phostrogen plant food offer information on their products and help on identifying and treating pests and diseases.
  • RapidKill Environmental Services - Site offering extensive information about a wide range of pests from firm offering pest control products and services across the UK; site omits the company's address.
  • Roebuck Eyot Ltd. - Product information from Bishop Auckland, Durham producers of Renardine, a small mammal repellant, and SAS, a slug and snail repellant.
  • Russell Fine Chemicals - Manufacturer of pheromones, insect traps, bait protection equipment and pest control products.
  • Slug Control - Chemical and non-chemical solutions examined at length by Dr. Bill Symondson, invertebrate ecologist at the University of Wales, Cardiff.
  • The Vine Weevil Advice Centre - Guidance and advice on the diagnosis, life cycle and control of the black vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) from 'several leading businesses in the UK horticulture industry'.


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> UK > Recreation and Sports > Home and Garden > Gardening > Pest and Disease Control : Category ID: 13402
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> UK > Recreation and Sports > Home and Garden > Gardening > Pest and Disease Control

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