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This category contains 132 sites:

  • 2KAD - Funny photos, wavs and jokes - A growing collection of only the funniest photos, wavs, song parodies, jokes and other humour. All free and all family safe.
  • A Funny Voicemail Website - Funny voicemail messages and comedy greetings for UK mobile phone answer machines.
  • A Wind Up Calls Website - Set your friends up with hilarious wind up prank calls.
  • All Info About Comedy - A comprehensive guide to British humour.
  • Alnwick on Lion - Irreverent guide to life in the exciting area of Mid-Northumberland. Particularly read the review of the Northumberland Gazette.
  • Am I Dying - Is Craig Richardson really dying or is it all in his head? You decide.
  • Anti Millennium Shocked Y2K Site - Anti Millennnium Flash and Shockwaved site contains humour, animation and sound to put a new perspective on the Y2K problem and year 2000 hype.
  • Apathetic Anarchy - For the armchair anarchist. Read (or submit) articles.
  • BBC Balloonacy - YOU put the words in their mouths.
  • Bitch Poetry - Poetry using the word bitch.
  • Bizarre Bazaar - For all things weird and wonderful. Funny Picture galleries,competitions, items for sale, egreetings and mail-a-mate.
  • Blueyoo - Jokes, competitions, only fools and horses section, shop, mobile tunes and games.
  • Bob and Ernest - They're decrepit, they're on-line. Cyber Pensioners Bob and Ernest present this comedy magazine site. Includes free gift for every reader.
  • BoxFree Concepts - Create a free fake college diploma, transcript or recommendation letter. Choose from a variety of fake colleges and degrees.
  • Braindeath.co.uk - Rants, message board, creative swear words, and coarse humour.
  • Bugman's World of Stuff - Award winning comedy site full of hilarious stuff.
  • Bugrit.com - Life across the Pond. A humorous look at life in general from a Brit in the USA.
  • Captain Bird Si's Exceedingly Good Homepage - Strong language on this site, but very weird and funny at the same time. If you like that kind of humour, check it out.
  • cheekyhalf - Peek into the beer soaked world of these Northampton lads.
  • Christophe Courtin - A mix of jokes and weird news and facts.
  • Clown Kevin - Circus, Puppets and Magic to see, games to play, and party planning tips from clown Kevin.
  • ClownFrown - A cerebral brainstem pick-me-up. Quality writing, slick site design, competitions - a site for the intellectually able and also for those who need daily mental stimulation. It also welcomes submissions from readers.
  • Comedy Online London - Stand up comedy and cabaret listings for clubs, pubs, comedians and comedy venues in London.
  • CompletelyDifferent - A British download site for fun images, video and executables.
  • Cousin It - Comedy, ICQ .wavs, and links to other comedy sites.
  • Crank Calls - Get your friends, family or even your enemies with this great selection of interactive crank calls. Wind someone up today!
  • DaCheekyChimps Play-Den - Collection of the funniest things since the beginning of time. Features pictures, sounds, jokes, and stories.
  • Daft - Jokes, stories, humour, competitions. Everything to have you doubled up with laughter.
  • Daily Reckless - Parody of tabloid newspaper.
  • Dan Sroka's Heretofor Unpublished Proceedings (UK) - The world class adult satire, humor and comedy of Dan Sroka- UK portal site. Stories, done in a news story format-three stories per volume
  • Dan Sroka's Unpublished Proceedings - Contains adult humor, satire and comedy from writer Dan Sroka.
  • Dean and Nigel - How to blend in by Dean and Nigel.
  • Desporado.com - Animations, cartoon strips.
  • Dick's House - Enjoy Dick's double entendres and send one of his naughty e-greetings. Search the cartoon house via the animated house-cam to catch Dick and Fanny up to no good.
  • Disappointment - A site designed with the 70's child in mind. Joey Deacon and Bazil brush feature heavily.
  • DoshTracker: Where Has My Money Been? - Tracking British Sterling notes.
  • Electric Peel Bell - Spoof local newspaper.
  • EVL Corporation Web Presence - The EVL Corporation intends to take over the world, once we overcome the problems of limited budgets and waking up in the morning.
  • Fact Sheep - Displays an interesting or unusual fact from an evergrowing database. Visitors can submit facts of their own for inclusion.
  • Fake Diploma Review Organization - A comprehensive fake diploma online review site. Compare prices and services and be aware of known and suspected scams.
  • Feel Welcome - Joke Art, Comedy Photography and Very Short Fiction - by Toby Tripp
  • Frogs and Fun - Frog humour, and files to download. A music quiz to try, or feed the frog.
  • Fune-mail - Loads of funny e-mail attachments and funny attachments.
  • Fungus Turret - Euphemisms galore at this fungi themed comedy site.
  • Funny Bones - Comedy links, blonde jokes, limericks, and British humour.
  • Funpages - Jokes, funny e-mail forwards and funny pictures.
  • Funs Jokes Section - Thousands of jokes with the ability to send any to a friend, and humorous postcards.
  • Globalg UK - British humour, girls (clean fun), jokes, web tips, PC tips and personal stories.
  • Golf Jokes - Hundreds of funny golf stories, jokes and quotes from the home of the game.
  • Gordons Guides - A good collection of wise words and foolish deeds.
  • Gremlins Silly Pages - Jokes, cartoons, animations, and links.
  • Happyland Comedy - A comedy site with pranks, fun, reports, jokes and original stuff.
  • Harbottles Encyclocopedia - A light-hearted educational site. More fact than funny.
  • Hein - Calvert's electic mixture of student humour: sheep of the month, cheese impressions, opinionated features, message boards, visitor profiles.
  • HGV - A satirical look at the driving of HGVs on the roads of the UK, as viewed from the car behind.
  • HSX - The thoughts of a student living in Leeds, West Yorkshire on a variety of random subjects. Aiming to be funny, occasionally failing miserably!
  • Humour UK - Jokes, true stories, games and a humour directory service.
  • Idiotica.co.uk - Spoof news and satire from London's swinging Beak Street.
  • itsalive 2 - A huge take on everything; includes guides and an auction area.
  • JamieLand - Land of Jamie O'Neill from Hereford, UK.
  • JardMail - Repository of humourous, witty and amusing emails and attachments. With a comprehensive search engine, regular updates of new material and a weekly mailing list.
  • Jellied Eel - London-based satire, humour, nonsense, silliness and occasional biting comment.
  • Jim Murray - Includes jokes and cartoons, some rude.
  • Jobless Centre - Your online guide to surviving life on the dole.
  • John Fanzine - Surreal/scarey animations and humour for humans.
  • Joke In The Box - Random joke selector and screen saver maker.
  • Jokes - Rude and tasteless jokes. British humour.
  • Kadbury Krusaders - A narrated comedy adventure featuring Agent Krunchie and Agent Kurly-Wurly.
  • Kevin Wood - Personal homepage including information about Benny Hill, dwarfs and DJ Jimmy, along with a number of personal opinions.
  • Kids' Jokes - Over 2000 clean kids jokes for children of any age, lots of categories, animal jokes, knock knock jokes, and silly jokes.
  • Laughsend - A spoof news site that relies on readers to submit stories.
  • Lord Cod's Aquatic Hegemony Homepage - Submit your own death threats, witness some gratuitous swearing, downloads some tunes. And hear the word of the Cod Lord.
  • Lorraine the Pig - Read all about Lorraine's life style.
  • Lucust & Bob Badger - including: jokes, funny stories and poems, ramblings, and special features.
  • Lucust and Bob Badger Entertainment - Funny and insane. British comedy takes on a whole new level here.
  • Lyme Juice - Offbeat reports of news and events in the Lyme Regis area of West Dorset.
  • Mapp's Psyche - Home of Mapp and his assorted lunacy rants and musings. Serious? Never.
  • Michael Kelly's Page of Misery - Fun, misery, saloon-bar leftism.
  • Military Humour - The British serviceman is famous for being able to laugh at himself. True stories and jokes from British Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen serving, past and present, around the world.
  • MissyLanyus - An online humour magazine taking a wry, sly and humourous look at everything.
  • Monty Python Media - A selection of Monty Answer Machine Messages, Icons, Sounds and Wallpapers for your enjoyment.
  • Mystic T - Big, flash, slightly smelly, silly childish capers including the incredible matchmaker Mr Orange.
  • Nickname Generators - Slushy Valentine's day nickname. Disliked boss's nickname creator and the surreal - your food nickname creator.
  • Not David Bailey - Catalogue of strange photography - Feauring: News, postcards, jigsaws, competition.
  • Online Lads - The finest taste in lads humour. Chaps at the cutting edge of ladism.
  • Ooee Wonderland - The first site dedicated to spreading the way of the ooee across the land. Humour, games, chat, stupid photos.
  • Other Listings Magazine - Satirical and surreal reader-submitted television listings.
  • Parish Newsletter of Upper Quireboye - A humerous look at country life through the pages of the Parish Newsletter of the village of Upper Quireboye and the parish church of St Fellatio.
  • PatchedUp - Featuring: art pictures for sale, wierd wide web, news and shop.
  • Play Mornington Crescent - Play Mornington Crescent online. Also includes information on the history of the game and the BBC Radio 4 show "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" on which it is frequently played.
  • Prank calls and jokes. UK jokeline for joke phone calls. - Providing selection of prank phone calls and telephone wind up jokes.
  • Puckoon - Includes spoof newsletter Puckoon News and message board and mailing list.
  • Pylon of the Month - A tongue in cheek site dedicated to the humble electricity pylon, 'whose beauty remains tragically unrecognised'. Photos of pylons, links to other pylon related sites, and to other equally silly sites.
  • Razzamatazz - A look at the funny side of almost everything!
  • readersheds - where you share your shed - Share your shed with fellow shed fanciers.
  • Scottish Jokes and Humour Page - A collection of Scottish humour and jokes about Scotland.
  • Sharesite - Spoof news from the City's top financial journalists. The website thats neither bullish, nor bearish but boarish.
  • Sophie's Cartoons - Cartoons by a British cartoonist about work, food, computers, Y2k, women, cars, camels, life.
  • SourbitcH Clubwear and Reviews - Featuring: Clubwear, Flashing T-shirts, E-Shirts, Funny Things and Club Reviews.
  • Strutton Priory - Purports to be the London home of Viscount Felmersham. A parody of aristocratic British life.
  • Suffocate - Joke site, links and forum.
  • Tears Of Laughter - Images, jokes, SMS and news
  • The alternative voice of Scotland - It's not about kilts, tartan, golf, heather or shortbread. It's about the Scots their humour and attitude.
  • The Brains Trust - British and International news satire written by those genuinely 'in the know'.
  • The Clan McMidgey from Bonnie Scotland - These fun loving characters are available for the promotion of Scottish tourism and products. Children will also love these cute little midgeys.
  • The Digital Comedy Nipple - Audio, animation, video, music, and all forms insane comedy - delivered directly to you mind.
  • The Domicile - Funny Thought of the Day, and humourous rants on subjects as diverse as dieting, old people, eavesdropping and how to recognise a piano.
  • The Edge of Panic - Kev and Ross give us their comic angle on life, dotty games and agony column.
  • The Geordie Citizen - A Spoof newspaper for all of Geordieland (Tyneside).
  • The Goon Show Depository - The definitive information source for Spike Millignan's highly esteemed Goon Show. The site contains the unique "Goonbase".
  • The Knutty Knights Humour Page - A glossary of humour, with example of all sorts of types.
  • The Net-presence - Society from the outside looking in.
  • The Scottish Highlands and Islands Tartan Police - The Scottish Highlands and Islands Tartan Police, guardians of the Tartan and Tartan wearing!
  • The Simms of Snodland - All you ever wanted to know about Snodland, playground of the jetset and gate way to the South (or North, depending which way you are going)
  • The Swinging Pussycat - A collection of features related to 1970's TV programmes.
  • The Team That Counts - Comics fun jokes and crosswords.
  • The Untitled Document - Distorting nothing, and laughing false gods off their earthly pedestals. Every Monday.
  • The Webshite - Jokes, games, articles, forums, features, competitions and humour directory and entertainment websites.
  • The Weekly Cryer - Spoof online newspaper covering the Merseyside area.
  • The Whitley Bay Citizen Newspaper - The official satirical newspaper of Whitley Bay, near Newcastle, England.
  • Things to Ponder Over - What makes us go Hmmmmm..... Views on some of life's oddities. Submit your own for publication.
  • Tomorrow`s News Today - News from the next 500 years. Sport, entertainment, politics, current affairs, science, sex and money.
  • Trivio - Jokes and e-greeting cards, A compilation links.
  • TV Go Home - Near-the-knuckle spoof TV listings. Surreal North London media-centric programming.
  • TV Misguidance - Surreal television listings assembled from fragments of real ones.
  • Victor Meldrew Stand Aside / Sergeant Schultz - Moans fae somewhere in Fife and The Adventures of Sergeant Schultz fae Stalagluft Fintry
  • Who Ate All The Pies? - A general site, sometimes funny if you're lucky. With daily updates from occasionally funny people. Plus creative swearwords galore - every one's a winner!
  • Wibble - A large collection of humour and jokes.
  • Wind Up Calls - Place a wind up call to one of your friends and then listen in on the line as they get wound up.
  • Windups And Prank Calls - Windup and prank phone calls. Secretly listen in and embarrass your friends with this windup call service.
  • Wymsey Village Web - The nick on the cutting edge of rural parody: goings-on galore from deep in the country, meet the people, see the sights, send a postcard and get all the doo-doos in the Wymsey Chronicle.
  • Zipadeeday.com - E-zine covering the humorous, the weird and the strange but all true. Readers' contributions are welcome.


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