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This category contains 13 sites:

  • Court of Session - Website for the Court of Session in Edinburgh. Contains contact details, decisions, judges and rules of court.
  • District Court Locations - Scottish Court Service guide to locations and contact details for District Courts in Scotland.
  • District Courts Association - Site explaining the District Courts system in Scotland, the types of cases it deals with, sentencing powers and its position in the overall Scottish court hierarchy.
  • Guide to the Scots Courts - University of Glasgow guide to the Scots Courts on the popular Guide to Scots Law pages.
  • High Court of Justiciary - The website of Scotland's supreme criminal court.
  • House of Lords Judgments - Judgments of the House of Lords, the highest civil court in Scotland, delivered since 14 November 1996 published by the court itself.
  • Lockerbie Appeal - Up-to-date news on the progress of the Lockerbie Trial Appeal as it goes through the ciminal procedure of the scottish legal system.
  • Lockerbie Verdict - The full text of the Lockerbie Trial verdict available from the Scottish Court Service in Word and PDF format.
  • Quick guide to Sheriffdoms - Brief guide to the Sheriffdoms of the Sheriff Courts in Scotland.
  • Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission - The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission was set up to deal with criminal law cases where an individual feels there has been a miscarriage of justice. It is the only criminal review commision in Scotland and will deal with cases after they have been
  • Sheriff Court Locations - Scottish Court Service guide to the locations and contact details of Sheriff Courts in Scotland.
  • Social Security and Child Support Commissioners - UK wide decisions online since 1995.
  • The Scottish Court Service - Details of the Supreme and Sheriff Courts in Scotland. Includes a searchable index of Court Opinions.


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Information About Court
This article is about courts of law. For alternative meanings see: court. A court is a public forum used by a power base to adjudicate disputes and dispense civil, labour, administrative and.

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> UK > Scotland > Government > Courts

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