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  • Caledonian Research Foundation - Details on how it encourages academic research of international standing in biomedicine and the humanities by awarding fellowships and scholarships, and supporting an International Conference on aspects of the biomedical sciences. Scotland.
  • Ecolinc - Promotes environmental awareness by providing newsletters to its members, arranging meetings, seminars and school debates in the north east of Sctoland.
  • Environmental Data Base - Scottish environmental links.
  • Food Certification Scotland - Certification schemes and quality manuals for companies producing smoked, organic, fresh, smolts and other types of salmon products.
  • Loch Lomond and the Trossachs Interim Committee - Seeks to establish Loch Lomond and the Trossachs as Scotland's first National Park. Provides info on current projects and planning, allied organizations, events and meetings, and various SNH proposals.
  • Royal Society of Edinburgh - Information about evidence, advice and comment, events, seminars, debates, lectures, enquiries, research awards, publications and conference facilities. Special page for young people.
  • The Big Idea Inventor Centre - Devoted to the process of inventing. Includes a virtual tour, sale of 'inventor kits', plus details of their 'prize for invention', a considerable financial incentive offered to young inventors.
  • The Environmental Research Institute - A Thurso based facility capable of undertaking research activities. Information on education and training, facilities, research fields and staff is included. Contact addresses are also available.
  • The Shiant Isles - All about the archaeology, geology, and natural history of the Shiant Isles in North West Scotland, in connection with the book 'Sea Room' by Adam Nicolson, the owner of ths Isles.


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> UK > Scotland > Science and Environment

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