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> UK > Society and Culture > Activism

This category contains 9 sites:

  • Citizens Connection - The UK portal for active citizens - that's people who want to change the world, or their part of it.
  • Don't Vote - Promoting abstention as a form of protest, with information on why the webmaster believes you should not vote for any political party.
  • GoPetition - Free online petition hosting with advertising revenue donated to charity. Browse and sign petitions, or create your own in minutes.
  • How to Complain - A consumer campaigning community where you can complain online and learn about your rights.
  • Neil Hamilton campaign - Describes the independent investigation into the 'Cash for questions' affair.
  • Palestine Refugee Return March - London - Demonstration and rally to support the Right of Return of Palestinian Refugees.
  • Reclaim The Streets (London) - UK part of the movement that seeks to dissolve power through street action, with events, ideology and how-to guide.
  • urban75 - UK underground ezine with reports and stories on eco-protest, rave, drugs, rave music and techno.
  • Voices in the Wilderness UK - A campaing to break the sanctions against Iraq. Library, information and how to get involved.


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Information About Activism
Activism, in a general sense, can be described as intentional action to bring about social or political change.

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> UK > Society and Culture > Activism

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