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This category contains 42 sites:

  • A1 and The Great North Road - History, geography and anything of interest about the development of the route between London and Edinburgh.
  • Association of Jewish Refugees - AJR represents former German Jewish refugees and survivors of the Nazi Holocaust, London based, providing a claims office, monthly magazine for members, universities, study centres and researchers, and many other services.
  • BBC Online - History - Presents original content on a variety of historical topics. Includes games, timelines, history for kids, and featured writers.
  • Black and Asian History Map - Channel 4's searchable gateway to websites about Black and Asian history across the British Isles.
  • Britain Sun History Archive - Articles on the history, arts, music, kings and queens of England and Scotland, covering 1400 years of British history with an emphasis on Medieval and Renaissance times.
  • Britannia - The people and events that shaped a nation.
  • Britannia: British History - Timelines, narrative histories, original source documents and important texts, biographies, maps, glossaries, reading lists, informative articles by guest writers, and interviews.
  • British and American History Resources on the Internet - Large number of categorised links to web information.
  • British and Scottish Timelines - The history of Britain broken down into bitesize chunks by the BBC.
  • British Empire - This site covers all aspects of British and Imperial history.
  • British History - Lots of information on British History, divided into time periods from the stone age to the 20th century.
  • British History - Ken Collinson presents links on early British history including archaeology, mythology and chronicles.
  • British History and Heritage Guide - The travel companion to British history from Britain Express.
  • British Imperialism in Africa - Essay examining the causes and effects of British imperialism in 19th century Africa.
  • Camelot International - A glimpse of the heritage of Britain and Ireland. Includes famous Britons, battles, castles, palaces, historic houses and heritage by county. Also genealogy and hotels.
  • Early Britain - Articles and links about early British history, archaeology, and mythology from prehistory to the beginning of the Renaissance.
  • Edward Hall's Web Site for Genealogy and History - Short histories with accompanying names.
  • Encyclopaedia of British History - The encyclopedia currently contains over 2,800 entries and is an attempt to show the history of Britain through the eyes of people from all levels of society. Each entry includes narrative, illustrations, primary sources and bibliography.
  • Fire Brigade History - A brief history of this emergency service, from Roman times up to present day, including the great fire of London and information about rank structure.
  • Great Britain Historical Database - A large database of British nineteenth and twentieth-century statistics
  • Heritage Films - Provide a range of video titles detailing the local history of a number of UK towns and cities.
  • Historic UK - An on-line magazine celebrating the history and culture of Britain, with links to all types of heritage accommodation in Britain.
  • History of the United Kingdom - A large collection of primary sources on British history.
  • History UK - Resources for historians and genealogists
  • Local British History - This free site has been set up to allow users to write their accounts of history to the Internet. Here our local communities can be preserved.
  • Local Histories - The history of towns and cities in Britain and Ireland.
  • Local history photographs - A directory of links to local history photographs showing scenes past and present.
  • Lynette's Legal History - British legal history links.
  • Millennium Muster - Ambitious collection of biographies of notable Britons from the years 999 to 1999, marred by a few factual errors.
  • Modern British History - Suite101.com - Articles on a myriad of topics from the French Revolution to Tony Blair, mainly focusing on the period between 1830 and 1945. Also has monthly reviews of important books in British history.
  • National Pub and Brewery History - Steven Williams has gathered articles and links for those interested in the history (and legend) of the British pub. Hosts pages for the Old English Inn Society and Brewery History Society.
  • Piano History by Bill Kibby MIMIT of PianoGen - A unique collection of historical documents and practical information about British and other piano makers.
  • Since the First Penny Dropped - The history of the Public Telephone Call Box from 1884 to the present day. Site by British Telecom.
  • Suite101 - British Social History - Articles on the social history of the British, including their daily lives, their culture, the different influences on different eras of the arts and the fashions and styles of different eras.
  • The Age of George III - The later Eighteenth Century was a time of change and conflict in Britain. This site presents some of the major themes of the period 1760-1830.
  • The Black Presence in Britain - Black British history and news.
  • The History Channel - A satellite/cable/digital channel dealing with world history and the history of the United Kingdom.
  • The Learning Curve - Virtual museum provided by the Public Record Office offering access to landmark documents spanning the past 1,000 years of British history.
  • The Rural History Centre - A national centre for the study of development in agriculture, the countryside and food, with major library, object, archive and photograph collections.
  • The Workhouse - The history of the poor-law workhouse system in Britain including maps, photos, audio clips, chronology, and a tour of a virtual workhouse.
  • Timescapes: Land and History - History, landscape and legend of some of England's most remarkable sites: Glastonbury, Bath, Wye Valley, and Arthur in Somerset, from booksellers 3 Stones.
  • United Kingdom History - Suite 101's section on UK history, poroviding bulletins, articles and discussions.


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