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This category contains 22 sites:

  • An Outline of British Archaeology - Ron Wilcox provides a text-only introduction to archaeological methods and types of evidence and site from Palaeolithic to Medieval.
  • Archaeology Data Service - A searchable digital archive for archaeology, including Sites and Monuments Records for parts of the UK and Excavation Index for England. Text of CBA Research Reports in PDF format, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Archaeology Handbook - Searchable directory of organisations involved in British archaeology, fieldwork and top archaeological tourist sites, produced by Current Archaeology.
  • Archaeology: an Introduction: an Electronic Companion - Kevin Greene's own selection of Internet links to supplement his book 'Archaeology: an introduction' (1996). Alphabetical index or by subject.
  • BBC Online - Archaeology - Features include marine archaeology by Colin Martin, a 'Hunt the Ancestor' game and column from Julian Richards, virtual archaeology, A-Z of carbon dating, Piltdown Man and dig reports.
  • British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography - Online, searchable version of the published bibliography to 1992, provided by the Archaeology Data Service.
  • British Archaeological Jobs Resource - Notices of posts in British archaeology.
  • Cotswold Archaeological Tools and Services - Specialist supplier of tools and services for the archaeologist. Stock list on-line, plus a beginner's guide to archaeological tools.
  • Council for British Archaeology - Gateway to British archaeology online. Press cuttings service, message forum, fieldwork opportunities. Popular magazine 'British Archaeology' (news sections available immediately online, other content two months later), CBA Briefing online. Large director
  • Council for British Archaeology Wales - The national group which represents the general objectives of the CBA in Wales. Activities, newsletter. Publishes Archaeology in Wales - annual journal of archaeological research in Wales.
  • Council for Scottish Archaeology - For the study and care of Scotland's historic environment. Publishes 'Discovery and Excavation in Scotland'. Activities, newsletter. Hosted by the CBA.
  • English Heritage Archaeology and Survey - The department responsible for providing advice and expertise in archaeology and archaeological science. Includes summaries of projects funded by the Archaeology Commission.
  • Forum on Information Standards in Heritage - Promotes and develops standards covering the compilation and organisation of 'inventories' of archaeological and architectural heritage. Hosted by the MDA.
  • Lincolnshire's Archaeology Handbook - Guidelines for all those involved in archaeological projects mainly initiated as a result of the town and country planning process.
  • Management of Archaeological Projects - Complete digital version of the guidelines from English Heritage.
  • Popular Archaeology - The archaeological sites index (ARCHI) is searchable database of thousands of UK sites. Other resources: historical figures and events, glossary, on-line gallery, forum.
  • Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports - Published by The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, in association with The Council for British Archaeology and Historic Scotland, in Adobe Acrobat format.
  • Scottish Archaeology Month 2001 - List of events, information on the Scottish Council for Archaeology and Doors Open Day.
  • Teaching Learning Technology Project : Archaeology Consortium - Aiming to inject new technologies into archaeology teaching. Modules, demonstration discs, interactive geophysical survey simulation. Hosted by Glasgow University.
  • The Archaeology of the UK - A collection of student essays on a variety of topics, with bibliographies. Articles can be submitted. Forum and chat room. Pop-up advertisements.
  • UK Archaeology Opportunities - Sarah MacLean lists volunteer and training excavations, and bodies willing to provide work experience for students. Form for submission of projects.
  • Walk the Timeline with Current Archaeology - A series of readable, illustrated articles from the popular magazine take us through the archaeology of Britain from Prehistory to the Middle Ages.


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