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> UK > Society and Culture > History > Medieval

This category contains 10 sites:

  • Ecclesiastical History by the Venerable Bede - Bede was an 8th century monk who wrote a classic history of Britain, most of which is available as a translated, public domain document.
  • Magna Carta - Zoomable image of the original document, along with a translation and background information provided by the British Library.
  • Medieval Ecclesiastical Taxation - This is a database of the assessment for taxation carried out on the orders of Pope Nicholas IV in 1291-1292. For nearly 250 years virtually all ecclesiastical taxation of England and Wales was based on this extremely thorough and detailed assessment.
  • Medieval England - History - Medieval England. History, culture, and daily life in Great Britain during the Middle Ages.
  • Medieval History Reference - A reference site for British medieval history, including timelines, medieval places, medieval people, virtual reconstructions of abbeys and castles. Added to regularly.
  • The Domesday Book Online - Searchable, browsable by region, database of all 13,418 records from the original 1086 survey as well as background information on the book itself and on life at the time.
  • The Magna Carta - Translation from the Latin of the first version of the Magna Carta, signed by King John at Runnymede in 1215. Links to glossary and Latin original text.
  • The Medieval World - An encyclopaedia of British history 1066-1500.
  • The Ruin and Conquest of Britain 400A.D. - 600A.D. - Primary sources, original essays, and a timeline.
  • The Saxon Shore - A quarterly electronic magazine covering all aspects of Dark Age, sub-Roman Britain.


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> UK > Society and Culture > History > Medieval

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