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> UK > Society and Culture > History > Nineteenth Century

This category contains 12 sites:

  • Aspects of the Victorian book - Detail-rich site that provides insight into the production and publishing of books in Britain during the nineteenth century.
  • Child Labour in the 19th Century - Categories include: Factory Reformers, Supporters of Child Labour, Life in the Factory, The Factory Workers, Tactics and Issues, and The Factory Acts
  • Penny Magazine Online - Text from selected issues of The Penny Magazine, which was published every Saturday for a working class readership
  • Smugglers' Britain - British smuggling in the 18th and 19th centuries. Directions to smugglers pubs, coves, caves and tunnels, together with the full, indexed text of a book on smuggling.
  • The Emancipation of Women: 1860-1920 - Thirty-five biographies of women who played a prominent role in the struggle for equality. Includes written primary sources produced by, or about, them.
  • The Peterloo Massacre - A detailed analysis of the events of St. Peter's Field, Manchester on the 16th August, 1819. The website includes eyewitness accounts and biographical details of 25 people who saw what happened that day.
  • The Victorian Emporium - Dedicated to the lifestyles of the Victorian Era. Several detailed articles available on Victorian rituals and etiquette.
  • The Victorians: Resources for Schools - Resources for school projects on the Victorian era. Music, images of the Queen, the phonograph, Florence Nightingale and Education.
  • Victoria Research Web - Provides research resources for the study of all aspects of Victorian Britain.
  • Victorian Census Project - Aims to computerise a number of source documents and related materials relating to Great Britain in the mid-nineteenth century.
  • Victorian Station - Dedicated to Victorian enthusiasts: a brief history and photos of the Victorian Era including Queen Victoria, Cameos and Victorian Architecture
  • Virtual Victorian House Tour - Take a virtual tour of an imaginery Victorian era home, and learn all about lifestyles of the era, customs and interests. (Factual information set within a fictional tour. Includes many pictures)


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> UK > Society and Culture > History > Nineteenth Century : Category ID: 12439
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> UK > Society and Culture > History > Nineteenth Century

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