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> UK > Society and Culture > History > Roman

This category contains 5 sites:

  • Britannia - Illustrated essays on the history of early Britain, from the expedition of Caesar to the Norman Conquest
  • Caerleon's Roman Legion - Find out about the Roman army that was housed at Caerleon, a Roman legionary fortress in Britain.
  • Tacitus - The Life of Gnaeus Julius Agricola - An English translation of the biography of a Roman governor of Britain, written by the noted Roman historian Tacitus, who was his son-in-law. Hosted by Iowa State University.
  • The Roman Map of Britain - Thomas Ikins explains his interpretation of the contemporary documentary sources for the geography of Roman Britain, with bibliography and maps.
  • The Romans in Britain - 100BC to 450AD - History of the period, with insights into Roman life, the military and how the Romans changed Britain. Includes British tribes, maps, Roman architecture and innovations.


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> UK > Society and Culture > History > Roman : Category ID: 12435
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> UK > Society and Culture > History > Roman

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