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This category contains 18 sites:

  • Boycott the Pumps - Details of the protest against high petrol fuel costs in the UK.
  • Campaign Against Arms Trade - Coalition of groups with the aim of ending the UKs role in the international arms trade and re-orientation of the economy from military to civil production.
  • Campaign for an Independent Britain - All-party organisation campaigning for Britain's withdrawal from the European Union.
  • Citizens Connection - The UK portal for active citizens - that's people who want to change the world, or their part of it.
  • Culture Wars - Dumbing Down, Wising Up? - A critical examination of the 'dumbing down' debate in arts, media and education with reviews of recent productions and events.
  • Don't Vote - Promoting abstention as a form of protest, with information on why the webmaster believes you should not vote for any political party.
  • DooYoo: Speakers Corner - Online community airs public opinions on social, political and economic issues.
  • Ecovillage Network UK - Assists individuals, projects, and organisations in developing environmentally, socially and economically sustainable settlements.
  • Fuel Protest 2000 - Details of the protest against high petrol fuel taxation in the UK by lawful and peacful means.
  • GB Choice - Pressure group promoting British produce.
  • gov4.com - Issue based access to official and independent resources, and forums where the issue is being actively debated.
  • How to Complain - A consumer campaigning community where you can complain online and learn about your rights.
  • National Campaign Against Insurance Premium Tax - Formed to fight increases in the rate of insurance premium tax. Details of press releases and MP responses.
  • OneWorld UK Campaigns - News and ways to take action on a variety of issues, including human rights, sustainable development and the environment.
  • Smartalk - Details and information for the creditors of Smartalk Ltd.
  • Trident Ploughshares - A campaign to disarm the UK Trident nuclear weapons system in a non-violent, open, peaceful and fully accountable manner.
  • Tube Hell - Online community for all the stressed commuters on the London Underground.
  • Web Referendum - Enables online voting on serious and not so serious isues. List of current topics and archived votes.


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> UK > Society and Culture > Issues : Category ID: 12341
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> UK > Society and Culture > Issues

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