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This category contains 22 sites:

  • Ananova - Up to the minute breaking news on the UK's Royal Family.
  • Deb's Royalty Pinbacks - Pinbacks of various royals from 1800's to present day.
  • Elizabeth, The Daughter of the Duke & Dutchess of Windsor - The true story of the stolen child of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.
  • HRH The Earl of Wessex - The British Monarchy website page for His Royal Highness The Earl of Wessex a.k.a The Prince Edward.
  • Kings and Queens Index - A concise set of biographies of Britain's Kings and Queens, and some of their courtiers. Courtesy of the UK and Ireland Genealogical Information Service and Colin Hinson.
  • Masterpiece Theatre Online - Bertie & Elizabeth - The PBS companion Web site to the feature length film about the life of The Queen Mother.
  • Prince Charles in Canada - An editorial cartoon that summarizes the Prince's royal visit to Canada in April 2001.
  • Prince Harry Fanatics - Yahoo fanclub on Prince Harry including over 300 pictures and discussion.
  • Prince Michael of Albany - Information about a Stuart pseudo claimant, based in Belgium.
  • Royal Insight - A monthly guide to the official activities of Britain's Royal Family including information on recent and future royal engagements, photographs, and a question & answer section.
  • Royalty Monthly Magazine's Official Website - News, Interviews and Pictorial Coverage on UK and Overseas Royals. The worlds biggest source for books/magazines on Princess Diana and Royal Families worldwide.
  • Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York - The life of "Fergie," the Duchess of York.
  • The British Monarchy - The official UK monarchy website covers the monarch's role and the history of the monarchy; biographies of the Royal Family, tourist information for Royal estates and the Crown Jewels.
  • The English Royal Family - A brief but interesting look at the British royal family.
  • The Prince of Wales - The official website of HRH Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales.
  • The Royal Archive - Interactive biography project on UK Royalty including Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret and others.
  • The Royal Collection - The Official website of the Royal Collection of the British Monarchy, one of the finest art collections in the world.
  • The Royal Collection Shop - The online shop of the Royal Collection of the British Monarchy one of the finest art collections in the world. The shop sells commemorative gifts and merchandise to help support its work of conservation, and display.
  • The Royal Connection - Features information and pictures on the most popular royals of the british royal family.
  • The Royals (A Cartoon) - Enjoyable comic strip about the British Royal Family, updated weekly. By Larry Feign.
  • Unofficial British Royal Family Pages - Just about anything related to the British Royal Family
  • Yvonne's Royalty Home Page - Personal site describing the family history of the current British monarchy and the line of succession.


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> UK > Society and Culture > Monarchy

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