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This category contains 16 sites:

  • Around - Free membership-based service for people looking for lost friends and relatives.
  • BDMA Direct - Birth, death and marriage announcements for the UK.
  • Family Finder - Tracing agency for people looking for birth relatives and others they have lost touch with. Includes message boards, search information and details of fees.
  • Foes Reunited - Forum to help trace old enemies and organise retribution. (Humourous 18+)
  • Friends Reunited - Database to help trace old school friends and organise reunions. Registration details, success stories, FAQs and school memories message board.
  • Get Your Coat - 100% Free UK Dating.
  • Help for finding missing people - This site is dedicated to helping find missing people.
  • Lifebegins - Mid-lifestyle portal for boomers and beyond.
  • News on the Block - Hosts virtual news and local information communities for block residents, promoting a community spirit.
  • Old Studio Managers - Database and contact site for ex-BBC studio managers. Contains photographs back to the 1960s, forum and pictures of old equipment.
  • People finding UK - Service offering to find lost friends and relatives,work colleagues, forces pals missing beneficiarieson a no-find, no-fee basis.
  • PhotoAddressBook.com - Allows the user to post and view personal details and photographs, with searchable categories for finding old friends from home towns, holidays and school.
  • Policemen Reunited - Aims to reunite police officers with friends and colleagues. Free registration required.
  • Trace and Locate - Searches for and contacts missing friends and family in the UK. Description of services, pricing details, and customer comments.
  • VImart - Allows users to post their personal history, enabling people to find each other.
  • Yup.co.uk - Portal for 'busy professionals' offering articles, advice and guides to entertainment, travel, shopping, money and health. Features online personal assistant. Some categories deal exclusively with the London area.


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> UK > Society and Culture > People : Category ID: 12332
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> UK > Society and Culture > People

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