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> UK > Society and Culture > Personal Homepages

This category contains 6 sites:

  • Adrian Colegate's Homepage - A variety of photos giving an interesting insight into Adrian's life, although sparse on textual information.
  • Emo.ware (Laurence) - Blog based in Brighton featuring local photography and the art talent, plus a growing number of travel photo journals from around the world.
  • England Scotland and Wales - A Travel Guide - Great Britain vacation planning advice, places to visit, unique itineraries, driving tips, special pages on The Pallisers and Sherlock Holmes.
  • Michellez.net - Homepage of Michelle Wright from Nottingham. Into "Football, computers, techy stuff, [and] combats".
  • Rob Gentilli's Homepage - Personal homepage of a Bristol University student. Details of his escapades to Mexico and around Europe, as well as poems in praise of his girlfriend.
  • The Dillon Stars Collection - An online community where food for thought sits alongside silliness and art.


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> UK > Society and Culture > Personal Homepages : Category ID: 12510
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> UK > Society and Culture > Personal Homepages

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